Where’s My Mother?

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Fairy Godmother

Mother 1

Mother 2

Mother 3





Jennifer:  But I´m fifteen years old!   Why can’t I have fun with my friends and come home late?  All my friends do!


Mother:  Jennifer, you are not as old as you think you are. Even if your friends go home late… you are not!  You are my daughter and while you live in this house you will do as I say.


Jennifer:  It´s not fair. I am a good daughter…


Mother:  Let´s see, good daughter, how good ARE you? Do you have good grades in school?  Do you wash the dishes when I tell you to do it? Do you stay up late talking on the phone?  Is this the way a good daughter acts?


Jennifer:  But, but….


Mother:  Enough! You will do what I tell you to do, not what YOU want to do.


(Jennifer gets angry and turns her back)


Jennifer: OK, whatever you say… I am not perfect.


Mother: You know what?  I have to go… it´s getting late for work.


(While leaving she gives instructions)


Mother: OK, here are your jobs tonight. First, put the dishes away. Then, clean the bathroom floor. After that, sweep the living room. Get your clothes ready for tomorrow … Oh, and don´t open the door to strangers…


(and she leaves)


Jennifer : (furious) blah…blah…blah… Too much! I am not going to do anything!  I wish I had another mother!


(suddenly Jennifer hears a voice)


Voice: Your wish is granted!


(Jennifer jumps up to the sofa and covers her head with the magazine)


Jennifer: Who are you?


Voice: I am your fairy godmother, sweety!


Jennifer: Fairy godmother? Really? I don’t believe it.


Voice: But it’s true, little girl! This is your big opportunity!


Jennifer: Opportunity? What do you mean?


Voice 2:  You asked for a wish, so here I am. So, Jennifer, what kind of mother do you want?


Jennifer: Wow!!  Uh…. I want someone that lets me do what I want to do, and someone that buys me everything I want.


Voice: Your wish is granted!


(Mother1 enters the room very nicely dressed. She goes to the mirror and starts to put on her makeup)


Jennifer: Wow!  A new mom! Ah, you ARE my mother right?


Mother 1: Young lady, don’t call me mother!  I spend so much time trying to look beautiful, and so much money on new makeup. Now, here I try hard to be young, and YOU call me MOTHER!!


Jennifer: I’m sorry… I just wanted to make sure that you really, really are…


(telephone rings)


Mother 1: Hello. (suddenly sounding very sweet) Oh, Hi! I am SOOOO glad to hear from you. (Pause) OK (Pause) OK (Pause) Sure honey, when do you want to meet? Tonight? (Looks at Jennifer). Sure baby, that’s no problem. I’ll see you there.


(Hangs up)


Jennifer: So Mom, can I ask you about my homework? I am not sure I really understand it.


Mother 1: Say, I’ve got an idea. Do you want to go shopping?


Jennifer: Um, tonight?


Mother 1: (she gives Jennifer her credit card) Here you are, young lady. Take it, go shopping, and do whatever you want to do.  I’m going out.


Jennifer: But Mom, I have some work to do for school, and I was hoping…


(Mother1 interrupts Jennifer)


Mother 1: Look, you like shopping, right? You want to buy nice clothes, right? Fine! I gave you what you want. Now I told you I have to go out. Bye!


Jennifer: But Mooooooooom….


(Mother1 leaves stage)


Jennifer: What is wrong with her? Is that REALLY my mother? Oh no!  This is not fair, fairy godmother!


Voice: What’s going on? Tell me how things went with your new mother.


Jennifer: Fairy godmother, you went too far!


Voice: Too far? Who, me??


Jennifer: Yes, you! I wanted to talk to her, but she wouldn´t talk to me. She just wanted to look beautiful and go out.


Voice: Isn’t that what you asked for?


Jennifer: Not like that! She didn’t care AT ALL about me.


Voice: What do you want then?


Jennifer: I want her to be nice to me.  I want her to love me and to listen to me.


Voice: Are you sure that´s what you want?


Jennifer: I am sure!  Come on… do it!


(Mother 2 enters stage)


Mother 2: My dear daughter! My one and only Jennifer, I missed you so much!  (comes running up to Jennifer and grasps her hands) How are you sweetheart?


Jennifer: (confused) Uh, OK, Mom.


Mother 2: Honey, you look a little unhappy. Can I help you with anything? Please tell me if there is ANYTHING I can do!


Jennifer: No, Mom, I’m OK, really.


Mother 2: Can I buy you some new clothes? New shoes? A new dress? I am happy to do anything for my darling baby!


