Grandmother`s Memories

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(Grandmother is sitting on the sofa watching t.v. David enters running)



GRANDMOTHER: There´s some lemonade in the refrigerator, David.



 DAVID: Thank you grandma.  I´m so thirsty!.



(David leaves.  A few minutes later he comes back with a glass of cold lemonade. He sits beside his grandmother).



GRANDMOTHER: Did you have fun?.



DAVID:  Yeah!.  We won the game!.






(David drinks some lemonade and stares at a wooden wardrobe)



DAVID: Do you ever feel lonely, grandma?. 



GRANDMOTHER:  Why are you asking?.



DAVID:  I was just wondering.  What do you keep inside that wardrobe, grandmother?.



GRANDMOTHER: Memories.   Just memories.



(David stands up and tries to open the wardrobe door, but it´s locked)



DAVID: Why is it locked?.



GRANDMOTHER: Do you want to see what´s inside?.



DAVID: Oh, yes!.  I am sure you have marvelous things inside!.



GRANDMOTHER: Let me get the keys. (she stands and leaves.  A few minutes later she comes back with the keys. She gives them to David, then she sits) Just be careful.



DAVID: I will, grandma.(he opens the wardrobe with the keys) Grandma, you have many beautiful things!.



(David takes out an ivory jewelry box and opens it)



GRANDMOTHER: Be careful with that box, my mother gave it to me. (David looks closely at the box, then he puts it inside the wardrobe, and takes out an ivory hand mirror) That was a gift from your grandfather.  I still remember that day!.   On the back you can see a carved flower.



DAVID: It´s beautiful, and it has your name and the date!.



GRANDMOTHER: It´s from the l940´s. He brought it from Japan.(David puts down the hand mirror and keeps looking inside. His grandmother stands and goes to the wardrobe) I want to show you something I´m sure you will like.



DAVID: What is it?. (Grandmother takes out a sword) Wow!.



GRANDMOTHER: This belonged to your grandfather. He was a captain!.



DAVID:  My grandfather was a captain?.



GRANDMOTHER: Yes, and he was the best captain!. The day they gave him this sword, we went to celebrate.



DAVID: Where did you go?.



GRANDMOTHER: We went to a restaurant.   It was called Chris Restaurant.  I remember  he ordered a chicken salad, and he was sick all night!.



DAVID: Oh, poor grandpa.  Can I touch it?.






(David touches the sword handle)



DAVID: I like it, grandma!.



GRANDMOTHER: One day it will be yours!. (She puts the sword inside the wardrobe, and takes out a doll) This is mine.  It was my birthday present. I remember when my father bought it for me.



DAVID: Let me see it, grandma. (Grandmother gives David the doll) How old were you?.



GRANDMOTHER: It was my seventh birthday.



DAVID: But she doesn´t have hair!.



GRANDMOTHER: I cut her hair! I thought her hair would grow, but it didn´t!.



DAVID: Oh grandma!.


(David gives her the doll back. She takes out an old book)



GRANDMOTHER: One of my uncles gave me this book.  Come let´s sit down.



(They sit on the sofa and David takes the book)



DAVID: Can I open it?



GRADMOTHER:  Of course.



DAVID: Look!.  The other day we read in class this same story.



GRANDMOTHER: Sure David.   Many of the stories you read nowdays were written many years ago.  Do you want me to read you one?.



DAVID: Yes!.



(Grandmother starts reading in a low soft voice until David falls asleep. She closes the book, stands up, goes to the wardrobe, puts the books inside, and locks the door with the keys)



GANDMOTHER: I don´t feel lonely David, my memories will live with me forever.






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