The Princess and the Frog

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“How the silly frog does talk.

All he does is to sit in the water with the other frogs, and croak.

He can be no companion to any human being.”









Props: well; golden ball; pearl necklace; rhinestone bracelet; table and chairs; dishes; door







 (The Princess enters, singing and playing with a golden ball)


PRINCESS:  What a lovely day!.  I’m so happy with the golden ball my father gave me. It´s so beautiful. I´ll treasure it forever (sees well and stops suddenly). My, I´ve never seen this well before.  I wonder where it came from?.  (looks down inside the well). It certainly is deep. It must go down for miles. (drops ball into well) Oh, no!. I´ve lost my ball in the well. What shall I do?.  (begins to cry).


FROG: (sticks head up from behind well) Princess , why are you crying?.


PRINCESS: What an ugly frog!.  Stay away from me!. I dropped my golden ball into the well. If I could get it back, I´d give everything I own —  my clothes, my pearl necklace , my diamond bracelet , and even the golden crown which I am wearing!.


FROG: I can get your ball. But what would I do with all your fine things?.


PRINCESS: (angry) How should I know?. 


 FROG:  I know you’re sad, so I´ll get your golden ball. 


PRINCESS: Really?.  You would do that for me?.


FROG: Yes, but only if you promise you will let me live at the castle.




FROG:  And let me be your companion and play-fellow.


PRINCESS: Oh my!. 


FROG: And let me eat from your golden plate.


PRINCESS: Eat from my golden plate!.


FROG: And let me sleep on your pillow. 


PRINCESS:   Oh yes, I promise you all you wish, if you will bring me my ball back again. (to the audience) How the silly frog does talk.  All he does is to sit in the water with the other frogs, and croak. He can be no companion to any human being.


FROG: You will have your golden ball (disappears behind the well).


PRINCESS: (looking down inside well) My goodness. It´s so dark down there. Where is that frog? I can´t see him. I´ll bet he´s stolen my golden ball. (she jumps back as the frog appears with the ball). You found it!. You found it!. (she grabs the ball and runs off stage).


FROG: Wait!.  Wait!.  You promised to take me back to the castle with you.  Princess!. (he shakes his head, and jumps back behind the well).




(The Princess and King are eating dinner)


KING:  My dear daughter, ever since I gave you that golden ball you have been in a hurry to finish your dinner.


PRINCESS: I can hardly wait to hold it again, Father. It´s my favorite toy. (There is a knock at the door). I wonder who that can be?.


FROG: (from off stage) Princess, oh, Princess, open the door!. I am your true love forevemore!.


PRINCESS: (opens and closes the door quickly) Oh no, it´s the frog!.


KING: (touches the princess´s forehead) My dear, you´re pale. What´s the matter?.


PRINCESS: (crying) There´s a disgusting frog at the door. Yesterday, as I was in the forest sitting by the well, playing, my golden ball fell into the well. And because I cried so, the frog brought it out again for me, and because he insisted so much, I promised him he should be my companion, but I never thought he would be able to come out of his water. And now he is outside there, and wants to come in to me.


FROG: (knocks at the door) Princess, oh, Princess, open the door!. Don’t you remember what you told me yesterday by the cool waters of the well?.


PRINCESS: Oh, father, what should I do?.


KING: You gave your word and you must keep it. Let the frog in.


PRINCESS: Very well, father. (open the door) Come in, frog.


FROG: Thank you, Princess. I`m hungry. Let me eat from your plate. (he hops to the table and begins to eat). This is delicious.  I have eaten and am satisfied, and very tired (yawns).Let me sleep on your pillow.


PRINCESS:  Do I have to, father?.


KING:  Yes, he helped you when you were in trouble.  And besides, you gave him your word.


PRINCESS: Oh, all right. Come on, frog. I´ll carry you upstairs. (As she walks toward the frog, the curtain falls)




(The Princess and the King are eating dinner)


KING: Daughter, you´re not eating.


PRINCESS: I´m not hungry, Father.


KING:  Eat my child!. You´ve said that for three nights in a row.


PRINCESS: And for three nights that dreadful frog has come back. Every night it´s the same thing (imitates the forg´s voice): Princess, oh Princess, open the door!.


KING: You gave him your word.


PRINCESS: Yes, but when he comes in, he eats from my plate. and he´s so sloppy!. Then I must carry him upstairs and place him on my pillow. And he´s so wet!. UGH!. each morning, he´s gone and I´m glad.


FROG: (knocks at door) Princess, oh Princess, open the door!.


PRINCESS: Oh, no!. He´s here again!.


KING: Open the door.


PRINCESS: Father, do I have to?.


KING: You gave him your word.


PRINCESS: (opens door and sees a handsome prince)  Who are you?.


PRINCE: (enters room) I am a prince. A wicked witch turned me into a frog. I had to find a beautiful princess who would let me eat from her plate and sleep on her pillow for three nights in a row. Then I could become a prince again.


PRINCESS: I don´t know what to say!.


PRINCE: Say you´ll marry me and come to live with me in my father´s kingdom.


PRINCESS: Oh, yes. I will!. (she hugs the prince).




Author:  Brothers Grimm


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Kindness, Honesty, Courage, Respect


Moral:  Never lose sight of what’s truly important. (Family and love).  Appearances are often deceptive.  


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