Jennifer: No, no, I have enough, Mom.


Mother 2: Remember, darling, I’m your mother, so if there is anything you need, come to me. If there is anything you want to tell me, I am here for you. OK?


Jennifer: Uh, OK.


Mother 2: Ok, then, let’s start RIGHT NOW! What happened to you today? How was school? How are your friends? Where did you go? What did you do? Tell me EVERYTHING!


Jennifer: Oh mother, everything is fine.


Mother 2: Sweetheart, are you hungry? Would you like to eat? Pizza? Fried chicken? Spaghetti? Just ask and it’s YOURS, oh love of my life!


Jennifer: No mother… you don´t understand… Oh, mother, I know!


Mother 2: Yes, dear?


Jennifer: Mom, can you go and buy some durian? I am really hungry for some fresh durian!


Mother 2: Sure sweetheart, I’ll be right back!


(Mother 2 leaves stage)


Jennifer: (relieved) Ay Ya! What is wrong with you fairy godmother? 


Voice: Sweety, you told me that you want someone who cares for you, didn’t you? Isn’t that EXACTLY what you wanted?


Jennifer: Yes it is, but not that much.  She wanted to do EVERYTHING for me! Can’t we have a mother who is a little more strict? Someone who loves me and cares for me, but will tell me what to do?


Voice: Very well… I am giving you what you asked for…


(Mother 3 marches onto the stage looking like an angry soldier)


Mother 3: You! AttenSHUN! 


(Jennifer stands up straight as a soldier)


 Left turn!


(Jennifer turns to face Mother 3)


Parade rest!


(Jennifer puts her hands behind her back and her legs slightly apart)


Have you done your homework?


Jennifer: (frightened)  Yes…


Mother 3: You have to say… yes, ma’am! yes ma’am!…


Jennifer: Yes ma’am!…


Mother 3: Remember, you’re in the Army now! Homework!


Jennifer: (handing over a sheet of paper) Yes ma’am!


Mother 3: There are new rules in this home. From now on, you are not allowed to go out after dinner without permission.  You will watch television for one hour after dinner. After television you will do homework for one hour and you will go to bed at 8 o´clock.  Understood?


Jennifer: Yes, ma’am!… but… can I go out with my friends sometimes?


Mother 3: The rules are the rules. There will be no changes. It is now time for cleanup. When I come back I expect you to clean the bathroom. Understood?


Jennifer: Yes


Mother 3: What was that?


Jennifer: (quietly and sadly) Yes, ma’am!


Mother 3: (angrily) What was that?


Jennifer: (loudly like a soldier) YES MA’AM!


Mother 3: I’m going out to do some shopping. Make sure you do all of your cleaning. Oh, and remember this: I do all this because I love you.


(Mother 3 marches off stage)


Jennifer: I can’t believe it!  What is wrong with you fairy godmother?


Voice: What is your problem?  I give you what you want, and you get angry at me!


Jennifer: Yes, because it´s not fair.  I trusted you and you are playing games with me…


(Jennifer cries)


Voice: Listen Jennifer, I just wanted you to see what you already have at home. You are looking outside when your own family has everything you want.  Does your mother care for you?


Jennifer: Yes.


Voice: Does she listen to you when you have something to tell her?


Jennifer: Yes, she´s always there for me.


Voice: Does she punish you?


Jennifer: Yes, but I don´t like to be punished.


Voice: Look… when we are young we don´t see how our mother takes care of us. One way that she shows her love is to punish us when we make mistakes. 


Jennifer: Well, yes, but I get mad because I want to go out and she doesn´t let me.


Voice: Look… being a mother is a really hard job.  She tries hard so you can have a good life. She really wants to be the best mother in the world for you. Your job is to be a good daughter.


 Jennifer: Yes, I understand, It´s just that sometimes is hard to be a good daughter.  I want my mother back!  (the cell phone rings and Jennifer  answers it)


Jennifer: Hello… mother!  I am SO HAPPY to hear your voice… yes don´t worry about me, I am fine. When are you coming home?  (pause) Yes mother, I already started cleaning the house. Dinner? Can I make dinner for you, mom? … What do you want to eat?  (pause)  Sure, I can cook that! Mom, thank you for being my mother… you are the best mother in the world… and I will try to be a better daughter… I love you mom… ok, I´ll wait here for you.  (she hangs up the phone) Thank you fairy godmother, you showed me a lesson.


The End


Author:  Mr. Cliff Sloane, from Thailand.   Re-adapted  from our original script “I Want My Mother Back”


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