The Fisherman and The Genie

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(The Fisherman is in the river.  His hook is in the water)



FISHERMAN: I hope I can catch a fish today.  I’m so hungry!. (He takes out his hook) A shoe?,  I can not eat a shoe!. (He throws the shoe and the hook to the water.  He waits a few minutes.  He takes the hook out of the water) A sock?.  I can not eat a sock!. (He throws the sock and the hook to the water.  He waits a few minutes.  He takes the hook out of the water)  A bottle?.  I can not eat a bottle!. (As he is about to throw the bottle to the water, he hears a voice)



GENIE:  No, Please, don’t throw me into the river!.



(The Fisherman takes the bottle in his hand and shakes it)



FISHERMAN:  This is incredible!.   I see something inside the bottle.



GENIE: Please, don’t throw me into the river!.  Set me free. I’m a genie. If you set me free I will be your slave.



FISHERMAN:  It would be fun to have a slave.  I am so poor!. 



GENIE: Open the bottle!.



FISHERMAN:  (opens the bottle)  Mmmm, okay.



(The Genie comes out of the bottle)



GENIE: Now,  I’m going to get rid of you!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.



FISHERMAN: But you promise me that you would my slave!.



GENIE: I don’t care what I said!.  I have been locked for a thousand years, and now that I’m free I will get rid of you!



FISHERMAN: Why were you locked for so many years?.



GENIE: King Arthur punished me.






GENIE: Because I was an evil genie!.



FISHERMAN: Honestly, I don’t believe you.  This is a joke!.  You were not inside that bottle.  This is just an illusion.



GENIE: Illusion?.  Are you sure?.



FISHERMAN: Yes.  You’re so big!.  How could you be inside that small bottle?.



GENIE: So, you don’t believe me?.



FISHERMAN: No, I don’t.  I will believe you only if I see you inside the bottle again.



GENIE:  Fine, if that’s what you want!.  I’ll show you how I can get in, then I’ll come out and I will get rid of you!.  Do you understand?.






GENIE: Indete Batol!



(The Genie gets inside the bottle. The fisherman closes the bottle, and throws it to the river)



FISHERMAN: I prefer to be hungry!.



(The Fisherman leaves)






Author:  African Folktale



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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