King Midas

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a very kind King called Midas.  But there was something wrong with him.  He wanted to have all the gold in the world.



MIDAS: Gold is more important to me than anything else in the world.  I don`t care about anything, I just want to have gold only for myself.



NARRATOR: One day he did a favor to a god.



GOD: Thank you for your favor.  I will give you anything you want.



MIDAS: I wish that anything I touch would turn into gold.



GOD: Your wish is foolish, Midas!.  You can get into a lot of trouble.  Think about it, Midas, think about it.



MIDAS: That`s the only thing I want.



GOD: Very well.  You wish will come true.



NARRATOR: And his clothing was turned into gold, and his house, even his dog was turned into a statue of gold.



MIDAS: I am really worried.  I can`t eat.  I can`t eat golden food!.  I can`t smell the gold flowers.



NARRATOR: One day her daughter said.



DAUGHTER: Oh father, I am so sad.



MIDAS: No, my dear daughter I made a mistake. I am sorry.



NARRATOR: And when he hugged her, she was turned into gold.



MIDAS: No!.  This can´t be happening to me.  What have I done?.  My precious daughter is now a gold statue!.



NARRATOR: Then horrified he went running looking for the god.



MIDAS: Please, take back my wish!.  My daughter is worth more than gold!.



GOD: I told you Midas.  I warned you, and now, I can´t undo the gift I granted you.  Go now to the river and get into the water.  But if when you come out of the water you are not free, then there`s nothing else I can do.



NARRATOR: Midas ran to the river and got into the water.



MIDAS: I have to stay here for a while.



NARRATOR: Then, when he came out of the water he touched some tree branches.


MIDAS: The tree branches are still green and fresh.  I am free!.



NARRATOR: From that day, the King lived happy in a hut in the forest.



MIDAS: I have learned that love is what makes a person rich, not gold.





Adapted by K I D S I N C O based on an Ancient Greek Myth


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