Arachne and Athena

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 Props:  Knitters, yarn, cloths or tapestries, two chairs in the middle of stage.



Costumes:  The girls wear long white dresses and tiaras.  Arachne wears a long black dress, a long black wig,  a big spider placed on her back. Athena wears a long white dress and a tiara, and a long robe with hood.







 (Girl 1, 2, 3, and 4 are on the right side of stage/room sitting on the floor talking.  Arachne is weaving on the left side of stage/room)


 GIRL 1:  (to Girl 2)  What are you looking at?.


GIRL 2:  (pointing to Arachne)  I’m watching the way she knits… look at her!. She’s weaving a beautiful tapestry.


 GIRL 3:  Arachne is beautiful and talented, but she’s so vain and arrogant.


 GIRL 4:  I heard she weaves better than Athena!.



 (Athena enters)


 ATHENA:  (angry) That’s nonsense!.  Who is that girl you’re talking about?.


 GIRL 1:  She’s the daughter of a wool dyer, and she’s well known for her work.


 ATHENA:  Mmmm, so I believe she’s a poor and simple girl!.


GIRL 2:  Yes, she is.  But people from all around come to see the beautiful pictures she weaves into her cloth.  They are impressed by her talent!.


 GIRL 3:  I wonder how a mortal can weave so beautifully!.


 ATHENA:  (leaving furiously) We’ll see about that!.


 GIRL 2:  Let’s go see her.


 (Girl 1, 2, 3, and 4 stand, and approach Arachne.  They stand behind her admiring her work)


 GIRL 1:  You are a very good weaver and spinner!.  Were you blessed by Athena with her gift of weaving?.


 ARACHNE:  Of course not!.  I learned to weave all by myself.


 GIRL 2:  Well, you weave as beautiful as Athena does.


 ARACHNE:  (stands up)  There’s no one in the world that can weave as beautiful as me!.


 GIRL 3:  You can’t compare yourself to Athena.  She’s the goddess of the skills and crafts!.


 ARACHNE:  I can compare myself to Athena, and win her with ease!.



 (Arachne sits, and keeps on weaving.  Athena disguised as an Old Woman enters. She wears a long robe covering her head and tiara. She walks slowly and approaches Arachne)


 OLD WOMAN:  My dear,I’ll give you an advise.  Don’t ever mess up with a goddess.  No mortal can compete against Athena.  Take back your words and ask for forgiveness.


 (Arachne stands up)


ARACHNE:  I don’t need your advise!.  I know I can beat her, besides, if Athena really dares… why isn’t she here to compete against me?.


ATHENA: (uncovering her head)  We’ll see who can create the most beautiful tapestry. Let’s compete!.


GIRL 1:  She’s here!.



(Girl 1, 2, 3, and 4 kneel down frightened and cover their mouths when they see Athena)


ARACHNE:  I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!.



(Athena and Arachne sit on the two chairs and start to weave.  After a few seconds, Athena stands and shows her work.  Girl 1, 2, 3, and 3 clap)


GIRL 1:  Just beautiful!.


GIRL 2:  Remarkable!.


GIRL 3:  Wonderful!.


GIRL 4:  Unbelievable!.


(Arachne stands)


ARACHNE:  Ha, ha, ha, ha, tthat’s your work!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, that’s the best you can do?. (showing her work)  Now, look at my beautiful tapestry!.


ATHENA:  Oh, no!.


GIRL 1:  It’s a work of art!.


GIRL 2:  It is clearly better than yours, Athena!.


GIRL 3: That’s the most beautiful tapestry in the world!.


GIRL 4:  Look closely. It’s Zeus. He looks like a bull!.


ATHENA:  You’re making fun of my father Zeus, the King of Gods!  (furiously destroys the tapestry, and points her finger to Arachne, and casts a spell)  Shider Mider turn yourself into a spider!. (Arachne makes strong movements with her arms and legs and falls to the floor). You want to spin?.  Go ahead… and spin forever . I  now give you eternal life!.  From now on, you can weave anything you want with your webs, and people will always destroy them, just like I have just destroyed your tapestry!.  Ha,  ha, ha, ha.




AUTHOR:  K I D S I N C O based on a Greek Myth


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