The Nutcracker

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(In the living room at the Stahlbaum house on a cold Christmas Eve. Music : Nutcracker Suite by  Tchaikovsky – Overture Miniature There is a Christmas tree in the center of the stage decorated with candies, chocolates, candy canes, and sugar mice. There are Christmas gifts under the tree.



-Lights on-



 (Marie and Fritz enter. They stand in front of the tree.  Music stops)


MARIE: Oh, look at all the Christmas tree decorations!.  Look, Fritz, at all the chocolates and candy canes hanging on the tree!.


FRITZ: (takes a christmas hanging) What are these?.


MARIE: Oh, let me see.  They are sugar mice!.


(The door bell rings.  Mrs. And Mr. Stahlbaum enter)


MRS. STAHLBAUM: That must be Herr Drosselmeyer.


(Mrs. And Mr. Stahlbaum open the door)


HERR DROSSELMEYER: Hello, hello!. (has two small gift boxes, and two big boxes stand on the floor)


MRS. STAHLBAUM: Please, come on in.


HERR DROSSELMEYER: It sure is cold tonight.


MR. STAHLBAUM: Marie…Fritz, Mr. Drosselmeyer is here!.


(Marie and Fritz hurry to the door)


MARIE AND FRITZ: Good evening.




MRS. STAHLBAUM: (stares at the two big boxes on the floor) What are those big boxes you have?.


HERR DROSSELMEYER: You will see, it’s a surprise.


MR. STAHLBAUM: Let me help you take them to the living room.


(Music plays: Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker, Op.71: No. 4 Dance Scene – the Presents of Drosselmeyer . Herr Drosselmeyer and  Mr. Stahlbaum take the boxes to the living room.  They all sit. Herr Drosselmeyer makes a magic trick and two life-size  harlequins get out from the big boxes and start to dance.  Marie and Fritz watch the magical dolls dance. They laugh and cheer. The dolls get inside the box.  Marie and Fritz clap.  Music stops)


FRITZ: You are a great magician!.


HERR DROSSELMEYER: Wait until you see what I have for you! (does a magic trick and gives Fritz a gift box).


FRITZ: Oh, thank you… can I open it now?.




FRITZ:  (opens the gift box) Toy soldiers!.   Thank you!. (hugs Herr Drosselmeyer)


MRS. STAHLBAUM: Fritz, you know where the box should be, don’t you?.


FRITZ: Yes mother, under the tree (places the box under the tree).


MARIE: Godfather… did you bring me a gift?.


HERR DROSSELMEYER: Sure, I did… and it is the best gift of all!.


MARIE: Oh, what is it?.


(Herr Drosselmeyer gives Marie a gift box)


MARIE: (opens the gift) What a splendid toy soldier!.


HERR DROSSELMEYER: It’s a nutcracker!.


MARIE: I love it!.  Oh, thank you!.


(Music:  Tchaikovsky “Grandfather’s Dance”. Marie takes the nutcracker and dances.  Music stops.  Fritz grabs the doll)


FRITZ: Let me try it!.  I’ll break a few nuts! (takes some nuts and the nutcracker breaks).


MARIE: Look what you did!.  You broke my doll!.


FRITZ: Sorry, Marie.


(Marie cries)


HERR DROSSELMEYER: Don’t worry dear, I’ll fix it (mends the nutcracker and gives it back to Marie).


MARIE: Thank you, godfather.


MRS. STAHLBAUM: Now, put it inside the box and under the tree.


(Marie places the nutcracker inside the box and under the tree)


MRS. STAHLBAUM: Hurry now kids, it’s time for bed.


MARIE AND FRITZ: Good night, everybody.


(Marie and Fritz kiss their parents and Mr. Drosselmeyer and leave)



-Lights Off-




-Lights On-


(Marie sleeps in her room.  She wakes up and goes to the living room.  The Christmas tree lights are turned off. She opens the gift box and takes out the nutcracker.  She lies down in a sofa with the doll at her chest and falls asleep.  The Christmas tree lights turn on.  There is a loud noise and Marie wakes up.  The clock strikes midnight)


MARIE: Who turned on the Christmas tree lights?. What’s that noise?.


(Music plays:  Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker, Op. 71  The Nutcracker battles against the army of the Mouse King. The sugar mice from the tree start to move and walk toward Marie. The prince mouse wears a crown and has a sword. Marie sees that the mice and toy soldiers had grown to life size and looks scared .  The nutcracker and the toy soldiers stand in a row with their muskets loaded. They battle the mice.  The nutcracker falls to the ground and Marie takes off her slipper and throws it at the prince mouse, who is defeated.  The mice run away taking the prince mouse with them. The toy soldiers leave.  Marie and the nutcracker stand alone in the center of the stage and hold hands.  The nutcracker looks like a handsome prince.  Music stops)


MARIE: You have turned into a prince!.


NUTCRACKER: My dear Marie, you’re so beautiful!.  Come with me,  let’s go outside!.


-Lights Off-




-Lights On-


(Marie and the nutcracker stand in the center of the stage)


MARIE: Where are we?.


NUTCRACKER: We are in the Kingdom of Sweets!.


(Children dressed as candies, chocolates, candy canes, or any other sugary treats enter dancing Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker Suite, Op 71a –  The Walts of the Flowers. The Sugar Plum Fairy enters and dances the  Tchaikovsky – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. When she finishes dancing, Marie and the Prince dance Tchaikovsky – Nutcracker – Pas de deux.  Marie feels dizzy with all the twists and twirls and she faints)



-Lights Off-




-Lights On-


(In the living room. Marie wakes up under the Christmas tree with the nutcracker toy under her arms.  The door bell rings.  She stands up and opens the door.  Mr. Herr Drosselmeyer is at the door with his nephew Daniel who is the nutcracker/prince.  Marie looks surprised)


HERR DROSSELMEYER: Hello, dear!. (hugs Marie)(to Daniel) Aren’t you going to say hello to Marie?,


DANIEL: Hello, Marie.


MARIE: Hello, Daniel.


HERR DROSSELMEYER: What’s wrong?.  You look as if you have seen a ghost!.


MARIE: It’s just that I had a wonderful dream…. and…


HERR DROSSELMEYER: Sometimes dreams come true, dear.


MARIE: You’re right.   Merry Christmas Day!.


HERR DROSSELMEYER AND DANIEL: Merry Christmas! (they hug Marie).

(Music:  Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker, Op. 71.  Closing Waltz – Grand Finale)




Author: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, composed in 1891–92.

Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


©Copyrighted images from Mexico

Herr Drosselmeyer packing toys 1 copy The Stahlbaum receive guests -2

Herr Drosselmeyergiving toys to the children -3 Herr DrosselmeyerMakes magic tricks - 4

Dancing dolls come out of the boxes - 5 Dancing dolls come out of the boxes -6

Herr Drosselmeyergives Marie a Nutcracker - 7 Fritz breaks the Nutcraker - 8

Herr Drosselmeyerfixes the Nutcracker - 9 Marie dances with the Nutcracker - 10

Marie goes to bed -11 Sugar Mice come to life -12

Sugar mice and toy soldiers fight -13 The Nutcracker turns into a prince - 14

Prince Mouse and The nutcracker fight - 15 Chocolate from Spain -16 copy

Coffee from Arabia - 17 Te from China - 18

Nuggat from Russia - 19 Sugar Plum Fairy - 20

Flowers from the Snow Kingdom - 21 Mother Marshmallow -22

Marie dances with the Nutcracker - 23 Marie faints and wakes up from her dream -24

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