The Worry Doll

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Muñequita Quitapenas

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GRACE (Elaine’s sister)








(Abby is in her computer. Elaine enters and sits beside Abby)



 ELAINE:  Hi.  What are you doing?.


ABBY:  I’m trying to decide what to buy on Ebay.  Why are you so early?.  You said you would be here at four.


ELAINE:  I can’t be at home.  I’m just thinking and thinking.  I can’t sleep at night!.


ABBY:  What do you think about?.


ELAINE:  A lot of things.  If I tell you, I would never finish.


ABBY: You’re exaggerating!.   Why don’t you clean your house, or go jogging?.  You could even read  book!. 


ELAINE: Come on, you sound like my mother.  Nobody understands me!.


ABBY:  Don’t get angry.  I think you should only worry about  passing the exams so you can graduate.


ELAINE:  I know, but I have a lot of problems.  


ABBY:  What problems do you have?.  You’re not married, you don’t have kids, you don’t support your house, and you’re not sick.  You have everything you need to be happy and live in peace. 


ELAINE:  I have a lot on my mind.  You can’t imagine how much I’m sufffering!.


ABBY:  You’re being so dramatic.  Every problem has a solution.  Tell me what is bothering you.  


ELAINE:  No.  I don’t want you to know all my secrets.  (Abby stands. Opens the closet door and takes out a wooden box.  She opens the box, and takes out a small doll, then she sits besides Elaine)  What’s that?.


ABBY:  I want to give you something.  (gives the doll to Elaine) Take it, it’s yours.


ELAINE:  Oh, what a beautiful doll.  It’s so small.  I will need a magnifier glass so I can see it!.


ABBY:  Don’t exaggerate!.  It’s called  a “Worry Doll”.  My aunt went to Guatemala on vacations, and she bought it over there.  Now, I give it to you, and I know it can help you.


ELAINE:  Thanks, but I don’t know how a rag doll can help me.  It’s not a a talking doll, right?.


ABBY:  (laughing) Of course not.  But it’s magical!.


ELAINE:  I don’t believe in magic!.


ABBY: After you see what this doll can do for you, you will.


ELAINE:   Fine, I don’t want to argue with you.  What do I have to do with her?.


ABBY:  It’s very simple.  When your brain is bursting with worries, and you can’t sleep because you’re all stressed out, place the doll on the palm of your hand, and tell her your worries.  Then put it under your pillow.  Now, the doll will worry in your place, and you will be able to sleep peacefully.  In the morning, you will feel great, because your worries and negative thoughts will be gone as the doll took them away.  And trust me, you will feel lighter and less tense!.


ELAINE:  Don’t you think it’s childish to do that?.


ABBY:  No.  I did it, and it made me feel so good.  


ELAINE:  Did it work?.


ABBY:  Yes!.  But I didn’t tell her my problems.  I told her my dreams and desires, and everything I wanted to be and have, and she made my dreams come true.  I am very happy and I have everything I want!.


ELAINE:  How I wish I were you!.  (she stands)  I better go. 


ABBY:  (she stands)  What about the movies?.


ELAINE: I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood.  We’ll go some other day. 


ABBY:  Okay, just do as I told you. 


ELAINE:  I will. I have nothing to lose.  Bye, and thanks.


ABBY:  Wait!.  (takes the wooden box and gives it to Elaine) After the doll has taken your worries away, put it inside this box, and leave it there until you need it again.


ELAINE:  I will.


ABBY: See you later!.


(Elaine leaves.  Abby sits in front of her computer)




ELAINE:  (holding the doll) I hope you’re listening.  You’re the only remedy I have against my worries, and I know you have the power of taking them away.  


(Grace enters, and Elaine puts the doll under the pillow)



GRACE:  Have you seen my cell pone?.  I’m tired of looking everywhere and I can’t find it!.


ELAINE:  No.  (gives Grace her cell phone) Here, take mine, and dial your number.


GRACE: (takes the cell phone) Wow, you’re so smart!.  (she dials some numbers.  Her phone rings inside the closet.  She opens the door).  Thanks Sis, I found it, it was inside my coat.  Good night!.  (she gives Elaine her cell pone back, and then she leaves).


ELAINE:  (closing her eyes)  I’m so sleepy.



 (The Worry Doll stands at her bedside)


WORRY DOLL:  Hello.  Don’t fall asleep yet.


ELAINE: (with he eyes closed)  Grace, let me sleep.


