The Enchanted Princess

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was an old farmer who had two sons, Alexander and Ernest.



FARMER: Alexander!. Where are you, lazy boy?.



ALEXANDER: Here I am, father. I am fixing the fence.



FARMER: You should answer as soon as I talk to you!.  Where is Ernest?.



ALEXANDER: I don`t know father.



FARMER: Ernest!.  Where are you?.  I need you!.



ERNEST: Don`t bother me, old man!. I am talking to my friends.



FARMER: I am sorry.  Ernest cares for me, while you don`t.  Alexander, Keep working on that fence, while I go to town.



ALEXANDER: Yes, father, I`ll keep working.



NARRATOR: While the man was going to town he thought.



FARMER: My business is not going very well, I have to do something before we go broke. Meanwhile I`ll eat in that hostel.



NARRATOR: He entered the hostel and sat down.Two people were sitting beside him, so he heard their conversation.



MAN 1: A witch took away the King`s daughter and she`s locked up in a castle. The guards are a dragon and an old lady.



MAN 2: An old lady?.



MAN 1: Yes, an old lady. The man who wishes to rescue the princess has to overcome three tests.



MAN 2: People say they are very hard.



MAN 1: And those who don`t pass the tests, are eaten by the dragon.



MAN 2: And what happens if someone passes those three tests?.



MAN 1: That man will marry the princess, will own the castle and its treasure, and the witch will die.



NARRATOR: Then the farmer thought.



FARMER: Oh, Ernest will do it!. He will pass those three tests, he will marry the princess, and he will be the king!.  I am leaving, I have to buy him a sword and a horse.



NARRATOR: A few days later Ernest rode his horse to the enchanted castle. He passed through an ant nest destroying the ants. Then he drank some water from a lake where there were some little ducks. He called them, and then he treated them badly. Finally he saw a bee hive, and using his sword he destroyed it. At last, he arrived to the castle.



ERNEST: I`m finally here!.



NARRATOR: Then he knocked at the door, and started shouting.



ERNEST: Open the door!. Open this door immediately!. How do you dare do this to me?. Don`t make me wait!. It`s me Ernest, open the door or I`ll break it!.



NARRATOR: Finally, an old lady with a sweet voice opened the door.



OLD LADY: Who`s knocking?.



ERNEST: Who`s knocking?. I have been here for almost an hour!. Are you deaf old lady?.



OLD LADY: Oh no, I am not deaf.



ERNEST: I have to rescue the princess. I have to be King.



OLD LADY: Wait, wait, tomorrow morning, ha, ha, ha, you will need to go through three tests.



NARRATOR: Ernest had to sleep under a tree. Next morning the old lady came to him.



ERNEST: Now tell me!. Which are those tests?. I am not afraid of anything.



OLD LADY: Are you sure?.



ERNEST: How do you dare talk to me like that?. What do I have to do?. Who do I have to destroy?.



OLD LADY: You don`t have to destroy anybody, ha, ha, ha, I am throwing to the ground some sunflower seeds, they will be blown by the wind, and you will have to pick them up and put them inside this bag, in only an hour.



ERNEST: I have to pick up all those little seeds and put them in that bag?. Do you think I am crazy?. What kind of test is this?.



OLD LADY: I will be back in an hour, ha, ha, ha, ha.



NARRATOR: And the old lady left.



ERNEST: It`s impossible. I can`t pick up all those seeds.This is not a test!.  So, I will take a nap.



NARRATOR: When the old lady returned, he proposed the second test. She threw twelve golden rings to a deep lake.


OLD LADY: You have to pick them up in an hour.



ERNEST: I am not crazy!. The water is deep and cold. I could catch a cold!.



OLD LADY: Ha, ha, ha, ha.  You are not doing it very well, my dear, but, let`s do the third test.  Follow me to the castle.



ERNEST: I am getting bored, but let`s go!.



NARRATOR: When they arrived to the castle, they went into a dark room. Then the old lady said.



