The Werewolf and Little Red Riding Hood On Halloween

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(The Werewolf hides behind a tree in the forest. The Man enters the stage)


WEREWOLF: Psst… psst… hey, you… over here.


(The Man looks on both directions, then he sees the Werewolf)


MAN: Who me?.


WEREWOLF: Yes, you.  Did you see her?.


MAN: Who?.


WEREWOLF: You know… that little girl… the one with the red hooded cape and a pumpkin halloween basket.


MAN: No, I haven’t seen anybody.


WEREWOLF: Are you sure?.  Do you think it’s safe for me to get out?.


(The Man turns around to see if someone is near)


MAN: Sure, there’s no one around.




(The Werewolf gets out from behind the tree)


MAN: Why are you so afraid?.


WEREWOLF: It’s a long story.


MAN: I have time.  Come, let’s sit over here and tell me what is bothering you.


(They sit under a tree)


MAN: Do you want to drink some water?.


WEREWOLF: No, I’m fine.


(The Man takes out a bottle of water from a bag and drinks some)


MAN: So?.


WEREWOLF: Do you see this place?.


MAN: Yes, it’s beautiful.


WEREWOLF: Well, this forest used to be my home!  I used to lived here, and I liked it so much. I always tried to keep it clean.


MAN: Well, I don’t see anything wrong with this place. It looks really neat!.


WEREWOLF: Well, one beautiful sunny day, while I was picking up all the trash left by some people after Halloween celebration, I heard some footsteps… just like when you were coming a short while ago.


MAN: Aha… and?.


WEREWOLF: I hid behind a tree.  Then I saw a little girl coming.  Oh, she looked like a very nice girl!  I mean, just like an angel.  She was wearing a pretty  dress and a red hooded cape.  I think she didn’t want anybody to see her.


MAN: Why do you say that?.  Was she acting weird?.


WEREWOLF: Because she was also covering her head.  Anyway… she seemed like a very happy girl.


MAN: Do you mean that she was not happy?.


WEREWOLF: Can you please let me finish?.


MAN: OK, go on!.


WEREWOLF: Well, as I told you before this was my home, and I tried to keep it nice and clean. I also took care of the trees, you know, I watered them… even the flowers!.  Oh, my beautiful flowers!.


MAN: Hmmm, and…


WEREWOLF: And do you know what she did?.  She took my flowers away!.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her putting my flowers… because they were my flowers, you know…putting them in the pumpkin halloween basket!.


MAN: Oh!.  You must have felt terrible!.


WEREWOLF: I did!.  I mean, she didn’t even ask for permission to cut the flowers!.  The flowers didn’t belong to her!.


MAN: Well, the flowers weren’t yours either.


WEREWOLF: This was my forest, my home, my flowers!.


MAN: If you say so.  Anyway, what did you do about it?.


WEREWOLF: Naturally I had to investigate.  I asked her who she was, where did she come from, where was she going.


MAN: What for?.


WEREWOLF: Because!.


MAN: And what did she say?.


WEREWOLF: She didn’t say anything.  She just started to sing and dance!.  She looked so ridiculous jumping here, jumping there!.


MAN: So?.


WEREWOLF: Well, I had to find out everything I could about her.


MAN: I really don’t understand why that was so important to you.  Tell me!.


WEREWOLF: Just because…let me finish.  Finally, she said she was going to see her grandmother.  Then I asked her about the flowers, and she said that her grandmother was sick and that the flowers will cheer her up. At first, I thought she was kind and honest.  After all, she seemed like a nice girl, but then … do you know what she did?.


MAN: No, what did she do?.


WEREWOLF: She saw a little squirrel on top of that tree over there, she picked up a stone and threw it at the hopeless little animal.  I was so angry!.  This is where all the animals live!.  This is their home!.  Do you know what I mean?.   Do you?.


MAN: Yes, I can see that you are really concerned about animals too.


WEREWOLF: So I decided to teach her a lesson, I mean, she can not mess with the forest.  She can not come into my forest take my flowers away and mistreat the animals that live here. So, as soon as she left, I went to see her grandmother.  I mean, she needed to know what her granddaughter did.


MAN: I can see that, but still, I think that was not necessary.  Why didn’t you just tell her that it was wrong?.


