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Babushka, The Three Kings, The Wise Man free clip art


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Narrator: Once upon a time in a small Russian town, there lived a woman called Babushka. One day she was outside her home talking to a neighbor.


Babushka: I like to keep my house clean, that is why I am always cleaning, sweeping, polishing and dusting.


Yulia: I know that.  Your house is the most tidy house in the whole village.   And your garden is beautiful and your cooking is wonderful.


Babushka: I like to keep myself busy all the  time.


Yulia: Well, I have to go.  See you tomorrow.


Babushka: Have a nice evening.


Yulia: You too.


Narrator: Since Babushka was always busy, she didn’t hear all the villagers outside in the village square talking about and looking at the new star in sky.


Villager 1: Look at that shining star!.


Villager 2: It´s so beautiful.


Narrator: Babushka looked through the window and she saw all the people gathered and talking about the star.


Babushka: All this fuss about a star! I don’t even have the time to look because I’m so behind with my work. I must work all night!.


Narrator: So, she missed the star as it shone brightly, high overhead. Meanwhile the villagers kept looking at the sky.


Villager 3: Look! That little line of twinkling lights, they are coming down towards our village.


Villager 4: Do you hear, what I hear?.


Villager 5: Shhhh, quiet everybody!.


Villager 6: Those are sounds of pipes and drums.


Villager 7: Do you think that those lights come from the army or a procession of some sort?.


Villager 8: Let´s go home and everybody, close your doors!.


Narrator: So the villagers went home, and the town remained in silence.


Babushka: Oh, finally everything is quiet…. mmm … but… I can hear some footsteps…. and they seem to come this way.  Who could it be? … Oh well I must not worry, I have to keep cleaning.


Narrator: Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door.


Babushka: Now what is that?.


Narrator: But when Babushka opened the door she was amazed.  There were three kings at her door with one of their servants.


Servant: My masters need a place to rest.  And yours is the best house in the village.


Babushka: Do  you want to stay here?.


Servant: Yes, it would only be until night falls and the star appears again.


Babuska: Come in, then.


Narrator: The kings  came inside the house.


Three Kings: We are pleased to see  all the home-baked bread, pies and cakes that you have.  You must enjoy baking.


Babushka: Yes, I love to bake and cook.  But, please, sit down.


Three Kings: Thank you.


Narrator: Babushka started serving them and asking a lot of questions.


Babushka: Have you come a long way?.


Caspar: A very long way.


Babushka: Where are you going?.


Melchior: We’re following the new star.


Babushka: But where?.


Three Kings: We still don´t know, but we believe that it will lead the to a new-born king, a King of Earth and Heaven.


Balthasar: Why don’t you come with us? You could bring him a gift like we do. I bring gold, and my colleagues bring spices and perfumes.


Babushka: Oh, I’m not sure that he would welcome me, and besides, what could I bring for a gift? Toys! I know I could bring a toy. I’ve got a cupboard full of toys.  My baby son, passed away when he was small….  Anyway… I have to go to the kitchen to wash the dishes.


Balthasar: Wait.  This new king could be your king too. Come with us when the star appears tonight.


Babushka: I’ll think about it.  For now, I am going to make the beds so that you can spend the night here.


Narrator: As the kings slept, Babushka cleaned up as quietly as she could.


Babushka: I have a lot of extra work.  And this new king, what a funny idea, to go with the kings to find him.   No, that´s not possible, I have no time to dream about it, I have a lot to wash and clean.  But… how long would I be away? And what am I going to wear? What about the gift?  There is so much to do!   The house hast to be clean when they’ve gone. I couldn’t just leave it.


Narrator: Suddenly it was night-time again, the star was in the sky, and the kings were ready to leave.


Balthasar: Are you ready, Babushka?.


Babushka: I’ll come tomorrow.  I must just clean here first and find a gift.


Three Kings: Very well.  We have to go now.


Narrator: The kings went away sadly, and Babushka kept cleaning the house.  When she finished, she went to the small cupboard, opened the door and looked at all the toys.


Babushka: These toys are very dusty. They are not for a baby king.  I have to clean them all right now until each one is shining.


Narrator: After a few hours of dusting and cleaning, Babushka looked through the window. It was morning!.


Babushka: It´s morning now.  The star came and left… maybe by now the  kings already found somewhere else to rest.  I think I can  easily catch them up, but I feel so tired that I have to sleep.


Narrator: So Babushka slept, and when she woke up it was dark outside.


Babushka: Oh, I slept all day!.   I can´t stay here,  I have to go and find the kings.


Narrator: And she put on her coat,  packed the toys in a basket and ran down the road the kings had taken.   When she reached a small town she went straight to the square and asked a group of people gathered there.


Babushka: Have you seen the kings?.


People: Oh yes, we saw them. They went that way.


Babushka: Thank you.


Narrator: For days Babushka followed the trail of the kings and the villages got bigger and became towns. But Babushka never stopped. Then she came to a city.


Babushka: Now where can I go?  I know… I´ll go to the palace,  That’s where the royal baby was born.


Narrator: And she went to the palace.


Babushka: Excuse me, guard.  I came to see the royal baby that was born here a few days ago.


Guard: There is no royal baby here.


Babushka: What about three kings?.


Guard: Oh yes, they came here, but they didn’t stay long. They continued their journey.


Babushka: But where did they go?.


Guard: They went to Bethlehem.


Babushka: Bethlehem?  I don’t imagine why. It’s a very poor place.


Guard: That’s where they went.


Babushka: Very well, then I´ll also go to Bethlehem.


Guard: Have a nice trip.


Narrator: It was evening when Babushka arrived at Bethlehem.


Babushka: I have traveled a long way.   Now, I have to look for the kings in every hotel there is.


Narrator: She went into the local inn and asked about the kings.


Landlord: Oh yes, the kings were here two days ago. They were very excited, but they didn’t even stay the night.


Babushka: And what about a baby?.


Landlord: There was a baby.  The kings asked about a baby, too.


Babushka: Oh…  what do you mean with… there was a baby?.


Landlord: Well, if you want to see where the baby was, it was across the yard there.  I couldn’t offer the couple anything better at the time. My inn was really full, so they had to go in the stable.  Come with me, I´ll take you to that place.


Babushka: Let´s hurry up, please.


Narrator: Babushka followed him across the yard.


Landlord: Here’s the stable. I have to go now.


Babushka: Thank you, kind man.


Narrator: Then Babushka heard someone calling her.


Man: Babushka?.


Babushka: Yes, I am Babushka.  How do you know my name?


Man: They told me that you would be coming..


Babushka: Oh, I see. Do you know where the family has gone?.


Narrator: She knew now that the baby king was the most important thing in the world to her.


Man: They have gone to Egypt, and safety.


Babshka: What about the three kings?.


Man: They have returned to their countries. But one of them told me about you. I am sorry but you are too late. It was Jesus that they found, the world’s Saviour.


Babushka: Oh, how sorry and sad I am.  I have missed Jesus.


Narrator: And it is said that Babushka is still looking for him.


The End


Author:  Russian Folktale


Adapted by K I D S I N C O


What is Babushka?  Babushka means Grandmother.


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