Monsters Away

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(This script was edited by Kidsinco based on our original script “My Nightmare”)


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Props:  Bed, night table, blanket, Monster Vanishing Spray.



(Jackie lies in her bed with her eyes closed, and covered with a blanket.  She’s having a nightmare.  She moves frantically and starts to talk)



 JACKIE: No!. Please, no!.



 VOICE OF MONSTER: Ha, ha, ha, ha.



 JACKIE: Why are you always chasing me!.



 VOICE OF MONSTER: Ha, ha, ha, ha.



 JACKIE: Stop it, please!.  Go away! Noooo, don’t get near me!.



 (Jackie’s mother enters with a bottle of  Monster Vanishing Spray, then she sits on the bed, and tries to wake her up)



 MOTHER: Jackie!.  Jackie!. Wake-up!.  It’s all a dream!.



 (Jackie opens her eyes.  She hugs her mother)



 JACKIE: Oh, mother. It’s was terrible!.  I´m so scared!.



MOTHER: Calm down, sweety.



JACKIE: Why do I keep having the same dream every night?.  Why?.



MOTHER: Do you want to talk about it?.



JACKIE: Well, there’s a terrible monster chasing me throughout the forest.  Then, when he grabbed me, he opened his mouth and I saw three rows of teeth, each as sharp as a knife.  His breath smelled like trash, and his slimy saliva dripped to the floor burning the ground.  He was blue, and had four protruding eyes.  His legs were like a trunk of an ancient tree, and his feet were like spreaded roots pounding around as he walked.  Then I begged him to leave me alone, but he just laughed.  Every night is the same thing, I don’t want to sleep anymore!.



MOTHER:  You don’t have to be scared anymore.  I’ll spray you all over with the Monster Vanishing Spray.  You will relax , and it will help you fall asleep!.



JACKIE:  Will the monster in my dream go away?.



MOTHER:  Sure!.  The potion will get rid of  the monster really fast!.  (she sprays Jackie and her pillow with the Monster Vanishing Spray).  Now, close your eyes and say three times the magic words.  Monsters away.



JACKIE:  (closing her eyes, in a soft voice) Monsters away,  monsters away, monsters aways (opens her eyes).



MOTHER:  He’s gone!.



JACKIE:  Really?.



MOTHER:  Yes, and he will never come back.



JACKIE:  Thanks mommy!.



MOTHER:  (kisses Jackie on her cheek) Sweet dreams!.



(Mother leaves the bottle in the night table, and leaves the room)






Author:  K I D S I N C O


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