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In these Neverland Stories, Heroes destroy their Enemies, Inherit Castles, and Marry the Princess

A Fairy Tale is a fictional story featuring folkloric characters such as Fairies, Goblins, Elves, Trolls, Giants, Ogres, Talking Animals, Enchanted Creatures, Warriors, and others. These stories often involve Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses.

Fairy Tales take place in an undetermined time, that is why they usually start with “Once upon a time.. or ” Long ago…”.  There is always a problem, but there is always a solution, and most of the time they have happy endings.  The main setting is often a castle, the forest, a dangerous country, or a dark frontier.

Good and Evil is always present in a Fairy Tale.  There are good characters such as fairies, who most of the time grant wishes, wealth, and beauty,  and evil characters such as witches, wizards, or even the evil step-mother, who are temporarily strong and powerful by the use of magic and spells, and who always loose and get punished at the end of the story

Good characters, such as the poor little girl or boy, the enchanted princess, and the step-daughter always have to fight against injustice, poverty, and evil, battle that is won through wisdom and love.

Characters are not ambivalent, they are not good and bad at the same time.  They are good , or they are mean.

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