What is a Witch?

According to the dictionary, a witch is a woman thought to have evil magic powers, who practises sorcery, or witchcraft.

Witches have been often portrayed in fairy tales wearing a black cloak and pointed hat, and flying on a broom. Or as an ugly evil-looking old woman.She is the villain in fairy tales.

Witches have been related with certain objects, such as a broom, spiderwebs, dark clothing, magic pots.And even to certain animals, like the black cat, the crow, frogs, snakes, bats, mice, or the owl. In fact, the word witch, means “ wise woman”.In the past, they were simple woman who had a certain knowledge of magic.They knew the power of herbs and plants, and they could use them to make good or evil, because they knew how to prepare potions using plants to heal.

The broom is a symbol of the witch.They used it to sweep out negative energy from their homes, as well black cats.They had black cats because it was thought that theyhad the gift of absorbing all the negative energy there was where they sat.Unfortunately, that old superstition tells us that black cats are of bad luck.

In the Middle Age, the witch became the most frightened and respected person, especially because they had the knowledge of causing good and evil, through their potions.

In Fairy Tales, the witch is evil and ugly.But there are many kind of witches.They can be tall and thin, short and fat.In most cases they have a big nose, a disgusting wart in her face, long nails, thin and wrinkled fingers, pointed chin, and pale or green skin.Her dress is big and black, and she wears pointed shoes.

They have the ability to fly, they never cry, and they live for many centuries.They live in a castle or in a lonely house, with no company.They don´t like love or good feelings.They are arrogant, they like to give orders, and to yell, and they don´t have a sense of humor.They also have an old book where they keep their secret magic spells to cause evil, or to attract someone.

The witches in fairy tales, represent the antagonist or villain of the story. These stories deliver a message of hope, because evil is destroyed and punished, and the good characters, even if it´s hard to destroy the villain, always succeed at the end of the story.

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