Death’s Buddy

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-Lights On-


(Mr. Rogers, Man 1 [God], Man 2 [Devil], and the Woman [Death] are sitting in the hospital reception area.  The Nurse enters the stage and approaches Mr. Rogers)


NURSE:  Congratulations Mr. Rogers!.  Your son has been born.


MR. ROGERS: (stands) How’s my wife and the baby?.


NURSE:  They are both fine.  I’ll let you know when you can see them.


MR. ROGERS: Thank you very much!.


(The Nurse leaves the stage.  Mr. Rogers starts walking nervously through the stage)


WOMAN (DEATH):  What is bothering you?. 


MR. ROGERS: I have a lot of things to think about.


MAN 1 (GOD):  The nurse said everything was alright.


MR. ROGERS: You don’t know all the problems I have. How am I going to pay for the hospital bill?.  I work day and night and I still don’t have enough money.


WOMAN (DEATH):  How many kids do you have?.


MR. ROGERS: This is my fifth child. I love them with all my heart, and I don’t want them to suffer, but everything is so expensive nowadays.


MAN 1 (GOD):  God will help you.  You must have faith and leave everything in God’s hands.  He always answers our prayers!.


MR. ROGERS: No, he doesn’t. It appears that God ignores me when I pray to Him because we keep getting poor.  I need to find someone who’s very rich to be my son’s godfather.    


(Man 1 [God] stands and approaches Mr. Rogers)


MAN 1 (GOD):  I’ll be your son’s godfather.  I’ll give him all my love and I will make him happy.


MR. ROGERS: How can you be my son’s godfather, if I don’t know you?.


MAN 1 (GOD):  Yes you do.  I’ve been by your side since the day you were born.


MR. ROGERS: That’s not possible, because I don’t remember you. Who are you?.


MAN 1 (GOD):  I am God.


MR. ROGERS: Well I don’t want you as my child’s godfather!. You make the rich richer and the poor poorer.


MAN 1 (GOD):  You don’t know what you’re talking about!.  I divide out wealth and poverty.


MR. ROGERS: I don’t trust you, and I don’t want you as my son’s godfather.


( Man 1 [God] sits. Man 2 [Devil] stands and approaches Mr. Rogers)


MAN 2 (DEVIL):  If you want me as your son’s godfather, I will give him an abundance of money and all the joys of the world as well.


MR. ROGERS: That’s what I’m looking for.


MAN 2 (DEVIL):  Let’s make a deal then.


MR. ROGERS: First, I need to know who you are if I’m going to trust you with my son’s life.


MAN 2 (DEVIL):  I am the devil.


MR. ROGERS: Even if you are really the devil, I’m not afraid of you because my life seems like hell, but I don’t want you as my son’s godfather.


MAN 2 (DEVIL):  Why not?.


MR. ROGERS: Because you cheat and lie, corrupt mankind, sow discord among men, you tempt us to sin, and stir up war everyday.


MAN 2 (DEVIL):  You’re wrong. I am like a chained dog that bites when someone gets too close.   


MR. ROGERS: That’s why I prefer to keep you away from me and my family. You’re wicked and I don’t want you to be my son’s godfather.


(Man 2 [Devil] sits. The Woman [Death] stands and approaches Mr. Rogers)


WOMAN (DEATH):  Would you want me to be your son’s godmother?.


MR. ROGERS: I never thought about getting a godmother for my son, but it’s not a bad idea. Who are you?.


WOMAN (DEATH):  I am death.   I am very powerful and treat everyone equally.  


MR. ROGERS: Stay away from me, you’re evil!.


WOMAN (DEATH):  Why do you say that?.  I stop pain and suffering!.


MR. ROGERS: That’s true, besides you take away the rich as well as the poor, without distinction. You will be my child’s godmother!.


WOMAN (DEATH):  Done deal!. I’ll take care of your son and will make him very rich, and you will never lack anything because you’re my new friend.  See you later buddy!.


(The Woman [Death] leaves the stage. Man 1 [God] and Man 2 [Devil] stand and approach Mr. Rogers)


MAN 1 (GOD):  Look for me when you need me.  I’ll give you hope, strength, and comfort.


MAN 2 (DEVIL):  And I will make you the world’s most powerful man.


(Man 1 [God] and Man 2 [Devil] leave the stage. The Doctor and the Nurse enter the stage and approach Mr. Rogers)


DOCTOR:  Mr. Rogers, I have some bad news.


MR. ROGERS: What’s wrong doctor?.


DOCTOR:  Something unexpected happened. Your wife died a few minutes ago.  We did everything we could to save her. I am very sorry.


NURSE:  But your child is doing very well.


(Mr. Rogers sits, covers his face with his hands, and starts crying)


MR. ROGERS: No…my dear wife. What are we going to do without her?.


-Lights Off-




-Lights On-


(Mr. Rogers is walking away from the cemetery.  The crowd walks by his side.  The Woman [Death] enters the stage and approaches Mr. Rogers)


WOMAN (DEATH):  How are you?.


MR. ROGERS: Well, take a guess!.


WOMAN (DEATH): You’re not in a good mood today!.


MR. ROGERS: (angry) How do you expect me to be?. You took my wife, and that was not the deal.


