Peter Pan

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there were three brothers named Wendy, Michael and John.  They lived in London in a very big house.  Every night Wendy, the oldest sister, told her brothers stories about the adventures of  Peter Pan.



MICHAEL: Tell us more about Peter Pan!.



JOHN:  Yes, please Wendy!.  Tell us another story, please, please!.



WENDY:  It’s late and tomorrow we have school.






WENDY:  Now, close your eyes and go to sleep.  Good-night and sweet dreams.



MICHAEL AND JOHN:  Good night, Wendy.



NARRATOR:  A  few  hours later they woke up frightened because they heard strange noises in the room.



JOHN:  Did you hear that?.



MICHAEL:  Yes, did you, Wendy?.



WENDY:  Yes.  What’s that light over there?.



JOHN:  Where?.



MICHAEL:  What is it?.



WENDY:  It’s…



TINKER BELL:  Yes!.  It’s me Tinker Bell!.



WENDY, MICHAEL, JOHN:  Tinker Bell!.



NARRATOR:  Then something extraordinary happened.  Peter Pan appeared right there in the middle of the room.






PETER PAN:  Do you want to come with us?.



WENDY:  Where?.



PETER PAN:  Tinker Bell and I can take you to Neverland, where the lost boys live.



JOHN:  To Neverland?.



MICHAEL:  Where the lost boys live?.



WENDY:  We can’t fly.



PETER PAN:  Tinker Bell will help you.  She will blow on you fairy dust, and you will fly.



NARRATOR:  Then Tinker Bell blew some fairy dust over the kids, and they started to fly.



MICHAEL:  Look at me!.



JOHN:  Look at me!.  I am flying!.



MICHAEL:  Oh, lovely!.



NARRATOR:  And up and down they went, and round and round, until finally the five of them were out of the room and up in the sky.  They flew days and nights.  Sometimes they were cold, and sometimes they felt warm. Sometimes they were hungry, and sometimes they were sleepy. When they were flying over Neverland, Peter Pan pointed to a ship in the middle of the ocean, and said.



PETER PAN:  Look!.  That’s Captain Hook´s ship.  We have to be very careful with him.  He wants to have me prisoner.



WENDY: Who is Captain Hook?.



PETER PAN:  A long time ago, a crocodile  bit off Hook’s hand along with his watch.  That’s why, when he hears a tick, tack he gets really nervous. Since he can’t get me, then he tries to get the little children.



NARRATOR:  Since Peter Pan was very kind and polite to Wendy, Tinker Bell felt a pain in his heart, and thought.



TINKER BELL:  I am jealous!. I have been through a lot of adventures, but I can’t stop feeling selfish.  I have to get out of here!.



NARRATOR:  And she flew away.



WENDY, MICHAEL, JOHN, PETER PAN:  Tinker Bell!.  Where are you going?.



NARRATOR:  But Tinker Bell flew and flew until she decided to rest for a while in one of the houses of the lost boys.



TINKER BELL:  Please, lost boys, help Peter Pan.  He’s flying with three children, but a great mean bird is chasing them.



LOST BOY 1: Where?.



TINKER BELL: Look, up in the sky!.  There it is!.  It’s behind Peter Pan!.



NARRATOR:  Then one of the lost boys took out his bow and arrow and fired straight at Wendy.



LOST BOY 2:  Now Peter Pan is safe!.



NARRATOR:  Wendy felt a strong pain and she fell down slowly to the ground.  When the lost boys saw she wasn’t a mean bird, but a beautiful girl, they were surprised.  Then they said.



LOST BOYS:  Will you be our mother?.



WENDY:  I am only a little girl.  I have no experience, but I’ll try.



NARRATOR:  That night and every day she took care of the little children and she told them about Peter Pan’s adventures.  However, one night, while they were at the square, they heard a terrible voice.



CAPTAIN HOOK:  You are my prisoners!.



NARRATOR:  Suddenly the clock struck, tick tock, tick,tock, and he was furious.  He grabbed Wendy and said.



CAPTAIN HOOK:  If you want to see her again, tell Peter Pan to come and get me.



NARRATOR:  They got into their horses, and left quickly to their ship.  The lost boys told Peter Pan about what had happened. Peter Pan left Michael and John with his friends, and headed to the pirate’s ship.



PETER PAN:  Captain Hook!.  Here I am!.  Let Wendy go!.



CAPTAIN HOOK:  Ha, ha, ha, welcome aboard, Peter Pan!.  My loyal men, take her to land!.



NARRATOR:  When she arrived to land she went straight to the square of the Lost Boys, and said.



WENDY:  Peter Pan is Hook’s prisoner!.   What can we do?.



NARRATOR:  At that moment they saw a light coming down from the sky, it was Tinker Bell.



TINKER BELL: Forgive me, Wendy.  Please, be my friend again.



NARRATOR:  Wendy smiled and said.



WENDY:  We have to save Peter Pan.



TINKER BELL: I have a plan.  Follow me!.



NARRATOR:  Tinker Bell, Wendy, Michael, John, and the Lost Boys headed to sea in a boat.  When they were near Captain’s Hook ship, Tinker Bell started to dance over the water.  Soon, the sea waves started to sound, tick, tock, tick, tock.



CAPTAIN HOOK:  Stop it, please!.  I can’t stand that noise!.



TINKER BELL:  Let Peter Pan go, or the ocean will turned into a tick tock in your ears!.



NARRATOR: Hook set Peter Pan free, and while Captain Hook and his pirates escaped, he and his friends went back to the square of the lost boys.  That night everybody was celebrating.



PETER PAN:  Thank you my friends.  You saved my life. We have experienced  one of the most exciting adventures!.



NARRATOR:  Then John woke up.  They were in his bedroom.



JOHN: Was it a dream?.



MICHAEL:  Yes, maybe it was all a dream.



NARRATOR:  Then Wendy saw Tinker Bell and Peter Pan up in the sky.  They were waving good-bye. 






Author:  J. M. Barrie (1860-1937)



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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