The Washing Machine

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washing machine. washer

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CARMEN (Erika’s sister)







(The Washing Machine, The Dryer Machine  and the Water Heater are in the center of the stage.  Beside them, there’s the Broom, the Mop, and the Water Bucket.  Erika enters carrying a laundry basket  full of clothes.  She places the basket on the floor, and puts her clothes inside the Washing Machine)



ERIKA: I hate to wash!.  Right now I could be on  facebook.   But no, I have to wash!. (The Washing Machine door closes hitting Erika’s hand.  Erika kicks the Washing Machine)  Stupid washer!.  (finishes placing her clothes inside the washer) I hope you don’t spill water. I don’t want to mop!.  (presses the ON button and leaves the stage)



WATER HEATER:  Don’t be sad, she’ll get over it.


WASHING MACHINE:  (crying) It’s the same thing every time she washes.  She insults me, offends me, yells at me, and kicks me. (starts spilling water)


WATER HEATER:  I know.  I really don’t like how she treats you.


MOP:  Me neither.


WATER BUCKET: It’s too bad we can’t do anything to protect you.


DRYER MACHINE:  Sometimes I want to burn all her clothes!.


BROOM:  Don’t do it, or she will treat you like trash!.


WATER HEATER:  (looks at the floor)  You’re spilling water already.  Please, don’t do it!.


WASHING MACHINE:  Let my tears run through the floor. 


MOP:  No!.  I have to clean.  I don’t want her to come and yell at you once again.  (cleans the spilled water)



WATER BUCKET:  Remember she told you not to spill water.


WASHING MACHINE: I’m not a good washer!.


DRYER MACHINE:  Don’t say that. 


WATER HEATER:  I love you just the way you are.


BROOM, MOP, WATER BUCKET:  We love you too!.


WASHING MACHINE:  All my screws are loose.  Didn’t you see how my door fell and hit her hand?.  I’m useless!.


(Erika enteres, and stands before the Washing Machine)



ERIKA: You haven’t finished washing!. (sees the wet floor) Did you spill water again?.  (takes the mop and cleans the floor) Now you’re not working!.  Nobody wants you because you’re a piece of junk!.  I think it’s time to buy a new washer.  I’ll tell Carmen to come with me to buy one of those fancy modern washing machines.  (she leaves the stage)


WASHING MACHINE:  I’m so sad.  She’s going to get rid of me.


DRYER MACHINE:  We’ve been friends for so long, that I couldn’t live without you.  If you go, I’ll go with you. 


WASHING MACHINE:  No.  I’m the problem, not you.


MOP:  I’ll miss you.




BROOM:  Me too.


WATER HEATER:  (to the Broom, Mop, and Water Bucket) Don’t say that.  She’s not going anywhere.  (to the Washing Machine) You can’t give up.  Cheer up, please, do it for me.


DRYER MACHINE: She has to do it for all of us!.


BROOM, MOP, WATER BUCKET:  That’s true!.


WASHING MACHINE:  (sad) Please, don’t fight.  I’m not worth it.


WATER HEATER:  You mean a lot to all of us. 


WASHING MACHINE:  Forgive me, I am really sorry.  




(Carmen is in the sofá.  She’s holding her cell pone.  Erika enters and sits by her side)



ERIKA:  Are you bussy?.


CARMEN:  No.  Why?.


ERIKA:  I want you to come with me to buy a new washing machine. The one we have doesn’t work anymore.


CARMEN:   That’s weird.  I’ve never had a problem with the washer. 


ERIKA:  When was the last time you used it?.


CARMEN:  I washed my clothes today!.


ERIKA:  Well, right now it’s not working, and there’s water everywhere.  I’m sick and tired of cleaning the floor everytime I wash. 


CARMEN:  I don’t believe you.  It doesn’t spill water, and it washes perfectly.


ERIKA:  Well, I don’t know. 


CARMEN:  I’m goint to tell you something, but I don’t want you to laugh.


ERIKA:  What is it?.


CARMEN:  I want you to go and talk to the washing machine.


ERIKA:  What?.  Do you think I’m crazy?.


CARMEN:  No.  But there’s proof that things, as well as animals, behave according to how you treat them.  And I have seen the way you treat it.  Do it, please, you have nothing to loose.


ERIKA:  I’ll loose my time!.  Besides, what’s in it for me?.


CARMEN:  You’ll see it will start working, and you will stop having problems.


ERIKA:  I don’t believe in those things, like being possitive, good and bad vibrations, and all that nonsense.  That’s not for me.  I have my feet on the ground, not like you, dreaming with a better world. 


CARMEN:  Well, scientists have made studies about energy.


ERIKA:  They are not scientists.  They are gurus!.


CARMEN:  Things reflect our mood, that’s why you should try it.  


ERIKA:  With you I always loose.  Fine, you win!.  Tell me what to say.


CARMEN:  Look, just think of all the things you have told her, and then, tell her the opposite. But you must be sincere.  


ERIKA:  I’ll see if I can.


CARMEN:  (kisses Erika on the cheek) Thank you!. 


ERIKA:  I hope our neighbor doesn’t watch me talking to the washer, or he’ll think I’m nuts!.  Are you coming?.


CARMEN: Yes, let’s go.


(Erika and Carme leave)





(Erika and Carmen are standing before the Washing Machine.  Erika has her hand on the washer) 



ERIKA:  I don’t know how to start.  Washing Machine, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.  I know that if it weren’t for you, my hands would be rough, dry, overworked, and full of blisters.


CARMEN:  Erika!.


ERIKA:  Sorry. 


CARMEN:  Start all over.


ERIKA:  Washing Machine, thank you for everything you have done for me.  I know that many times I overloaded you, and made you work day and night. I remember the day I decided to have you.  I chose you because you were the best, and you still are.  Forgive me for all the times I yelled at you, kicked you, and mistreated you.  It’s not your fault if I am in a bad mood…


(The ON button flashes, and the washer starts working)



ERIKA:  What’s wrong?.


CARMEN: It’s working.  Do you believe now?.  


ERIKA:  I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, good luck, or if you’re right.  What I know for sure, is that I will never treat her bad.  She has made me very happy!.


CARMEN:  And you made her happy too!.


ERIKA:  Let’s go out to have dinner.


CARMEN:  Are you paying?.


ERIKA:  Of course!.


CARMEN:  Then, what are we waiting for!.


(Erika and Carmen leave)



WATER HEATER:  That was a miracle!.


BROOM:  It wasn’t a miracle.  Her kind words made her start working.


MOP Y WATER BUCKET:  Hurray, she’s staying with us!.


DRYER MACHINE:  I thought I was going to lose you forever!.


WATER HEATER:  (to the Washing Machine) How do you feel?.


WASHING MACHINE:  Very happy!.  Now I know she loves me, and I’m not going anywhere.




(The Dryer Machine, the Water Heater, the Broom, the Sweep, and the Water Bucket hug the Washing Machine) 





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