The King and The Shirt

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a king who was seriously ill.  One day he was laying in bed talking to his doctor.




DOCTOR: How do you feel today?.




KING: I have terrible pains.  I can hardly eat or sleep.  you have to help me.




DOCTOR: I’m so sorry.  I already gave you everything I could.




KING: You have to do something!.  I am getting worse every day.  I don’t want to die!.




DOCTOR: You have already taken every medicine there is in the kingdom.




KING: Yesterday a witch came to see me.  She gave me a strange beverage and a green ointment, but I feel worse.




DOCTOR: I don’t know what to say, my king.




KING: I am desperate, so I want you to tell all my people, that I will give half of my kingdom to the man who can cure me.




DOCTOR: I will, but first, let me gather all your wisemen. I know they will know what to do.




KING: Very well, talk to them, and do it fast.




DOCTOR: Yes, my king.  I’ll be back with an answer.



NARRATOR: That same day the doctor gathered the wisemen  to decide how the king could be cured.




DOCTOR: So what do you think?.




WISEMAN: Did you tried to mix mint with the potion I gave you?.




DOCTOR: I did it, but as you can see, it didn’t work.




WISEMAN 2: What about the sambong?.




DOCTOR: I already told you!.  Nothing can cure the king!.




WISEMAN 3: I know what can cure the king.  If you can find a happy man, take off  his shirt, put it on the king, and the king will be cured.




DOCTOR: Well, even if I don’t agree with you, let’s to do it.  I will tell the king about our decision.  Meanwhile, the three of you go now and search for that man.




NARRATOR: The three men left to search for a happy man.  They traveled far and wide, but they could not find a happy man.




WISEMAN 1: We are wasting time.  This is not an easy task.




WISEMAN 2: All because of you!.  There is no one who is completely satisfied.  We found a man who was healthy, but he didn’t have any money.




WISEMAN 1: And the one who was rich and healthy, had an unhappy marriage.




WISEMAN 2: Or if he had children, they were sick.




WISEMAN 1: Everyone had something to complain of.




WISEMAN 3: We can’t give up!.  I know we will find someone who is completely happy.




WISEMAN 1 AND 2: If you say so.




WISEMAN 1: We need to rest. Tomorrow will be another day.




NARRATOR: The three wisemen found shelter in a hut.  Next day they continued they journey, and as they were passing by a poor little house, they heard a man talking.




MAN:  Oh, thank you God, life is beautiful!.  I have finished my work.  I am healthy.  I have a loving family and friends. What more could I ask for?.




NARRATOR: The three wisemen turned around to look at the man who was sitting beside the door.




WISEMAN 3: I was right!.




NARRATOR: But as soon as they approached him, they were surprised.




WISEMAN 1: Oh, no!.




WISEMAN 2: The happy man is so poor…




WISEMAN 3: That he has no shirt!.








Author: Leo Tolstoy




Adapted by K I D S I N C O



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