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A Christmas Carol - Scrooge Free Clip Art, Un Cuento de Navidad

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NARRATOR: It was Christmas time in London.  There was a man named Ebenezer Scrooge.  He was a hard worker man, but at the same time he was a miserable, greedy, cruel, and stingy person. A day before Christmas, Scrooge and his clerk, Bob Crachit, were working in the office.  Scrooge as always, was counting his money, while Bob was counting the minutes to go home to his family.



SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: Merry Christmas, Uncle!.


SCROOGE: Christmas?.  Bah!.  Christmas is only a lie.


SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: You don`t mean that, uncle.


SCROOGE: Of course I mean that.  Christmas is just an excuse not to work. Besides, what reason do you have to be happy?.  You´re so poor!.


SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: Come on, uncle!.  And, what reason do you have to be sad?.  You´re so rich!.




SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: Don`t get angry, uncle.


SCROOGE: Why wouldn`t I?.  I live in a crazy world with fools.  Merry Christmas!.  What is Christmas?. It´s just a time to pay bills with money you don`t have. 



SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: Don`t get angry uncle, and come to our house tomorrow.  My wife and I are preparing a delicious dinner, you will be our special guest.


SCROOGE: Thanks, but no!.


SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: But… why, uncle?.


SCROOGE: Why did you get marry?.


SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: Because I fell in love.


SCROOGE: Because you fell in love?.   Have a nice day!.


BOB CRACHIT: Sir, I have finished copying all the letters and filed the paperwork.



SCROOGE: Fine, If your work is finished, you can go now.


BOB CRACHIT: Mr. Scrooge, tomorrow is Christmas, a day to spend with family.


SCROOGE: You’d like the day off, I suppose?.


BOB CRACHIT: Well, yes, Mr. Scrooge, after all, it´s Christmas.


SCROOGE: Christmas?. Bah!.  Fine. Take tomorrow off, but be here early the next day.


BOB CRACHIT: Yes, sir. Merry Christmas, Mr. Scrooge.



NARRATOR: Scrooge opened the door and Crachit went home.  Then Scrooge returned to his desk to finish his accounts.  After a few hours, Scrooge closed his account books and proceeded to close the office. When he got home, he heard old bells ringing, and a strange and loud noise coming from the outside.



SCROOGE: Who`s making that noise!.  I must have fallen asleep!.


NARRATOR: But the strange noise continued, until he saw a ghost coming through the bedroom door.


SCROOGE: I think I am dreaming!.


MARLEY´S GHOST: No, this is not a dream!.


SCROOGE: I know you!.  You are Marley.  What do you want from me?.


MARLEY´S GHOST: I want a lot from you!.  Do you see these chains?.  I am chained to my sins.


SCROOGE: What sins?.  You were a hardworker and a good businessman.


MARLEY´S GHOST: Businessman?.  I took advantage of people!.  While I was alive, I never learned the value of love and charity.   Now I have to wander the earth, unable to find peace.   Hear me, Scrooge!  I am here tonight to warn you!  You still have the opportunity to change, and if you don`t, the same fate awaits you.



NARRATOR: Then the ghost left the room floating through the window. Next day when the clock struck one, Scrooge saw a strange creature beside his bed.



SCOORGE: Who are you?.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.  Get out of bed and come with me.


NARRATOR: The ghost took Scrooge through time to a small town which Scrooge started to remember.  He then remembered the houses, the church, the river, the bridge, and the people.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: They can not see us or hear us.  They are just shadows from the past.


SCROOGE: Look, the school is not that empty.  There`s a little boy, alone, forgotten by his friends.  I know him, poor boy.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: Now, let`s see another Christmas.


NARRATOR: Then they arrived to a house.


SCROOGE: This house seems familiar.  Oh, this is my house, where I grew up.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: Yes, it is. And do you recognize that little boy sitting alone reading?.


