Fallen Hero

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(Mr. Morris is in the living room reading the newspaper. The door bell rings. He leaves the newspaper on the sofa, he stands up, and opens the door.  He sees a U.S. Army officer and a priest)


OFFICER:  Good morning, sir. I am Captain Robert Amons from Company A, 3rd. Battalion, 21st Infantry, in Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio, Texas.  Are you Mr. Jeff Morris?.


MR. MORRIS: Yes, I am.  How can I help you, officer?.


OFFICER: Are you the father of Sergeant William Morris?.


MR. MORRIS: Yes, he is my son.  Is there something wrong, officer?.


OFFICER: I have an important message to deliver from the Secretary of the Army, may we come in, Mr. Morris?.


MR. MORRIS: Yes, please, come inside.


(They enter and sit in the living room)


OFFICER: The Secretary of the Army, John M. McHugh, has asked me to express his deep regret that your son, William, died in Baghdad, Irak on November 21, 2009.  He died when his truck convoy was ambushed by insurgents. The Secretary extends his deepest sympathy to you and your family in your tragic loss.


(He covers his face with his hands)


MR. MORRIS: Oh, my son William.


PRIEST: Mr. Morris, your son was a hero before man and before God, and today he is receiving from God’s hands the medals for his courage.


MR. MORRIS: (speaking softly) When will you bring him home?.


OFFICER: Tomorrow, another officer will provide you with more information.


MR. MORRIS: Oh, I see.


OFFICER: Mr. Morris, we must be returning to Fort Sam Houston.  Again, on behalf of the Secretary of the Army, please accept the United States Army’s deepest condolences. (Mr. Morris tries to stand up) Please, don’t stand up, we know the way to the door.


(The officer and the priest stand up and leave.  Mr. Morris stands up and closes the curtains in the room, and  then he sits down.  He starts to cry.  A few minutes later, the front door opens, and Mrs. Morris enters. She carries a bag of groceries)


MRS. MORRIS: I’m home, Jeff,  please, help me with the bags. (She sees  Mr. Morris in the living room.  He is covering his face with his hands)  Jeff, what’s wrong?.  Are you sick?.  (He does not answer.  Mrs. Morris approaches him, and places her hand on  his shoulder) Did you hear what I said?.


MR. MORRIS: Dear, please sit down.  I need to talk to you.  Something bad happened.


(Mrs. Morris leaves the bag of groceries on a table)


MRS. MORRIS: Please, don’t scare me. Tell me that what I’m thinking  is not true.


MR. MORRIS: I’m sorry Ellen, but I can’t.  It is true.  Some officers just left.


(Mrs. Morris sits on the sofa.  They hug and cry)


MRS. MORRIS: Oh, my dear child.


MR. MORRIS: Ellen, we lost our son.  He will never come home…never.


(The door bell rings.Mr. Morris stands and opens the door)


ED: Mr. Morris, I heard the news.  I’m so sorry.


(They hug)


MR. MORRIS: Please, come inside. (They go to the living room) Ellen, it’s Ed.


(Mrs. Morris stands up)


MRS. MORRIS: Oh, Ed, Ed!


(They hug)


ED:  Mrs. Morris. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. He was my best friend.  He was like a brother to me.


MRS. MORRIS: Sit down, Ed.


(Mr. Morris, Mrs. Morris and Ed sit)


MR. MORRIS: Ed, talk to us about him.  We need to know…


MRS. MORRIS: Why did he have to join the army and go to war?.


ED:  Patriotism.  He loved this country.  He wanted to serve the nation, he told me that many times.


MRS. MORRIS: Yes, it’s true.  That was his way of helping others.  I remember now when he enlisted he was happier than I had seen him in a long time. I was excited because he was so excited for this. It was something he really wanted to do, but still…


ED: He was a great soldier!.  He saved my life once by dragging me to safety.  He exposed himself to save me. I’m here because of him. He is a hero!.


(Mr. Morris stands)


MR. MORRIS: Why did he have to go back?.  I still remember our last conversation.  He told me he was a Squad Leader leading nine young men and trying to bring them home alive.


ED: And I was one of them, Mr. Morris.


MRS. MORRIS: When he came home on leave, we camped out in the backyard.  That night he slept so peacefully.  He felt protected and loved.


MR. MORRIS: I still remember that as a kid, he slept outside all the time, right Ellen?.


MRS. MORRIS: Oh, yes.  He loved so much the sound of the crickets and the moon’s brightness . On his last day here, at home, he was as loving as ever.


MR. MORRIS: But the war had changed him.  He told me he felt so guilty, and what he witnessed in that faraway land.  He just wanted to tell me what he did and felt during the war.


MRS. MORRIS:  My poor son.  Why was he redeployed to that terrible place?.


ED: He had a mission.  He was in the forefront in the defense of freedom.


MR. MORRIS: I’m so proud of him!.  He believed in what he did, and I’m thankful for all the happy memories he gave us.


(Ed stands)


ED: Well, Mr. and Mrs. Morris I’m leaving.  I’ll be back later.  My mother wants to come and see you.


(Mr. and Mrs. Morris stand)


MRS. MORRIS: Thank you Ed.


(Ed leaves.  Mr. and Mrs. Morris sit and they hug each other. Silence. Lights off-Lights on)


MR. MORRIS: Ellen, it’s time.  We have to call John and Karen.


MRS. MORRIS: Yes, they need to know. We need to tell them before somebody else does.


(Mr. Morris picks up the phone and dials some numbers)


MR. MORRIS: John, I’m calling you about your brother William.  I have bad news.




Author:  K I D S I N C O


Moral Value: Patriotism.  Love and devotion to one’s country.


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