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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a kind carpenter named Geppetto.


GEPPETTO: I feel very lonely , and I have nobody to talk to. I work all day making chairs and tables,  but now, I will do something different. Something I have never done.


NARRATOR: So he took a piece of pine wood  and started making a puppet.  He worked all day carefully carving each detail.


GEPPETTO: How beautiful it  is!.  How I wish that he were a real boy. I have always wanted to have a son.  Your name will be Pinocchio.


NARRATOR: That night when Geppetto was sleeping, a Blue Fairy came to his house.  He stared at the puppet and said.


BLUE FAIRY: Pinnochio, it is true, you are beautiful, and with my magic wand I will give you life.


NARRATOR: Then the puppet opened his eyes and started moving slowly.  And the fairy added.


BLUE FAIRY: Pinocchio, I want you to be a brave, honest and  a generous boy.  So every time you tell a lie, your nose and your ears will grow, and when you tell the truth, they will be normal again.


NARRATOR: Then the fairy disappeared.  Next morning, when Geppetto woke up he heard somebody calling him.


PINOCCHIO: Father.  Father


GEPPETTO: Who´s calling me?.


PINOCCHIO: It’s me, Pinocchio.  Don’t you recognize me?.


GEPPETTO: It seems like I am dreaming. Finally I have a son!.


NARRATOR: A few days later Geppetto started thinking about Pinocchio´s education.


GEPPETTO: Pinocchio, you need to go to school.


PINOCCHIO: But, father, I want to be with you always.


GEPPETTO: So do I, Pinocchio, but you have to learn.  I want you to be an intelligent boy.  I can not teach you many things that you can only learn in school.


PINOCCHIO: Then, I will go to school!.  I will study hard so that I can have a good job and earn a lot of money.


GEPPETTO: We don’t need the money, Pinocchio.  We are happy the way we live.


PINOCCHIO: I know father, but I want to buy you a coat.


GEPPETTO: Very well, but now, go to school, it’s getting late.


PINOCCHIO: Good-bye father!.


GEPPETTO: Good-bye, Pinocchio!.


NARRATOR: When Pinocchio was on his way to school he heard a man shouting.


MAN: Come in, ladies and gentlemen!.  Come and see out puppet show!.


PINOCCHIO: A puppet show?.  Wow, puppets like me. I have to go and see them.


NARRATOR: So Pinocchio instead of going to school, he went to see the puppet show.


PINOCCHIO: Oh, I am so happy that I want to dance with them.


NARRATOR: And he climbed onto the stage and started dancing.  But soon he realized that they were not real puppets like him.


PINNOCHIO: I can dance and sing better than these puppets and I don’t need strings like they do.


PUPPET MASTER: Get off my stage!.


NARRATOR: Then when the audience saw that he didn’t have strings they started shouting.


AUDIENCE: Hooray, hooray!.


PUPPET MASTER: They liked him!.   Boy, do you want to be in our show?.  You can earn a lot of money!.


PINOCCHIO: No, because I have to go to school.


PUPPET MASTER: Then take these coins.  You danced very well.


PINOCCHIO: Thank you, sir.


NARRATOR: And Pinocchio left the theater and started walking to school.  Then he heard someone calling him.


CAT: Well, well, well!.  Are you in a hurry, little boy?.


PINOCCHIO: Yes, I am going to buy a coat for my father.


CAT: Oh, come on, that’s not enough money to buy a coat.  Wouldn’t you like to have more?.


PINOCCHIO: Yes, but how?.


CAT: That’s easy.  If you plant your coins in the Field of Miracles, a plant will grow and it will give you a lot of money.


PINOCCHIO: And where is that field?.


FOX: We will take you there.


NARRATOR: So the cat and the fox, who in fact were two liars, took Pinocchio to a far away place.


PINOCCHIO: Is this the place?.


FOX AND CAT: Yes it is.  This the place where you will give us your money!.


PINOCCHIO: But you said…


CAT: I know what I said!.


FOX: Didn´t they tell you not to trust strangers?.


NARRATOR: Then they took Pinocchio’s money, tied him to a tree, and left him there all by himself.


PINOCCHIO: Help!.  Help!.  Somebody help me, please!.


NARRATOR: But nobody heard him. Then the Blue Fairy appeared but Pinochio could not tell her the truth.


BLUE FAIRY: And where did you loose the coins?.


PINOCCHIO: When I was crossing the river.


NARRATOR: Then Pinocchio felt strange.


PINOCCHIO: What is happening to me?.  Why is my nose growing?.


NARRATOR: And he started crying.


BLUE FAIRY: I once told you that every time you tell a lie, your nose will grow and when you tell the truth, it will shrink.  Now, go straight home and don’t stop for any reason.


PINOCCHIO: Thank you good fairy, I will never lie again.  You can be sure of that!.


BLUE FAIRY: I hope so, Pinocchio.


NARRATOR: When Pinocchio was on his way home, he met two boys that were laughing and playing.


PINOCCHIO: What is happening?.


BOY 1: We are going to Fun Land.


PINOCCHIO: What kind of place is that?.  I never heard of that place?.


BOY 2: It’s a place where there’s a party every day!.  There are no schools and no teachers.


BOY 1: Do you want to come with us?.


NARRATOR: Then the Blue fairy appeared.


BLUE FAIRY: Didn’t you promise you would go to school?.


PINOCCHIO: Yes, I have been there.


NARRATOR: And then his ears started changing.  Now he had donkey ears.


PINOCCHIO: Uh, uh, I am sorry.  I lied again.


BLUE FAIRY: Go home, Pinnochio!.


PINOCCHIO: Yes, Blue Fairy.


NARRATOR: He went home, but Geppetto wasn´t there.  Then he heard someone calling him.


NEIGHBOR: Pinocchio!.  Pinocchio!.


PINOCCHIO: What´s wrong?.


NEIGHBOR: Pinocchio, I was at the beach and I saw Geppetto going into the water, when suddenly a big whale swallowed him!.


PINOCCHIO: Let’s go, I have to save him!.


NARRATOR: Both went to the beach.


PINOCCHIO: You stay here, I will go into the water and find that whale.


NARRATOR: When the whale appeared again, it swallowed him too. When he was inside the whale he saw Geppetto and both hugged.


PINOCCHIO: We have to get out of here.  We will burn a fire so the whale opens its mouth.


NARRATOR: And they did.  When they were out of the whale’s mouth they swam towards the beach.  Then the Blue Fairy appeared.


BLUE FAIRY: Geppetto, your dream will come true!.


NARRATOR: And the Blue Fairy touched Pinocchio with her magic wand.


PINOCCHIO: Look at me father!  I am a real boy!.




Author:  Carlo Lorenzini (November 24, 1826 – October 26, 1890), better known as Carlo Collodi.


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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