WEREWOLF: No!.  She wouldn’t understand.  I mean, you didn’t see her… you were not in my shoes .


MAN: You don’t wear shoes.


WEREWOLF: Well, that day I was wearing my favorite shoes, the ones that my…


(The Man interrupts the Werewolf)


MAN: Stop it and get to the point!.  What happened next?.  Did you really went to see her grandmother?.


WEREWOLF: Of course I did!.


MAN: How could you!.


WEREWOLF: I mean, somebody had to tell her about her granddaughter!.


MAN: What did you tell her?.


WEREWOLF: I told her about the flowers and the little animal… and she agreed with me.  Her granddaughter needed a scary lesson!.  So we made a plan.  She said that she was going to hide inside the closet.  She even told me to put on her clothes, you know, like a grandmother’s costume, because we were going to scare her.


MAN: For what you just told me before, I don’t think she was the kind of girl who gets scared.


WEREWOLF: And you’re right!.  As soon as she entered the room, she insulted me.  At first I really tried to be nice, but then she said that I had big ears.  Just tell me how would you feel if some one comes and tells you that your have big ears?.


MAN: But, it’s true!  You really have big ears!


WEREWOLF: Hmmm, anyway, I told her that I could hear her better with my big ears.  Then she said that my eyes were very big, so I said that I could see her better with my big eyes.  But what really made me angry was when she told me that I had big teeth!.


MAN: I think there was no reason to get angry.  She was just a little innocent girl!.


WEREWOLF: It’s because you don’t know me.  I don’t like having big teeth, I even went to see a dentist but he couldn’t do anything to fix them.  I have ugly teeth!.  So, I couldn’t control myself, I got out of bed and I told her that I was going to eat her with my big ugly teeth!.


MAN: But you didn’t mean it!.


WEREWOLF: Of course I didn’t mean it!.  I was angry!.  I chased her around the room, and she started yelling, and yelling, and yelling.


MAN: I understand how you felt… first the flowers, then the squirrel, then your ears, then your eyes, and then your teeth!.


WEREWOLF: Right!  I mean, I was really upset!  So, I tried to calm her down, but the more I tried, the more she yelled.  Suddenly the door opened, and a woocutter came inside with a big ax!


MAN: Oh…  that must have been scary!.


WEREWOLF: It was, indeed!.  I got scared, so I jumped through the window and escaped!  And now, everybody thinks that I am a bad Warewolf, but that is not true.  I mean, she started all this!.


MAN: I know, and I believe you.


(They hear Little Red Riding Hood singing)


WEREWOLF: Did you hear that?.


MAN: Yes, I did.


(They hear footsteps approaching)


WEREWOLF: It’s her!. Oh, I will never forget that song.  It’s the same she was singing that awful day. (Stands and hides behind a tree)


MAN: Wait!.  Where are you going?.


WEREWOLF: Stay away from her.  That’s the only advice I can give you.  I mean, she’s….


(Little Red Riding Hood approaches)


LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: Did you find him?.


(The Man grabs the Werewolf.  The Werewolf looks surprised)


WEREWOLF: What’s happening?.


MAN: We were looking for you.


WEREWOLF: You were looking for me?. Now that I remember… you’re that woodcutter!.


MAN: That’s right!.  That was my Halloween costume.


(Grandmother approaches)


MAN: Do you recognize him?.  Is this the same Werewolf that came into your house, and locked you in the closet, and then tried to eat your granddaughter?.


GRANDMOTHER: Yes, sir!.  That’s the one!.


MAN: You’re coming with us!.  (Ties the Werewolf ‘s hands with a cord and they start walking)


WEREWOLF: Where are you taking me?.


MAN: Don’t worry you will be locked in a safe place forever.


WEREWOLF: No, no!.  I was telling you the truth!.  Really, you have to believe me!.  I’m Innocent!. I’m Innocent!.




(The Werewolf is lying on the bed. The alarm clock rings)


WEREWOLF: Oh, what a terrible nightmare!. I have to stop watching horror movies before going to bed!. (Turns off the alarm clock and goes to sleep once again)




Author:  K I D S I N C O – Alternate version of the classic fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”.


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