Believe in Yourself

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“Believe in Yourself ”  was written and sent to Kidsinco by 11-year old Mariah Rivera from the U.S.   This script may not be republished in any other website or blog or forum. If you want to share our scripts, please place a link to our site:

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Mrs. Barnes










(Nataly, Cristina and Samantha walk by Selena and see her practicing on projection and feeling, they look at Selena, then each other and start to bust out laughing)


NATALY: Hahaha, are you seriously practicing for that audition?


SAMANTHA: I bet you aren’t even getting the part anyway, hahaha!


CRISTINA: Yeah, that’s right…because Nataly’s trying out for the part of Juliet!


SELENA: Hey! Yes I am, and I’m auditioning for the role of Juliet too.


NATALY: You can audition for any part you want, but I’m just letting you know now, don’t get your hopes up because I’m getting the role of Juliet.


(Mrs. Barnes sees Nataly, Samantha and Cristina around Selena and assumes that problems are building up)


MRS. BARNES:  Whoa, Whoa!


(Mrs. Barnes separates the three girls away from Selena)


SELENA:  (Looking at the girls walking away – angry)  How do you know that, huh! I’m going to get the role of Juliet … you’ll see!




(Mother sees the depressed mood that Selena is in)


MOTHER: What’s wrong honey?


SELENA:  (Trying to hide her depression from Mother) Ugh … nothing Mother… I’m fine!


MOTHER: Please Selena, tell me the truth, I don’t like seeing you depressed.


SELENA: (Shouting, but not angry)  I told you that I’m fine… why don’t you believe me!


(Selena runs up the stairs and goes to her room to sit on her bed.  When she gets there Justin is standing at the room door)


SELENA:  (Sees her brother standing at the door) Ugh, didn’t I tell you, literally, one thousand times that I don’t want you in my room?


JUSTIN:  (Walks into Selena’s room and sits next to her) Come on now … tell me, what’s the matter?


SELENA:  (Sighs)  Do you know those three girls? Nataly, Samantha and Cristina… You do, right?


JUSTIN: Yeah, I do. Those three mean girls at school.


SELENA: Yeah, Today while I was practicing for the school audition, they said that I won’t get the role of Juliet, and all the type of stuff that would discourage me.


JUSTIN:  (Sighs)  Look, Selena. You are the greatest actress I’ve ever seen. Don’t let them make you believe that you don’t have potential.  You have to believe in yourself, no matter what everyone else tells you. I’m sure you’ll get the role of Juliet.


SELENA:  (Smiles)  Thank you for the advice …  (she gasps)  that reminds me! The audition is tomorrow!


JUSTIN: Okay, don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Now get your rest and go to sleep. Good Night.


(Selena goes to sleep and Justin leaves the room)




(Selena arrives and Nataly, Samantha and Cristina are already there)



MRS. BARNES: Okay the first person up is … Selena.


(Selena runs up to the stage)


MRS. BARNES: You’re auditioning for the role of  (she looks through a pile of scripts) Juliet right?




(Mrs. Barnes hands a script to Selena.  Selena clears her throat, starts to read the script and acting out the part)


SELENA:  It’s only your name that is my enemy;

You are yourself, not even a Montague.

What’s “Montague?” It is not a hand, or a foot,

Or an arm, or a face, or any other part

Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

Would smell as sweet if it had any other name.

So Romeo, if he wasn’t called “Romeo,” would

Retain that dear perfection which he has

Without that title. Romeo, throw your name away;

And for that name, which isn’t part of you,

Take all of me.


MRS. BARNES:  (clapping)  Wow, you really have potential! I’m really proud of you!


(Nataly grunts and marches out of the auditorium)


MRS. BARNES: Guess that leaves us with no other Juliet but you! Congratulations!


SELENA: Wow! Thank you so much!


(Mother and Justin show up smiling and immediately giving Selena hugs)


JUSTIN AND MOTHER: We knew you had it in you!


SELENA: Thanks for helping me believe, Justin!


JUSTIN: You’re very welcome Selena!


SELENA:  Thanks for caring Mother. I’m sorry I shouted at you.


MOTHER: Oh honey, its fine.


SELENA: Thanks, you guys… I’ll never stop believing!




The End


Author:  Mariah Rivera


Adapted by K I D S I N C O


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