Sun, Moon, and Wind go to a Party

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Uncle Thunder

Aunt Lightning

Mother Star





Act I – At the Sky’s Home


(In the kitchen: Sun, Wind, and Mother Star are eating.  Moon enters and kisses Mother Star on the cheek, then she sits to eat)



Moon:   (to Mother Star) How do you feel today, mother?


Mother Star:  (sad)  Not too well, my dear.


Moon:  Do you still feel dizzy?


Mother Star:  Just a little.


Moon:  Did you take your medication?


Mother Star:  Yes, I did.


Moon:  Good…as soon as you finish eating, I want you to lie down and rest.


Mother Star:  No, my dear…I have to wash the dishes, sweep the floor, and do the laundry.


Moon:  Mother…you’re sick…I’ll take care of everything…don’t worry.


Mother Star:  Alright… alright…  I’ll do whatever you say.  (She covers her head with her hands)  Oh, my…I forgot to tell you something!  


Wind:  What is it?



Mother Star:  Uncle Thunder and Aunt Lightning called this morning to invite us to their wedding anniversary celebration…and that’s tonight!


Moon:  Tonight?


Sun:  That sounds terrific!  I really need to go out and have fun…I’ve been working too many hours!


Wind:  Me too…  I’m really exhausted with all those wind storms!


Moon:  I will not go.  I’ll stay here and take care of mom.


Mother Star:  Of course not…that is out of the question!  This is a very special day for your uncle and aunt, and you have to be there to celebrate.


Sun:  (smiling) I agree with you, mother.   


Wind:  Me too!


Mother Star:  Fine…the three of you will go to the party…the Sky family has to join in the celebration!


Moon:  But…mother.


Mother Star:  I’m going to my room …I’ll see you tonight after the party.  Have fun!


Sun, Wind, and Moon:  Thanks, mom.


Moon:  I hope you feel better.


(Mother Star leaves.  Sun, Wind, and Moon keep eating)



Act II – At the Party


(Music plays.  Sun, Wind, and Moon sit at a table.  Moon has a purse in her lap.  Uncle Thunder and Aunt Lightning enter)



Aunt Lightning: Oh, I’m so happy you came to celebrate with us!  


Uncle Thunder:  Where’s my sister?


Moon:  Oh, uncle, my mom could not come because she’s sick.  


Aunt Lightning:  Poor Star.    


Moon: She said she’s sorry for not coming. 


Uncle Thunder:  Tomorrow morning we’ll go see her.  


Aunt Lightning:  Well, keep enjoying the party…dance and eat a lot!


Wind:  We’ll do just that!



(Uncle Thunder and Aunt Lightning leave and start to dance.  A waiter serves the food)



Sun:   (starts to eat) Everything is so delicious!  I can’t wait to eat these snacks…they look so yummy!


Wind:  (starts to eat)  Don’t eat so much…we need to save room for dessert!  (to Moon)  Sister, why haven’t you eaten?


Moon:  I can’t…I’m worried about mom.  


Sun:  She asked us to have fun…and that’s what we’re doing!


(Moon takes some food, puts it in a napkin, and inside her purse)



Wind:  Everything is so delicious!


Sun:  (to Moon)  Eat sister…eat. 


(The waiter serves the dessert)


Wind: (starts to eat)  Mmmm…strawberry short cake…I love it!


Sun:  (starts to eat)  Lemon cheesecake…it’s exquisite!


(Moon takes some dessert, puts it in a napkin, and inside her purse)



Wind:  (to Moon) Sister!  You ate your dessert quite fast!


Moon:  I know…it was so good!


Sun:  See…we came to eat and have fun.  


Moon:  You’re right…but it’s getting late, and mom is waiting for us.  


Wind:  (yawning)  You’re right…I’m sleeping!


Sun:  Let’s go… I’m full and tired. 


(Sun, Wind, and Moon stand up and leave)



Act III – At the Sky’s Home


(Sun, Wind, and Moon are in her mother’s bedroom.  She’s lying in bed)  



Moon:  How do you feel, mom?


Mother Star:  I feel much better, my dear.  How was the party?


Wind:  It was great!


Mother Star:  Did you have fun?


Sun:  Sure we did!  I danced a lot…even my feet hurt!   


Mother Star:  Did you bring me something to eat?


Sun:  Come on, mom.  I went to the party to have fun with my friends…not to bring you food!


Mother Star:  (to Wind)  What about you?


Wind:  Me neither.  The food was so delicious…that I ate it all!


Mother Star:  (sad) So…you didn’t bring me anything?


Wind:  No.


Moon:  (to her mother) But don’t you worry…Look what I brought you!  (Moon opens her purse, takes out the food, and gives it to her mother) Eat mother…the food is really good…it will make you feel better!


Mother Star:  Oh… thank you, my dear daughter…but I’m furious with your brothers…they deserve to be punished!  (to Sun)  Son, you forgot about me…you only thought about yourself…


(Sun interrupts her)


Sun:  Mom, you told us to have fun!   


Mother Star:  But you didn’t think about me…that I was here all alone and sick…I’ll put a curse on you.  


Sun:  Mom, I’m your son…how can you put a curse on me?


Mother Star: (angry) From now on, your rays will be hot and scorching, and will burn all that they touch. And people will hate you, and cover their heads when you appear.  Your heat will be unbearable!  (to Wind) And you…who only thought about eating, from now on, you will always blow in the hot dry weather, and will parch and wither all living things. And  people will also hate you and avoid you… starting today!


Sun (sad) Will you forgive us someday?


Mother Star:   No, you have been very selfish!  And now leave…I don’t want to see you anymore.


(Sun and Wind leave) 


Mother Star: (to Moon) My dear daughter…you remembered your mother.  Thank you for sharing your food with me…that’s why I give you my blessing…from now on you will be cool, and calm, and bright.  Your rays will be pure, and will not harm anybody.  People will love you, and they will always called you “blessed”.


Moon:  Thank you mother…I love you.  


(They hug)


The End


Adapted by K I D S I N C O based on an Indian Folktale


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