Unexpected Luck

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(Gerald enters the restaurant.  He’s all wet because of the rain.  Rose approaches him.  Dr. and Mrs. Smith are seated in a nearby table)



ROSE:  Oh, Gerald, you’re all wet!.



GERALD:  I know, and I have to get dry before my shift starts. 



ROSE:  How many blocks did you walk today?.



GERALD:  About ten, I think.  With this awful weather, it’s hard to find a cab!.



ROSE:  What did they tell you at the auto repair shop?.



GERALD:  They said the thunderstorm from weeks ago damaged the car completely…and…that I have to buy a new car.   How about that?.



ROSE:  I’m sorry.  It’s not going to be easy.  New cars are so expensive!.



GERALD:  I know.  I can’t keep taking taxis to work everyday, and borrowing the restaurant’s catering truck from the owners.



ROSE:  We’ll talk about this later.



GERALD:  Yeah.  It’s time to work.



ROSE:  Let’s go to kitchen.  You have to get ready to wait tables.



(Gerald and Rose leave the stage/room.  A few minutes later Gerald enters carrying two menu cards, then he approaches Dr. and Mrs. Smith)



GERALD:  (to Dr. Smith)  Good afternoon doctor.  It’s a pleasure to have you here today.  (To Mrs. Smith)  How are you Ma’am?.



MRS. SMITH:  (in a sweet voice) I’m fine Gerald.  And you?.



GERALD:  I’m ok…I guess.



DR. SMITH:  You don’t sound very convincing!.



GERALD:  It’s nothing, doctor.



DR. SMITH:  Listen, before we order our meal, I want to ask you something. 



GERALD:  Sure.



DR. SMITH:  How long have you been working here?.  I’m asking because we have been coming to this restaurant for many years, and you have always provided us with a very good service.



GERALD:  Well thank your doctor!.  I have been working here for fifteen years.



MRS. SMITH:  That’s a lot of time!.



GERALD:  That’s right.  I like my job, but lately things have gone ALL wrong.  I guess it’s just bad luck.



DR. SMITH:  Look, Gerald.  It wasn’t our intention to listen to the conversation you were having with Rose, so my wife and I have decided to help you.



MRS. SMITH:  (gives some money to Gerald)  That’s right.  Please, take the money, we know it will help you to solve your problem.






DR. SMITH:  Take it, please.



GERALD:  But, you don’t have to.   This is a lot of money.  I’m sorry, but I can’t take it.



DR. SMITH:  We will be out of town for a long time, and we are not going to be giving you a tip for a while.



MRS. SMITH:  So, please, take the money, and buy yourself a car.



GERALD:  You are being very nice to me, and I don’t deserve it.



DR. SMITH:  Of course you do!.



MRS. SMITH:  You are a hard worker, and we love you because you have always given us a good service. 



GERALD:  Thank you very much. I’ll buy the best car I can get for the money, and I promise that the next time I see you, I will pay it back.



DR. SMITH:  That won’t be necessary.  Oh, and one more thing…just don’t tell anybody about this.



MRS. SMITH:  We wish to remain anonymous. 



GERALD:  Of course.  You’re very kind, may God bless you!.



DR. SMITH:  Fine!.  Now we are ready to order.



GERALD:  (hands them the menu)  Sure!.



MRS. SMITH:  (looks at the menu)  Let’s see what is today’s specials…






Author:  K I D S I N C O



Moral Value:  Generosity.



Moral:  Help others while expecting or wanting nothing in return.


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