The Three Young Pigs in Fantasyland

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Mrs. Piggy
Little Pig
Middle Pig
Older Pig
Little Red Riding Hood






(Grandpa is in the living room reading a book.  Grandson and Granddaughter enter the room/stage running)


GRANDDAUGHTER: Grandpa, Grandpa…put away that book and tell us a story.


GRANDPA:  Mmm…….


GRANDSON:  Yes…please Grandpa!


GRANDPA: (puts the book away)  Very well…sit next to me…(Granddaughter and Grandson sit next to him)  Once upon a time…


GRANDSON: Wait…I need to go to the bathroom!


(Grandson stands and leaves the room/stage) 


GRANDDAUGHTER: Don’t stop grandpa…keep telling me the story.


GRANDPA:  Once upon a time in a farway land there were three pigs… (the three pigs, and Mrs. Piggy  enter the room.  They stand in the middle of the room/stage)… the little pig, the medium pig, and the older pig.  One day their mother said. 


MRS. PIGGY:  It’s time that you take care of yourselves.


LITTLE PIG:  You’re right, mom! 


LITTLE, MEDIUM, OLDER PIG:  Yessss!  We will be independent!  At last we will be free!  Yeah!


MIDDLE PIG:  We will leave…


OLDER PIG:  And build our own house!  You’ll see mom…you’ll be proud of us!


(Mrs. Piggy and the three pigs leave the room/stage)


GRANDPA: Next morning, the little pig went to look for some straw to build his house, when suddenly he heard a lion roar.  


GRANDDAUGHTER:  A lion?  Are you sure there’s a lion in the story?


(Lion enters and sits on the floor in the middle of the room/stage. He starts to cry, at the same time the  Little Pig enters from the other side of the room/stage) 


GRANDPA:  Yes…the little pig heard a cowardly lion roaring!


LITTLE PIG:  Why are you crying?


LION: Because I’m scared…I am a coward!


LITTLE PIG:  You remind me of the lion from the Wizard of Oz…he was also scared. 


LION:  He was my brother… but he got famous…and I’m not.


LITTLE PIG: Could you help me find some straw to make a house?  


LION: (pointing to the floor)  Look over there…there’s some straw…take all you need. 


LITTLE PIG:  Thank you!  (he picks up some straw from the floor) 


LION:  Can I go with you?  I’t just that… I feel so sad and lonely. 


LITTLE PIG:  Sure…you can even help me build my house!  Come on!


(The Little Pig and the Lion leave the room/stage)


GRANDPA: (yawning and closing his eyes)  And the little pig started to build his house.


GRANDDAUGHTER:  (shaking her grandpa) Wake up!  Don’t fall asleep…tell me what happened next!


GRANDPA:  (opens his eyes) Where was I?  Oh, yes…then, the middle pig went to a hardware store to buy some wood. 


(Pinocchio enters and stands in the middle of the room/stage.  The Middle Pig enters from the other side of the room/stage) 


MIDDLE PIG:  Excuse me, mister…


PINOCCHIO:  Pinocchio.


MIDDLE PIG:  (surprised)  Mr. Pinocchio?  Pinocchio the wooden puppet?   Pinocchio…the one from the story… Pinocchio…? 


PINOCCHIO:  Mmm… yes… that’s me!


MIDDLE PIG:  What are you doing here selling wood?


PINOCCHIO:  I’m helping Geppetto….my dad.  But tell me…how many wood boards do you need?


MIDDLE PIG:  Fifty, please.


PINOCCHIO:  (he turns his back on the pig)  Let me see…mmm…  (he turns around facing the pig) Sorry,  but I don’t have any wood right now.


MIDDLE PIG:  (staring at Pinocchio’s nose)  It seems like your nose is growing…a lot…that means that you’re lying to me…and ….  


PINOCCHIO:  (touching his nose) Alright, alright!  I have a lot of wood.  (He turns his back on the pig, and he gives the wood boards to the pig)  Here!  Take them…now, get out of here!


MIDDLE PIG:  How much is it?


PINOCCHIO:  Well…let’s see…wood is getting quite expensive…there are almost no trees in the forest, and my dad brings it from a faraway forest…


MIDDLE PIG:  (staring at Pinocchio’s nose) Your nose keeps growing…and growing!


PINOCCHIO: (touching his nose)  Take the wood…I give it to you, you don’t have to pay for it…I’ll even help you carry it! 


MIDDLE PIG:  Oh, thanks a lot!


(Middle Pig and Pinocchio leve the room/stage carrying the wood)  


GRANDPA:  Then the Older Pig went to a hardware store. 