SCROOGE: It`s me, as a child.  But..why am I… why is he alone?.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: You must know the answer.


SCROOGE: Because my parents were working, that is why I was always alone. That is why my Christmas were so sad and lonely.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: Come, take my hand, we don`t have enough time.



SCROOGE: Take me back!.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: We have one more stop, our time is running out.


NARRATOR: And they appeared in a garden. Scrooge was now a young man who was sitting in a garden beside a lovely young woman.  The woman was crying.


WOMAN: I can’t marry you, Ebenezer. There’s something you love more than me.


SCROOGE: Nonsense, I love no other woman.


WOMAN: That’s true.  You love money. You love it more than anything.  I hope you are happy with the life you have chosen.


SCROOGE: Stop!.  Take me home!.


NARRATOR: And Scrooge appeared in his own bedroom.


SCROOGE: Thank goodness, it was a dream.


NARRATOR: Then the clock struck.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: No, Ebenezer. It wasn’t a dream.


SCROOGE: I suppose you are the Ghost of Christmas Present.


NARRATOR: Scrooge touched the hem of the spirit’s robe. The bedroom vanished, and Scrooge found himself on a busy, snowy street.  There were many people shopping for last minute gifts, the stores were still open, people were cooking their best meals, and the bells from the church were striking, everybody was attending church wearing their best clothes.  Everybody was happy.


SCROOGE: Everybody looks so happy.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Yes, they are.  It’s Christmas.  What did you expect?.


SCROOGE: Do you mean  that they all are happy just because it´s December 25?.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Yes. Today they can forget their problems, and just enjoy being with their families. 


NARRATOR: Then the Ghost took Scrooge to Bob Crachit´s house. Scrooge saw Bob Crachit playing with his children, three boys and two girls.



SCROOGE: Is this where he lives?.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Of course, with his salary, this is all he can afford.


SCROOGE: They look so poor!.  Their clothes are so old.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Love is what you can feel here.


NARRATOR: Bob Crachit lifted the youngest boy from a chair in the corner and carried him to the table. The boy was pale and thin and carried a crutch.


SCROOGE: What’s wrong with him?. Why doesn’t he walk?.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: He’s very sick.  His name is Tiny Tim, and his parents don’t have money for a doctor, so maybe he will die.


SCROOGE: Die?.  But there must be something that can be done.  Please, tell me if he will die.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: I see an empty chair in the corner, if the future is not changed, he will certainly die.


SCROOGE: No!. No!.


NARRATOR: Meanwile, it was getting late. The Ghost took Scrooge through different places so he could see how people celebrated Christmas. Suddenly, they stood in a room.



SCROOGE: I know that voice.  It`s my nephew.  He`s having a party.


SCROOGE´S NEPHEW: Ha, ha, ha, ha.. he said that Christmas was only a lie.


NEPHEW`S WIFE: He should be ashamed.


SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: He`s very funny, but not a pleasant person.


NEPHEW`S WIFE: Yo told me that he is very rich.


SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: So what, darling?.  His wealth is useless.  He doesn`t do anything with his money.


SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: He preferred to be angry at us than to have fun with us.


SCROOGE: They don´t like me.


GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: No, unless the future changes.


NARRATOR: The room disappeared and they continued their journey. It was a long night.  And everything happened in just one night.  Then, the Ghost of Christmas Present was gone.



SCROOGE: Oh, I am in my own bed again.


NARRATOR: As he sat up, another ghost floated into the room. He was dressed in black, and a dark hood hid his face.


SCROOGE: Who are you?. First came the Ghost of Christmas Past, then the Ghost of Christmas Present.  You must be the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.



NARRATOR: The Ghost said nothing, he just gestured toward the door. Scrooge followed him to the street in front of his office. Three men stood out front, talking and shaking their heads.


SCROOGE: I know them.  I do business with them. We’re friends. These men like me, even if my own nephew does not. But.. what are they saying about me?.


