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(George is calling Samantha. The phone rings.  She answers the phone)





GEORGE:  Hi, it’s me.


SAMANTHA:  Oh, hi George.


GEORGE:  Do you want to go to the movies tonight?.


MARK:  Sure!.


GEORGE:  Great!.  What kind of movie would you like to watch?.


SAMANTHA:  I’m not sure.  How about a scary movie?.


GEORGE:  There’s a new Stephen’s King movie.  I think it’s called “Merci”.


SAMANTHA:  I’d love to see that one!.


GEORGE:  Do you know what is it about?.


SAMANTHA:  Yes, I do.  It’s  about  two boys who discover their grandmother is a witch, and they suspect  she has encountered a dark spirit.


GEORGE:  Have you read the short story it’s based on?.


SAMANTHA:  Yes, it’s based on Stephen’s King short story “Gramma”.  It was even made into an episode of The New Twilight Zone in 1986.


GEORGE: Wow!  You know a lot about Stephen’s King stories.


SAMANTHA: I can hardly wait to see it!.


GEORGE:  How about if I pick you up in half an hour?.


SAMANTHA:  Oki Doky!.




SAMANTHA: Bye bye.



(Samantha hangs up the phone)


The End


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