Don’t Judge Me

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KATHY (Gabriel’s Mom)





(Man 1 and Woman 1 are seated on a park bench.  Gabriel enters the stage riding his bicycle.  As he rides near the couple, he falls from the bicycle hurting his leg) 



GABRIEL:  Oh, my leg hurts!.


WOMAN 1:  You’re a mischievous child.  That’s why you fell from your bike!.


MAN 1:  (to Woman 1) I think I know this kid.


WOMAN 1: Yes, you do.  He’s our neighbor’s son.  


MAN 1:  You’re right!.  (to Gabriel)  What are you doing here all by yourself?.


GABRIEL:  I’m not here by myself.  My mom went to get me ice cream.


WOMAN 1:  I don’t understand today’s parents.  They leave their kids alone, and when something bad happens, they start complaining and blaming others.


MAN 1:  They even blame the government!.


WOMAN 1:  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


(Man 2 enters the stage)


MAN 2:  What happened to the little boy?.


GABRIEL: Please, help me get up, sir.


MAN 1:  You fell because you don’t know what your doing!.


MAN 2:  Were you in a hurry?.


WOMAN 1:  That’s the way he is.  I always see him running in the middle of the street, and he never bothers to say hello when he sees me.


(Woman 2 enters the stage)



WOMAN 2:  Poor kid!.  What happened to you?.


GABRIEL:  Can you help me get up… please?


WOMAN 1:  You’re such and inconsiderate little boy.  You parents work hard all day just for you, and this is how you repay them.  They bought you that bike last week, and now you broke it!.




MAN 1:  Maybe it’s just that you don’t know how to ride a bike!.


WOMAN 2: You should be more careful!.  I think you need a three wheel bike to avoid having an accident.


(The Girl enters the stage.  She’s having an ice cream)


GIRL: (to Gabriel)  You fell off your bike… again?.



GABRIEL:  Yes.  Don’t you see me lying on the ground?.


GIRL:  It’s Karma.  Do you remember that the other day I asked you to lend me your bike because mine had a flat tired… and you didn’t want to?.


GABRIEL:  Yes, but…


WOMAN 2:  One bad turn deserves another!.


MAN 1:  Your parents are going to be very angry at you.


WOMAN 1:  That bike is very expensive. 


WOMAN 2:  Your mom will be very upset when he sees you… and when she sees your bike!.  



(Kathy enters the stage.  She’s holding a cup of ice cream)



KATY:  Oh sweety, what happened to you?.


GABRIEL:  Oh mom…my leg hurts!..


WOMAN 2:  (to Katy)  You should never leave your child alone.


WOMAN 1:  That’s true!.  There are bad people kidnapping kids.


MAN 1:  You should have taught your child how to ride a bike before getting him one.


MAN 2:  Now look what happened to your reckless son!.


KATY:  I didn’t ask for your opinion.  Now tell me…which of you helped him when he fell off his bike knowing he hurt his leg?.  None of you, right?.  You are a bunch of gossipy people who are always criticizing others. Before opening your big mouths you should have helped him. He’s just a kid having fun and he’s learning from his mistakes. Shame on all of you for judging us!.


MAN 1:  Let’s get out of here.


(Man 1 and 2, and Woman 1 and 2 leave the stage)



GABRIEL:  Thank you, mom!.


KATY: (looking at Gabriel’s leg) Don’t worry, it’s just a scratch.  Let me help you get up.


GABRIEL:  Can I have ice cream?.


KATY:  Sure, sweety!.


(Gabriel stands, Kathy takes his bike, and they leave the stage)








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