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NARRATOR:  In the days of King Arthur, there was a wise man named Merlin.  He knew all the fairies and where they lived.  Even the Fairy Queen was a friend of his. Once, while he was traveling, night overtook him in a deep forest, so he knocked at the door of a small cottage and asked for some food.



MERLIN:  Hello, is somebody here?.



FARMER:  Yes, How can I help you?.



MERLIN:  I am so hungry, can I have some food to eat?.



FARMER:  Sure, come on in.  My wife is home.  Sit down please.



MERLIN:  Thank you.



WOMAN:  Here, drink some  milk with some brown bread.



MERLIN:  You are so kind.



FARMER:  You can stay here for the night.



WOMAN:  Yes, you can stay here.



MERLIN:  I appreciate your help, Why are you sad?. You seem to have a good farm, a pleasant cottage, and many things to make you happy.



WOMAN:  Ah!.  We are unhappy because we don`t have children. I would be the happiest woman in the world if I had a son. Why, even if he were no bigger than my husband’s thumb, we should love him dearly.



MERLIN:   That would be indeed a very strange kind of child, but I hope you may have your wish.



NARRATOR:  Next morning Merlin left her house and went to talk to the Queen of the Fairies.  He told her about the farmer’s wife.



QUEEN OF THE FAIRIES: The good woman shall have her wish. I will give her a son no larger than her husband’s thumb.



NARRATOR:  Soon after this the good farmer’s wife had a son the size of his father’s thumb. One day the fairy queen and some other fairies came to see him.



QUEEN OF THE FAIRIES:  Oh, little boy, your name will be Tom Thumb.  And we came to give you some gifts.  Fairies, please show him your gifts.



FAIRY 1:  Tom, my gift to you is a shirt made of silk from a spider’s web.



FAIRY 2:  I give you a coat of thistledown.



FAIRY 3: Receive this hat made from the leaf of an oak.



FAIRY 4:  I give you these tiny shoes made from a mouse’s skin.



WOMAN:  Thanks you for all your gifts.  You can come to see him whenever you want to.



NARRATOR:  Some days later tom´s mother was mixing a pudding. Tom leaned over the edge of the bowl to see how it was made.



TOM:  Oh, I slipped!.  Mom, wait!.  I am inside the bowl.   Please don’t stir the pudding!.



NARRATOR:  Tom could not see nor hear, but he kicked and kicked inside the pudding. The pudding moved and tossed about.



WOMAN:  What´s  wrong with this pudding?. There must be witches in it.  I have to throw the pudding out the window.



NARRATOR:  Just then a poor beggar was passing by the house.



WOMAN:  Here is a pudding you may have, if you like.



BEGGAR:  Thank you.  I´ll put it in my basket.



NARRATOR:  He had not gone very far, when Tom got his head out of the pudding and shouted.



TOM:  Take me out!. take me out!.



NARRATOR:  The poor beggar was so frightened that he dropped his basket, pudding and all, and ran off as fast as he could.



TOM:  Good,  now I have to climb out of the basket and go home.



NARRATOR:  When he got home his mother washed him and put him to bed.



WOMAN:  Sleep well Tom.



TOM:  Yes mother, good night.



NARRATOR:  Next morning Tom’s mother took him with her when she went to milk the cow.



WOMAN:  Tom, I am afraid that you might get lost, so I will tie you to a wisp of hay.



TOM:  Don´t worry mother.  I´ll stay here.



NARRATOR:  But when Tom’s mother was not looking, the cow took the wisp of hay into her mouth, and began to chew and chew.



TOM:  No!.  Mother, help, help!.



NARRATOR:  His yelling frightened the cow and she opened her great mouth and out Tom jumped.



WOMAN:  Tom!.  I am sorry it was my fault.  Come get into my apron and let´s go home.



TOM:  Yes, mother.  At least the cow didn´t hurt me.



NARRATOR:  One day Tom was in the field helping his father.



TOM:  Let me drive the horse home.



FATHER: You want drive the horse?. How could you hold the reins?.



TOM:  I could stand in the horse’s ear and tell him which way to go.



NARRATOR: So his father put him in the horse’s ear, and he drove safely home.



TOM: Mother!.  Mother!.



NARRATOR:  But when Tom’s mother came out, she could see no one.



WOMAN:  Where are you Tom?.



TOM:  Here I am in the horse’s ear. Please take me down.



WOMAN:  Come here Tom.  Take this blackberry for supper.  Days later Tom’s father made him a whip out of a straw.



NARRATOR:  Tom tried to drive the cows, but he fell into a deep ditch. There a great bird saw him and thought he was a mouse, so he took him with her claws and carried him toward her nest.



TOM:  Oh no, I have to escape.  But how?.  Oh I can there´s the sea, I have to jump now!.



NARRATOR:  Tom fell into the water, where a great fish swallowed him at one mouthful.



TOM:  Where am I?.  It´s so dark here.



NARRATOR:  Soon after this the fish was caught, and it was such a big one that it was sent at once to King Arthur.



COOK:  What a big fish this is!.  I have to cook it fast for the king.  Let me open it and start cooking it.



NARRATOR:  When the cook cut open the fish, out jumped Tom Thumb.



COOK:  Who are you?. What were you doing inside the fish.



TOM:  Please help me!.  The fish ate me at sea.  I have to go home.



COOK:  The King has to hear your story.  Come, I´ll take you to the King.



NARRATOR:  Tom was brought before the king and his story told.



KING:  Oh, poor Tom.  Stay with me at the palace. 



TOM:  I will stay only for a while. My mother has to be worried.



NARRATOR:  So the king grew very fond of Tom and his wise sayings. He took Tom with him wherever he went. If it began to rain, Tom would creep into the king’s pocket and sleep until the rain was over.



KING:  I  made a new suit for you, Tom. 



TOM:  Thank you.  It´s very nice.



KING:  And take this needle, it will be your sword.



TOM:  I like it!.



NARRATOR:  A mouse was trained for Tom to ride.



TOM:  Wow, this mouse is my little horse.  I am having so much fun!.



NARRATOR: One day, as they were going hunting, a cat jumped out and caught Tom’s mouse.  Tom drew his sword and tried to drive the cat away.



KING:  Be careful Tom!.



TOM:  Oh, the cat scratched me and bit me.  I don´t feel well.



NARRATOR:  So Tom was put to bed.  A few days later he was soon well again, and fought many brave battles and did many brave deeds to please the king.






Author:  Brothers Grimm



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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