My Nightmare

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(Dianne lies in her bed with her eyes closed.  She’s having a nightmare.  She moves frantically and starts to talk)


DIANNE: No, please, no!.


VOICE OF MONSTER: Ha, ha, ha, ha.


DIANNE: Why are you always chasing me!.


VOICE OF MONSTER: Ha, ha, ha, ha.


DIANNE: Stop it, please!.  Go away.  N, don’t get near me!.


(Dianne’s mother enters, she sits on the bed, and tries to wake her up)


MOTHER: Dianne!.  Dianne!.  Wake-up, it’s all a dream!.


(Dianne opens her eyes.  She hugs her mother)


DIANNE: Oh mother. It’s was terrible!.


MOTHER: Calm down.


DIANNE: Why do I keep having the same dream every night?.  Why?.


MOTHER: Do you want to talk about it?.


DIANNE: Well, there’s a terrible monster chasing me throughout a big haunted house.  Then he grabs me and….Oh, no, I can’t…. it’s terrible.  When I try to escape, he… oh, mother, I can’t.  I don’t want to remember!.


(Dianne’s mother stands up)


MOTHER: I’ll bring you a hot tea. It will make you feel better.


DIANNE: No, don’t leave me.  I don’t want to be alone.


MOTHER: Don’t be scared, sweety. Try to go to sleep.  It’s late, and you have class tomorrow.


DIANNE: Stay here with me. I’m really afraid, please, stay.


MOTHER: Fine.  I’ll stay here by your side.  Now, close your eyes, and try to sleep.


(Dianne closes her eyes.  Her mother stays for a few minutes, then she leaves.  Dianne moves frantically and starts to talk)


DIANNE: No, it’s you again!.  Get away from me. I don’t want you!.


VOICE OF MONSTER: Ha, ha, ha, ha, I can’t go away.  Dianne, I’m alive because of you!.


DIANNE: No, please, don’t tear me apart!. Why are you chasing me?.  What do you want from me?.


VOICE OF MONSTER: How should I know?.  It’s your dream, Dianne!.


DIANNE: What?.


VOICE OF MONSTER: That’s right.  Just tell me what’s next.  What else should I do in your dream?.


DIANNE: What’s next?.  Do you know what?.




DIANNE: I love you.


VOICE OF MONSTER: Do you think I’m a fool!.


DIANNE: Honestly… I love you!.


VOICE OF MONSTER: You love me?.   Do you really love me?.


DIANNE: Yes, I do.


VOICE OF MONSTER: I feel strange. I’m not supposed to be here.  I have to go.  This is not me!.


DIANNE: Are you leaving, then?.


VOICE OF MONSTER: Yes.  I’m in the wrong place.


DIANNE: You mean, you’re in the wrong dream, right?.


VOICE OF MONSTER: Right.  Good-bye, Dianne.


DIANNE:  I’ll miss you.   Bye. (She opens her eyes.  She stands up) Oh my, I thought he would never go away.  Love is a powerful word.  Yes, indeed!.


(Dianne leaves)






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