(Little Red Riding Hood enters and she stands in the middle of the room/stage.  Older Pig enters from the other side of the room/stage)


OLDER PIG: Hello, Little Red Riding Hood! 


LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD:  How can I help you?


OLDER PIG:  I need some bricks and some bags of cement to build my house.  


LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD:  Sure!  How many do you need?


OLDER PIG:  One thousand two hundred bricks, and ten bags of cement.


LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD:  Come with me to the warehouse…and I’ll send everything to your place.   Oh…I almost forgot…be careful with the wolf…he’s roaming in the forest…and he’s very hungry!  


OLDER PIG:  Are you talking about the wolf who tricked you? 


LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: Yes!  The one that ate my dear grandmother! His lawyer got him free from jail, and he’s hiding somewhere in the forest.


OLDER PIG:  Mmm……I’m worried about my little brothers…I have to hurry up.    


(Little Red Riding Hood and Older Pig leave the room/stage)  


GRANDPA: And that’s how the three pigs started to build their houses.  A few weeks later…


(There are three houses on stage. The three pigs enter and they stand in front of their own houses)


LITTLE PIG:  I finally finished muy beautiful house made of straw!


MIDDLE PIG:  My house made of wood is better than yours!


CERDITO PEQUEÑO:  Sure…better for wood moths!  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


MIDDLE PIG:  Yours…better for cows!  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


OLDER PIG:  Stop fighting your two…my house…is the best!


LITTLE PIG:  Well, what really matters is that we have a nice place to live in.  Mom will be proud of us! 


GRANDPA:  The three pigs didn’t notice that the wolf was hiding behind a tree…and he was watching them closely….


GRANDDAUGHTER:  Oh grandpa, I’m so scared!  


GRANDPA:  …And smacking his lips at the thought of a fine pig dinner.


WOLF: (smacking his lips)  I’m so hungry…and tonight I’ll have pork chops for dinner!


GRANDPA:  So he decided to talk to the pigs.


WOLF:  Little pig come here…I have something for you!


LITTLE PIG:  It’s the wolf…run home dear brothers!  


GRANDPA:  And the three pigs went inside their houses.


GRANDDAUGHTER:  Oh…and the wolf?


GRANDPA:  The wolf stood outside the house of the little pig.


WOLF: I’ll blow, and I’ll blow and your straw house I’ll destroy!  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


LITTLE PIG: No, please NO!


GRANDPA:  And the bad wolf blew and blew, until the house in many straw pieces he blew down.


LITTLE PIG:  I’ll run and I’ll run and I’ll hide in my brother’s wood house!


WOLF:  And I’ll blow and I’ll blow and his house I’ll also destroy!  Ha, ha, ha, ha. 


GRANDPA:  The little pig knocked at the door of his medium brother…


LITTLE PIG:  Dear brother, dear brother!  The bad wolf wants to catch me and eat me and your wood house he wants to destroy!


MIDDLE PIG: (opens the door)   Hurry up and come inside!


GRANDPA:  The wolf stood outside the house of the middle pig.


WOLF:  I’ll blow and I’ll blow….and you better come out or your wood house I’ll also destroy!  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


LITTLE AND MIDDLE PIG:  No, no we won’t!


GRANDPA: The wolf blew and blew until the house in many wood pieces he blew down.


LITTLE AND MIDDLE PIG:  Let’s run to our older brother’s house!


GRANDPA:  And they knocked at the house of his older brother.


LITTLE AND MIDDLE PIG:  Help us brother, and open the door!  The bad wolf wants to catch us and eat us and your brick house he wants to destroy!


OLDER PIG: (opens the door)  Hurry up and come inside!  


LITTLE AND MIDDLE PIG: Thanks dear brother!


GRANDPA:  The wolf stood outside the house of the older pig.


WOLF:  I’ll blow and I’ll blow…and you better come out or your brick house I’ll also destroy!  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


GRANDPA:  The bad wolf blew and blew until he fainted.


LITTLE, MIDDLE, AND OLDER PIG:  (getting out of the house) Hooray!


GRANDPA: (yawns and closes his eyes) This was the story of the three pigs.


(Grandson enters)


GRANDSON:  I’m back!  Did I miss something?


GRANDDAUGHTER:  (standing) Yes…the whole story…and grandpa fell asleep!


GRANDSON: (shaking grandpa)  No, grandpa wake up!


GRANDDAUGHTER:  (takes his brother by the arm)  Come on…we have homework to do.


(Granddaughter and grandson leave the room/stage)


The End


Author:  Evodio Vargas, Jairo Dorado, Dominike Rueda, Lilieth Mendoza


Adapted by:  K I D S I N C O


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