OLD LADY: In that corner, there are three silhouettes covered with a white sheet. You will have one hour to tell me where the princess is, ha, ha, ha, ha, If your guess is right, then she will be free, but if not…



ERNEST: I don`t want to waste any time.  I choose the one on the right.



OLD LADY: The one on the right, uncover yourself!.



ERNEST: Oh no!. A dragon!,  No, no, no, no!. Help, help!.



OLD LADY: Ha, ha, ha, ha.



NARRATOR: A dragon chased Ernest all through the castle, until his screams couldn`t be heard anymore. A few days later Ernest´s father was talking to Alexander.



FARMER: Where is Ernest?. Why he hasn`t come back?.  I know everything went right because he is strong and intelligent.



ALEXANDER: Father, let me go to the castle, maybe my brother was not very fortunate.



FARMER: Ha, ha, you fool!. What can you do?.



ALEXANDER: I just want to go and see for myself.



FARMER: I will not give you a horse or a sword.



NARRATOR: But Alexander only took a piece of bread, and went on foot to the enchanted castle.The journey was hard and long, and that night he decided to rest under a tree. Next morning, when he woke up, he saw an ant nest, and many ants were trying to rebuild it.



ALEXANDER: Oh, poor ants!. Who destroyed you nest?. Maybe it was my brother. I will help them rebuild their nest.



NARRATOR: When he finished, he walked toward a lake to drink some water. There he saw some little ducks swimming.



ALEXANDER: Oh, poor ducks!.  You must be hungry.  Take this piece of bread.



NARRATOR: The little ducks ate the piece of bread.  Then he saw a bee hive on the ground. He picked it up and put it over a tree. And he continued his journey to the enchanted castle. When he arrived, he knocked at the door.



OLD LADY: What do you want, my dear?.



ALEXANDER: I am sorry to bother you, but I would like to rescue the princess.



OLD LADY: You can try, but if you fail, you know what will happen to you.



ALEXANDER: Yes I know, but in one of my dreams I saw a beautiful princess, and I fell in love with her.



OLD LADY: Ha, ha, ha, ha.



NARRATOR: Then the old lady spread on the ground the sunflower seeds, and left.



ALEXANDER: Oh, I can`t gather all these seeds. They are too many!. But I will try.



NARRATOR: Forty-five minutes later, Alexander is about to give up. Then he heard a strong noise.The ants had come to help him.They were grateful because he helped them rebuild their ant nest.



ALEXANDER: Thank you my good friends, the bag is full of seeds again!.



NARRATOR: Then the old lady came back.



OLD LADY: Now you have to go through the second test. Look, you have to catch these twelve rings.



NARRATOR: The old lady threw the rings to the water.



ALEXANDER: Very good.



NARRATOR: Alexander went into the water.  But it was too cold and too deep, and he could’t catch any. Then he saw something moving inside the water.They were the ducks, who came to help him because he shared with them a little piece of bread.



ALEXANDER: Thank you my good friends. Now I have all twelve rings!.



NARRATOR: When he got out of the water he went straight to see the old lady.



OLD LADY: Oh good, Alexander!.  Now, follow me.



NARRATOR: The old lady explained Alexander about the third test. When he was looking at the three silhouettes, he couldn`t figure out which one was the princess.



ALEXANDER: They all look the same.



OLD LADY: Think, Alexander, think!. Which one is the princess?.



ALEXANDER: I don`t know which one to choose.



NARRATOR: Suddenly hundreds of bees entered through the window, and flew around the middle silhouette.



ALEXANDER: It`s the middle one!. And I hope I am right.



OLD LADY: Oh, the one in the middle, uncover yourself!.



NARRATOR: The white sheet fell to the ground, and the princess appeared.



PRINCESS: Thank you, Alexander, for rescuing me. I am glad it was you!.



NARRATOR: Then they heard the dragon escaping from the tower.



PRINCESS: Look, he is going to tell his master that I am free. Now you are the master of this castle.



ALEXANDER: Your father must know that you are free, and we will get married.



PRINCESS: Yes, and we will live happy forever.






Author: Unknown


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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