The Fox and The Horse

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a farmer who had a loyal horse, but it was too old to work.  One day, the horse said.



HORSE: I am hungry.  You haven`t feed me in two days.



FARMER: How do you expect me to feed you, if you don´t work anymore?.



HORSE: You know I am old.  I have worked for you for many years.



FARMER: I know and I love you, but you have to show me that you are still strong.



HORSE: How can I prove to you that I am still strong?.



FARMER: If you bring me a lion, I will take care of you.  But for now, get out of my stable.



HORSE: Where am I going to live?.



FARMER: That is your problem.  Go away!.



NARRATOR: The horse left the farm, and went into the forest where he looked for protection from the weather.



HORSE: Oh, I am so sad!.  What am I going to do?. Where am I going to live?.  What am I going to eat?.



NARRATOR: Then he saw a fox.



FOX: What is wrong with you?.  Why are you so sad?. What are you doing all alone in this forest?.



HORSE: Oh, poor me!.  Greed and loyalty can´t live in the same house.



FOX: What do you mean?.



HORSE: I have work hard for my master for many years, and he has forgotten all the work I did.



FOX: What did he do to you?.



HORSE: I am old, and I can no longer push the wheel and plow well, so he told me that he doesn´t want to feed me anymore, and he threw me out of the farm.



FOX: Without giving you a chance?.



HORSE: Well, he said that if I were still strong enough to bring him a lion, he would keep me, but he well knows that I cannot do that.



FOX: That´s not fair!.  Anyway, I am going to help you.



HORSE: How can you help me?.



FOX: Just lie down, stretch out as if you were dead, and do not move.



HORSE: I´ll do what you say.  I have nothing to loose.



FOX: Good!.  Now you have to wait for a few minutes, I am going to look for the lion.



HORSE: Are you sure?.



FOX: Yes, I am.  I´ll be right back!.



NARRATOR: The fox went to look for the lion, whose cave was not far away.



FOX: Lion!.  Lion!.



LION: What do you want?.  Don´t you see that I am taking a nap?.



FOX: I have good news to you!.  I found a dead horse!.  Come with me, and you can have a rich meal!.



LION: Let´s go!.



NARRATOR: The lion went with the fox, and when they where standing by the horse, the fox said.



FOX: After all, it is not very comfortable for you here. I´ll tell you what… I will fasten it to you by the tail, and then you can drag it into your cave and eat it in peace.



LION: Good idea!.



NARRATOR: Then the lion lied down very quietly so the fox could tie the horse to his tail. But the fox tied the lion’s legs together with the horse’s tail, and twisted and fastened everything so well and and strongly that no amount of strength could pull it loose. When he had finished his work, he tapped the horse on the shoulder and said.



FOX: Pull, white horse, pull!.



NARRATOR: Then the horse stood up at once, and took the lion away with him.



LION: Let me go!.  Let me go!.



NARRATOR: Then the  lion began to roar and roar that all the birds in the forest flew up in terror, but the horse let him roar, and drew him and dragged him across the field to the farm. When the farmer saw him, he was surprised.






HORSE: I brought you the lion.  Are you pleased?.



FARMER: Sure, I am!.  You will stay here with me, and you will eat the best food I have.



NARRATOR: And he gave him plenty to eat until he died.






Author:  Brothers Grimm



Adapted by K I D S I N C O



Moral:  We should not abandon people who have helped us o served us during our lifetime, just because they get old.  On the contrary, life is giving us an opportunity to show them our love and gratitude by taking care of them.


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