WOMAN (DEATH):   Why do you think I was at the hospital?.  I went for her, but when I heard you were looking for a godfather for your child, I offered you to be his godmother.  That was the least I could do for you!.


MR. ROGERS: Well you left my children without their mother. I’ve always been poor, but I had my wife’s love and support, and now I am poorer and lonelier than ever.


WOMAN (DEATH):  That’s the reason I’m here.  I came to stop your suffering.


MR. ROGERS: Are you going to take me with you?.


WOMAN (DEATH):  Not yet. 


(The Crowd walk by Mr. Rogers, they see him and start laughing)


MR. ROGERS: Why are they laughing?.


WOMAN (DEATH):  They think you’re crazy because you’re talking alone.


MR. ROGERS: I’m not talking alone, I’m talking to you.


WOMAN (DEATH):   You’re talking to me, but they can’t see me.  Now I’ll tell you what I have in mind for you and your children.  I came to give you a great gift to make it up to you for all the damage I caused you and your family.  But first of all, you must know that I will always protect my grandson, and I will only take him with me when he asks me to.  Now listen very carefully to what I’m going to tell you.  Whenever you are called to a sick person I will appear to you. If I stand at the sick person’s head, you may say with confidence that you can make him well again. But if I stand at the sick person’s feet, he is mine, and you must say that you can’t do anything to help him, and he will die.


MR. ROGERS: What’s in it for me?.


WOMAN (DEATH):   People will think you’re a healer and they will pay you a lot of money for your service.  You can give them herbs or water and they will become well again.


MR. ROGERS: Well, I think that’s great after what you did to me.


WOMAN (DEATH):  Just remember, if I stand at the sick person’s feet nothing you say or do will save him, and he will die.  See you later buddy!.


(The Woman [Death] leaves the stage)


-Lights Off-




-Lights On-


(Thirty years have passed.  Mr. Rogers is now very rich because of all the healings he made during his life.  His granddaughter is very sick lying in a hospital bed. He is by her side.  His youngest son [Death’s Godson] is standing by his daughter’s side.  The Woman [Death] enters the stage and stands at the girl’s feet)


DEATH’S GODSON:  Godmother, did you come to comfort me?.  Are you going to help my little daughter?.


WOMAN (DEATH):  No, my dear grandson.  With deep regret I came to do my job.


DEATH’S GODSON:  But my father can heal her.  I’ve seen him do it many times.


GRANDDAUGHTER:  (wakes up and opens her eyes) Grandpa.


MR. ROGERS: Here I am, my sweet princess.


GRANDDAUGHTER:  Soon, I will be with my grandma. (looking at her father) Dad, don’t be sad.


DEATH’S GODSON:  (crying) My baby, I love you so much!.


(Granddaughter closes her eyes)


MR. ROGERS: (to his son) Son, I want to be alone with my granddaughter.


DEATH’S GODSON:  I understand dad. I’ll be back in a few minutes. (he leaves the stage)


MR. ROGERS: What are you doing here?. You’re not welcome.


WOMAN (DEATH): I came for her.


MR. ROGERS: I won’t let you. Go away!.


WOMAN (DEATH): I am so sorry.  There’s nothing you can do to stop me, and you know it.  Nothing you give her to eat or drink will help her.  I decide if she leaves or stays.


MR. ROGERS: Your grandson will be devastated. Let her live. Please move to her head!. 


WOMAN (DEATH):   I can’t do that.


MR. ROGERS: I’m begging you!. You took my wife, and many of my friends and relatives.  Give her another chance!.


WOMAN (DEATH):  You know that everybody is born to die. 


MR. ROGERS: Yes I know, but don’t take her. Not yet!. (Turns the bed around so that The Woman [Death] is at the little girl’s head)


WOMAN (DEATH):  (moves and stands at the little girl’s feet) You can’t do anything to change her destiny. 


MR. ROGERS: (turns the bed around so that the Woman [Death] is at the little girl’s head) Take me, then!.


WOMAN (DEATH):  (moves and stands at the little girl’s feet) You’re a foolish man. It’s not your time to die!. She belongs to me. She just fell into an eternal sleep.


MR. ROGERS: (approaches his Granddaughter) No!. My dear, wake up, wake up.  (puts his head on the bed and cries)


(The Woman [Death] takes the little girl’s hand and both leave the stage holding hands. Lights off – Lights on –  Mr. Rogers is sitting in the hospital reception area. He’s crying with his eyes closed. Man 1 [God], Man 2 [Devil], and the Woman [Death] are beside him. The Nurse enters the stage and approaches Mr. Rogers)


MR. ROGERS: (yelling) No!. Don’t take her away from me!.


NURSE:  Mr. Rogers!.  Mr. Rogers!.


MR. ROGERS: (opens his eyes) What’s wrong?.  Where am I?.


NURSE:  You fell asleep.  You can now come and see your wife and son.


MR. ROGERS: What are you talking about?. My wife and son?.  Where am I?.


NURSE:  In the hospital.  Your son has been born!. 


MAN 1 (GOD):  You should thank God that your wife and child are fine, healthy…. and alive.


NURSE:  (to Mr. Rogers)  Come with me, please.


(Mr. Rogers and the Nurse leave the stage)




AUTHOR:  K I D S I N C O – based in a story by Brother’s Grimm – “Godfather Death”.



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