Intraterrestrial Aliens

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Props:  Toy kitchen, doll, well, boat, big apple tree, apple (the size of a soccer ball), big grape (the size of an orange).


Setting:  Lillian’s mother is in the kitchen on the left side of the room. Lillian is on the right side of the room playing  with a doll around a well. The boat is behind the well. The doll falls into the well.




LILLIAN: (looks inside the well)  Nooo!.  Abby, Abby!.  (she sits on the floor and cries covering her face with her hands).


(Intraterrestrial Alien 1 and 2 enter the room and stand beside her.  Intraterrestrial Alien 1 has the doll in his hands)




(Lillian uncovers her face)


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 2:  Don’t cry.  We brought your doll.


LILLIAN: ( looks up, stands, and takes the doll) Thank you!.  (surprised) Oh,you look strange, and you’re so tall!.  Who are you?.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 1:  We are intraterrestrial aliens!.  Who are you?.


LILLIAN:  My name is Lillian, and I’m ten years old.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 2:  We are Catharians, and we are eight hundred years old.


LILLIAN:  Eight hundred years old!.  Well, you don’t look that old.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 2:  Can you give us some water?.


INTRATERRESTRIAL  ALIEN 1:  We are really thirsty!.


LILLIAN:  Sure!,  Wait here, please don’t go!.


(Lillian goes to her mother)


LILLIAN:  Mom there are two aliens in the backyard!.  They want a glass of water.  Can I have some?.


MOTHER:  (cooking) Sure, sweety!.  (she pours some water in a glass and gives it to Lillian)


LILLIAN:  I need another glass, mom.


MOTHER:  (fills another glass with water and gives it to Lillian) Oh, yes, you said they were two aliens.


LILLIAN:  That’s right mom, thank you!.


(Lillian approaches  the Intraterrestrials Aliens.  She gives them the glasses of water.  Intraterrestrial Alien 1 and 2 drink the water, then they give back the two glasses to Lillian)




LILLIAN: (Lillian leaves the glasses on the floor)  Where do you come from?.


ALIEN 1:  We come from Agartha, the Inner World of the Earth.


LILLIAN:  You come from inside the earth?.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 1:  Yes.  That’s where we found your doll.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 2:  We came to give it back to you!.


LILLIAN:  Can you take me there?.  I want to know how it looks inside the earth!.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 1:  Yes, you can come with us!.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 2:  You will love it!.


LILLIAN:  I have to tell my mom.  (Lillian goes to her mother who is busy in the kitchen)  Mom, can I go with the aliens. I want to know where they live!.


MOTHER:  Do they live far from here?.


LILLIAN:  No!.  They live just underground.  They live inside the well!.  Will you let me go?.


MOTHER:  Yes, sweety, just be here on time for dinner.


LILLIAN:  (She kisses her on the cheek)  Yes, mom, I will!.


(She goes to the intraterrestrial Aliens)






INTERRESTRIAL ALIEN 2:  (Takes Lillian by the hand) Let’s go into the well.


LILLIAN:  How are we going to get to where you live?.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 1:   A river runs deep inside the well.  We’ll get in our boat, and down the river to our city we’ll go.


LILLIAN:  It will be fun!.


(They get inside the well, into a boat, and pretend to row the boat through stage.  The Sun, Apple Tree and Giant 1 and 2 enter and stand in the middle of the room.  The Apple Tree kid has a big apple on his/her hand, Giant 2 has a big grape in his hand)


SUN:  Welcome to Shamballa!.


LILLIAN: (to the aliens)  You have your own sun!  It’s so pretty!.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 2:  Yes! Our sun glows all day long.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 1:  There’s no night, no wind, no rain, no snow, no cold in our underground planet.


LILLIAN:  That’s awesome!.  You must be really happy living here!.




APPLE TREE: (gives Lillian the apple)  Would you like to taste one my apples?.


LILLIAN:  (takes the apple)  I have never seen an apple as big as my head!.  It’s so red and heavy!.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 1:  Everything is BIG in our planet!.


APPLE TREE: Aren’t you going to taste it?.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 2:  Come on, take a bite!.


LILLIAN:  No, I prefer to give it to my mother.  She loves apples!.


GIANT 1:  Would you like to dine with us?.


LILLIAN:  I can’t sir.  I promise my mom I would be on time for dinner.


GIANT 2:  (Gives Lillian the grape)  Here, have one of our grapes.  I’m sure you will like it!.


LILLIAN:  Gee, thanks!  (looks at the grape) This grape is as big as one of our oranges!.  I’ll also take it home, if you don’t mind.


GIANT 2:  No, not a all.


(Mother’s voice is heard on the background)


MOTHER:  Lillian, where are you?.  Dinner is ready!.


LILLIAN:  It’s my mom.  I have to go home!.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 1:  We’ll take you back.


LILLIAN:  This is a wonderful place!.  Do you think I can come back again to visit you?.


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 2:  Of course, all you have to do is call out our names in the well…


INTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN 1:  And we’ll be there for you!.


LILLIAN:  Thank you for being so nice and friendly  (to Apple Tree, Giant 1, and Giant 2) and for your delicious presents!.




(The Intraterrestrial Aliens and Lillian row the boat.  They stop the boat behind the well, and Lillian pretends to climb up the well.  She stands beside the well, and waves good-bye)


LILLIAN:  Bye-bye!.




(Lillian goes to her mother.  She leaves the apple and the grape on the table)


MOTHER:  I was getting worried.  What took you so long?.


LILLIAN:  I told you mom. I was with my friends who live inside the earth!.  You should see their country.  It’s so beautiful!.  It has huge plants and animals; and the people who live there are GIANTS!.


MOTHER: (coughs)  It’s getting late.  Go and wash your hands.


LILLIAN:  Yes, mom.


(Lillian leaves.  Mother sees the apple and the grape on the table)


MOTHER: What is this?. (she picks up the apple and smells it) It smells like …an apple!. (shouting)  Lillian, come here quick!.


(Lillian enters)


LILLIAN:  Yes, mom?.


MOTHER:  What are these?.


LILLIAN:  Those are presents from the aliens.  It’s an apple, and a grape. I told you mom, everything underground is gigantic!.


MOTHER:  Oh my God, you were telling me the truth, after all!.


LILLIAN:  Sure.  What did you think?.


(They look at each other)




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