Rabbit’s Guitar

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(Rabbit hops in the forest.  He sees a silver coin on the ground and picks it up)


RABBIT: This is my lucky day!.   What should I buy?. Hmmm, I have to think.  I can’t buy a piece of bread,  or candies, or cookies,  because if I do, I will eat them and then I will have nothing.  No food, and no money.  Let me see.  What can I do? (He keeps thinking). I know what to do!  I’ll buy a guitar!.


(He puts the silver coin in his pocket and walks to the store)


CLERK: Hello Mr. Rabbit.  Are you looking for something special?.


RABBIT: Yes.  I want to buy a guitar.


CLERK: A guitar?.  I didn’t know you could play the guitar.


RABBIT: Oh, yes I do, yes, sir!.


CLERK:  (takes a guitar and gives it to the Rabbit) This is the best one I have. But I must tell you…it’s very expensive. (Rabbit takes the guitar.  He takes out the silver coin from his pocket and gives it to him) Where did you get this? .  Oh, never mind.  Enjoy your new guitar!. (He puts the silver coin in his pocket)


RABBIT: Thank you, I will.


(Rabbit leaves the store.  He walks to the forest.  He sits on a rock and starts to play the guitar.  The Squirrel, the Hare, the Deer, the Skunk and the Fox approach him)


SQUIRREL: Oh, what a beautiful song!.


HARE: Shhh, be quiet!.


DEER: Rabbit, where did you get the guitar?.


FOX: I didn’t know you could play the guitar.


RABBIT: (stops playing the guitar) Did you like it?.


FOX: Yes, we all did.


SKUNK: Rabbit, did you know that I can also play the guitar?.  Let me show you. Give me your guitar.


RABBIT: No, sorry, but I won’t.


SKUNK: Why not?.


RABBIT: Because you can steal it from me.


SKUNK: Steal it from you.?   Why would I?.


RABBIT: Because you might like it so much, that probably you will not give it back to me.


SKUNK: You hurt my feelings, Rabbit.  But I swear I will not steal it from you.


RABBIT: Very well, but just for a few minutes.


(Rabbit gives the guitar to the Skunk.  Skunk starts playing the guitar)


DEER: Not bad.  Not bad.


SQUIRREL: What’s the name of that song?.


HARE: It’s called “I Did It My Way”.


RABBIT: Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. It’s enough, give it to me now.


SKUNK: Just let me play one more song.


RABBIT: I have to go.  Give it to me, Skunk.


SKUNK: No, I will not give it back to you.


RABBIT: What?.


SKUNK: You gave it to me.  Don’t you remember?.


RABBIT: That is not true!.  I never gave you my guitar!.


SKUNK: Yes, you did.  You told me to keep it.


DEER: You’re lying, Skunk.


HARE: Give it to him.


(Rabbit cries)


SQUIRREL: Don’t cry, Rabbit.  Soon you will have your guitar.


FOX: Right, Skunk?.


SKUNK: No!.  I want to keep playing the guitar.  Where should I sit?.


(Squirrel, Deer, Hare, and  Fox look at each other and smile)


HARE: That is a good place to sit, Skunk.


SKUNK: Where?


FOX: Over there.  Look!.


SKUNK: You’re right.


(Skunk sits on the ground near an ant house.  He starts to play the guitar)


DEER: You play so beautifully!.


(Some ants start to bite Skunk)


SKUNK: Take the guitar, Fox!.


FOX: What’s wrong?.


SKUNK: No!.  No!.  I hate ants!.


(Skunks rolls on the ground frantically.  He stands up and runs away)


SQUIRREL, HARE, DEER, SKUNK,  FOX: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.  Good bye, Skunk!.


(Fox gives the guitar to Rabbit)


FOX: Play another song, please, Rabbit.


RABBIT: Sure, my friends!.


(Rabbit plays the guitar. Squirrel, Hare, Deer, and Fox clap)




Author:  Folktale from Mexico


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O

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