The Rose and The Chameleon

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ROSE: Oh, I’m so beautiful!.  Everybody tells me that everyday, and I think it’s true!. The bee told me that my colors were marvelous, and the butterfly said the other day that I’m the prettiest flower in the garden, but still, I don’t know why people only stare at me.  How come they don’t get closer and smell my sweet perfume?.



(She sees that there’s a Chameleon beside her)



ROSE: Who are you?.  I have never seen you before. Where have you been hiding?.



CHAMELEON: I don’t hide. I just change my colors to fit into the place  I stand, that’s why you haven’t seen me.



ROSE: Do you mean that you have been here all the time?.






ROSE: But you’re so ugly!.  Agh, you’re disgusting!.



CHAMELEON: I have never seen my reflection in the water, so I don’t know if I’m ugly as you say I am.  But, if I am, I’m sorry.



ROSE: I want you to go.  Maybe that’s why people don’t get near me.



CHAMELEON: If I bother you, then I’ll leave.  I just wanted to protect you.



ROSE: Protect me from what?. I don’t need you!.



CHAMELEON: Before I leave you must know why I’m here.



ROSE: All I know is that you scare people.  Please, go away.



(The Chameleon leaves the stage)







CHAMELEON: Hello, pretty rose!.



ROSE: I am not pretty anymore.  Something happened to me since you left.  Don’t you see me?.



CHAMELEON: Well, yes.  What happened?.



ROSE: As soon as you left, a huge amount of insects and ants came to my stem and they started eating me, even my beautiful petals, and now look at me!.  I’m so ugly!.



CHAMELEON: I’m sorry, but you told me to go.



ROSE: What is it with you?.  Did you have something to do with this?.



CHAMELEON: I told you I was here to protect you, and you didn’t listen.  I was the one who was eating all those insects and ants, before they harmed you.  That’s why you were the most beautiful rose in the garden.



ROSE: I was so selfish and vain, and now I’m paying the price.  I didn’t see what you were doing for me.  Please forgive me, even though it’s too late.



CHAMELEON:  It’s not too late.  I’ll stay with you and soon you’ll become once again the prettiest flower in the garden.


ROSE:  Thank you, I don’t want to be away from you anymore!.


(The Chameleon hugs the Rose)







Author:  Unknown



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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