The Promise

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NARRATOR:  Once upon a time there was a king called Julian.  He wanted to know which of his three sons would inherit the throne when he died.



KING JULIAN:  Servant, tell my sons that I need to talk to them.  I´ll be in the garden.



SERVANT:  Very well, your majesty.



NARRATOR:  When they were all in the garden, the king said.



KING JULIAN:  I can’t decide which of you is capable of taking care of my kingdom, but first of all you have to get married.



HENRY:  Is that a condition?.



KING JULIAN:  Yes, only a married man can be in charge of my kingdom.



NARRATOR:  Henry and Roman were the first ones to leave the palace.  They went to far away lands looking for a bride.  The first one to return was Henry, the oldest son.



KING JULIAN:  Henry, I am happy to see you again!.  Who is this lovely woman?.



HENRY:  She’s my wife, father.  She’s princess Grecia.



KING JULIAN:  Is she King Ferdinand’s daughter?.



HENRY:  Yes, she is.



KING JULIAN:  I see that you also brought a lot of cattle with you.



PRINCESS GRECIA:  They are a gift from my father.  They are loaded with gold and precious stones.



KING: I am proud of you, Henry.



NARRATOR:  A few days later, Roman, the second son, came back.



KING:  Roman, my dear son!.  I see that you also brought your wife.



ROMAN:  Yes, father. She’s Heidi.



HEIDY:  I wrote this poem for you.



ROMAN:  She’s a writer.  Her poems are delightful.



KING:  Thank you, Heidi, I will read it later in the privacy of my room.



NARRATOR:  Edson, the youngest, most charming and strongest son, was the last one to leave the kingdom in search of a bride.



EDSON:  Oh no, I have to cross the deep forest, and the villagers say that it’s dangerous, especially at night!.



NARRATOR:  Suddenly some dwarves captured him and took him prisoner.  While he was in jail, he thought.



EDSON:  My father must be worried.   I miss him very much!.



NARRATOR:  One day he heard a sweet voice calling him.



GIRL:  Would you marry me?.



EDSON:  Where’s that voice coming from?.  I don’t see anybody in here.



NARRATOR:  Next day he heard the voice again.



GIRL:  Would you marry me?.



EDSON:  Oh no, not again!.  Who’s there?.



NARRATOR:  But there was no answer.  Next day he heard the sweet voice again, and desperately he said.



EDSON:  Yes!.  Yes!.  I will marry you.  I give you my word.



NARRATOR:  Next day some dwarves took him out of jail.



DWARVES:  You are free now.



EDSON: It was about time!.  Where are you taking me?.



DWARVES:  You need to be cleaned and washed.



NARRATOR:  The dwarves washed him, cut his hair, and gave him new clothes.



EDSON:  I don’t understand what is happening, but at least I’m not a prisoner anymore.



DWARVES:  You should be grateful.



NARRATOR:  Then, he was taken to a palace and into a big room filled with dwarves.  In the center of the room the judge was waiting for him.



JUDGE DWARF:  I hope you’re ready.  You are not allowed to speak at this time.



NARRATOR:  Then a bride entered the room wearing a beautiful embroidered wedding dress, and a veil was covering her face.  When she stood before the judge he said.



JUDGE DWARF:  You may uncover your face.



NARRATOR: When she did it Edson screamed.



EDSON:  Nooo!.



NARRATOR:  The bride’s face was disfigured and had a big black mole covering half of her face and one of her eyes. She was a hunchbacked dwarf.  But Edson said.



EDSON:  I promised you that I would marry you, so let’s start the wedding.



NARRATOR:  As soon as he signed the marriage papers, the bride was surrounded and covered by a white thick fog.  When the fog disappeared, the dwarf was gone, and there stood a beautiful woman.  And all the other dwarves were turned into beautiful maidens and young noblemen. Then the bride said.



GIRL:  My dear husband. We were all under a spell because of our bad behaviour.  To become ourselves again, it was necessary that someone showed loyalty to a promise given.  You didn’t break your promise, and thanks to you, the spell was broken.



NARRATOR: After a few days they went to the palace, where the king called for a meeting.



KING JULIAN:  Loyalty is the greatest gift on this earth.  Edson will inherit the throne, because he was loyal to his promise in a very difficult moment of his life.






Author:  French Short Story



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


 Moral Value:  Loyalty


 What is Loyalty?:  Devotion, dependent and honest to one person or thing.


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