The Highest Price

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NARRATOR:  Once upon a time there was a man who owned a jewelry store. Every day he used to see a little girl who came to watch something in the window.   Finally one day, she decided to enter.


MAN: What can I do for you?.


LITTLE GIRL:  Sir, may I see that pearl necklace?.


MAN:  How much money do you have?.


NARRATOR:  The little girl took out from her pocket a white handckerchief.  She opened it, put it on the counter, and said.


LITTLE GIRL:  Is this enough?.


MAN:  You want to buy that beautiful necklace with a few coins?.


LITTLE GIRL:  Do you know what?. I want to give it to my sister.  Since our mother died she has taken care of us.  She doesn’t even have time for herself!.  It’s her birthday, and I am sure she will be happy with that necklace.  She loves pearls!.


MAN:  Let me wrap it for you.


LITTLE GIRL:  Oh, thank you, sir!.


NARRATOR:  The man placed the necklace in an elegant white box,  he put a purple lace around it, and three pink flowers on top.


MAN:  Here it is.  Be careful.


LITTLE GIRL: I will, sir.


NARRATOR:  The girl left, and a few hours later a beautiful girl entered the store carrying  an unwrapped gift box.


MAN:  May I help you?.


NARRATOR:  The girl took out fom the box the necklace and said.


GIRL:  Yes.  Someone bought this necklace here. How much did it cost?.


MAN:  Ah, I can not tell you the price.  It’s confidential!.  The price is just between my client and me.


GIRL: But my sister only had a few coins, and the pearls on this necklace are genuine, aren’t they?.  She didn’t have enough money to buy it.


NARRATOR:  The man took the necklace and wrapped it again, gave it back to the girl and said.


MAN: She paid the highest price any person can pay.  She gave everything she had.


NARRATOR:  Then there was silence in the store and the girl cried when the man gave her back the gift.




Author:  Popular Folktale


 Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Gratitude


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