MAN 1: Poor old Scrooge.


MAN 2: I know, I feel sorry for him.


MAN 1: They told me he`s very sick.


MAN 2: Who´s taking care of him?.


MAN 1: No one.  You know that he always liked to be alone.


MAN 2: He doesn`t have friends, either.


SCROOGE: We have been here before.  This is Crachit`s house.


NARRATOR: The Ghost took Scrooge into the bedroom.  There was Mr. Bob Crachit sitting beside his son`s bed.  He was very sick.


SCROOGE: Why is he crying?.  The last time I was here they were so happy.


NARRATOR: Sleeping in bed was the little kid, but he was thinner and very pale.  Mrs. Crachit came into the bedroom.


SCROOGE: Why?.  Tell me what´s wrong with the little boy?.  Is he going to die?. What can I do to help him?. Please, talk to me!.


NARRATOR: The Ghost did not answer.  Then everything turned dark, and Scrooge appeared in a foggy and cold place.


SCROOGE: Where are we?.  This is a cemetery.  Why did you bring me here?.


NARRATOR: The Ghost showed Scrooge a grave.


SCROOGE: Before I get near that grave, tell me, is that the image of what it will be? or just the image of what can be?.


NARRATOR: The Ghost did not answer.  Then Scrooge went to see the grave. Engraved on the headstone was the name:  Ebenezer Scrooge.  Then Scrooge fell to his knees.


SCROOGE: No!.  No!. Ghost, listen to me. I have changed!.  I will honor Christmas in my heart.  I will live in the past, in the present, and in the future.  I will not forget the lessons that all of the ghosts have taught me.



NARRATOR: In his anguish scrooge woke up in his bed.



SCROOGE: Oh, thank you!.  I’ve been given another chance. I don`t know what day is today, or how long I have been with the Ghosts.  I feel like a child, but I don`t care.  I want to be a child again!.


NARRATOR:  Then he heard the church bells striking.  Then he saw a boy in the street and shouted.


SCROOGE: Oh, wonderful!.  Hey, you!. You over there!.  What day is today?.


BOY: It’s Christmas, sir. Christmas morning.


SCROOGE: Good!. I haven’t missed it.



NARRATOR: Then he pulled out a bag of money and said to the boy to buy a big turkey and to deliver it to Bob Crachit’s house.



BOY: But, sir, this is a lot of money.


SCROOGE: Keep the change.  Hurry up, the Crachits are hungry.



BOY: Yes, sir!.


SCROOGE: Oh!. Little boy!.


BOY: Yes, sir?.


SCROOGE: Have a merry Christmas!.


BOY: Thank you, sir.  And merry Christmas to you, too.


NARRATOR: Scrooge dressed in his finest clothes and headed toward his nephew’s house.



SCROOGE`S NEPHEW: Uncle, I am happy to see you!.  I am really glad that you change your mind about Christmas dinner.  Come and celebrate the holiday with us.


SCROOGE: Yes, thank you for accepting me.


NARRATOR: After dinner Scrooge said a few words.


SCROOGE: Thank you.  I’ve never eaten a more delicious meal. But, I have to go now, I have some other things to do, and people to visit.


NARRATOR: And Scrooge headed to Bob Crachit’s house. Mrs. Crachit opened the door, and she couldn´t believe her eyes when she saw Mr. Scrooge standing in front of her.


SCROOGE: Crachit, you’ve worked long hours without complaining for many years. I am raising your salary, and I will also help you support your family.


BOB CRACHIT: Oh thank you, Mr. Scrooge.  You are so generous.


SCROOGE: Merry Christmas!.


NARRATOR: Scrooge never saw the Ghosts again, but he had many friends and was always close to his family.  Each time he had a meal with his friends and family, he would say.


SCROOGE: God bless us.  God bless  us, everyone!.






Author:  Charles Dickens



Adapted by:  Cristina Sonia, based on script:  A Christmas Carol


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