WORRY DOLL:  You can not fall asleep yet. You have many things to tell me.


ELAINE:  (opens her eyes)  What do you want Grace, don’t you see I am…




ELAINE:  (scared) Who are you?. How did you get in?.


WORRY DOLL:  Don’t you recognize me?. You brought me here.


ELAINE:  (she sits on the bed) It can’t be!. (she stands and walks around the room) I can’t believe it!. A few minutes ago you were a miniature doll, and now you’re a real-life doll!. 


WORRY DOLL:  Don’t worry, I’ll get back to my normal size later.  Why don’t you sit and tell me what’s bothering you, so I can take your worries with me.  The sooner the better.  Don’t you think?.  


ELAINE:  (sits on the bed)  I think I’m allucinating.


WORRY DOLL:  (sits on the floor) I’m waiting.  Say something.  Tell me your worries!.


ELAINE:  (closes her eyes)  Fine, I’ll tell you.  It’s about my cousin.  A few days ago she called me and told me she was feeling sick, so she went to the doctor.  She had to go through a medical examination and the doctor ordered some blood tests….


WORRY DOLL:  And that worries you?.


ELAINE:  Yes, a lot.


WORRY DOLL:  Why don’t you better wait to know the tests results?.  Maybe there’s nothing to worry about.  Don’t you think so?.


ELAINE:  You’re right.


WORRY DOLL:  Get those concerns out of your mind.  Your cousin will be alright, I’m sure about that.


ELAINE:  I hope so!.


WORRY DOLL:  What else is troubling  you?. 


ELAINE:   I’m really worried about school.  I’ll have exams next week, and I don’t want to get bad grades . I could loose my scholarship, you know. 


WORRY DOLL:  And that is keeping you awake?.


ELAINE:  Yes!. 


WORRY DOLL:  Did you study for the tests?.


ELAINE:  Yes, a lot.


WORRY DOLL:  Then, you don’t have to worry.  You’re a smart girl, and everything will be fine.


ELAINE:  Thanks!.


WORRY DOLL:  Is there something else you would like to tell me?.


ELAINE: No, that’s all.


WORRY DOLL:  (she stands) Try to remember this:  Worrying is like a magnifying glass; it enlarges everything .  Now, try to sleep, relax, and always remember that faith makes all things possible.


ELAINE:  (she lies on her bed and closes her eyes)  Good night.


(The Worry Doll leaves. A few minutes later Grace enters yelling)



 GRACE:  Elaine wake up!.


ELAINE:   What’s the matter?.  Why are you yelling?.


GRACE:  It’s seven o’clock!


(Grace leaves.  Elaine sits on the bed)



ELAINE:  (stretching her arms) I slept so good.  The doll!.  (she leaves her bed and walks around the room searching for the doll.  She reaches her desk, sees the doll, and holds it in her hand) It’s strange.  I’m sure I left it under my pillow.  (she walks toward her night table)  I will leave it here.




(Elaine enters.  Her Mother is eating a piece of cake)



MOTHER:  Hi sweety.


ELAINE:  Hi mom.


MOTHER:  How was school?.


ELAINE:  It was great!.


MOTHER:  I’m glad.  This past few days you seemed anxious.  Would you like something to eat?.


ELAINE:  Yes, give me a piece of that delicious cake you’re eating, please.


(Mother stands, cuts a piece of cake, puts it on a place, and gives it to Elaine)



MOTHER:  By the way, your aunt called this morning to tell me that your cousin Liz is well.  She is slightly anemic, but with a balanced diet and with iron supplements, she will be fine.


ELAINE:  So, it’s nothing serious?.


MOTHER:  No. Not at all!.


ELAINE:   I’m so happy for her!.  I’ll go see her tomorrow after school.


MOTHER:  Oh, I forgot to tell you.  Your report cards came in this morning through the mail, and your dad and I are very proud of you.  Your have excellent grades!.


ELAINE:  Thanks  mother.  The cake was delicious!.  (she stands) I’m going to my bedroom and take a nap.  (she walks to her room.  She reaches the night table, and takes the doll.  Then, she walks to her closet, takes out the wooden box, and sits on her bed) Worry doll,  I want to thank you for your help.  Everything is fine.  Now, I have to put you inside this wooden box, and I’ll look for you once again when worries and concerns pop into my head.  Sleep for now, my little friend.  (she opens the box and places the doll inside.  She closes the box, puts it in the closet, and leaves the stage). 





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