Truth and Lie

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time Truth and Lie were walking down the road.


TRUTH:  Hello!. 


LIE:  Hi.  How have you been lately?.


TRUTH: I am afraid not very good.  This has been a difficult time for someone like me.


LIE: Yeah, I can see that.  Your clothes are old and dirty.  And also, you haven´t eaten very well.


TRUTH: To tell you the truth, you are right.  Nobody wants to hire me.  Wherever I go, people laugh at me or they ignore me.  It´s disappointing.  I don´t know how I can stand it.


LIE: Exactly!.  Come with me, I will show you how to get along with others.  There is no reason for not eating well, or dress like me, with the best clothes.  But you have to promise me that you won´t say a bad word about me while we are together.


TRUTH: Very well, I promise you.  I am really hungry!.


LIE: Let´s go.  We will go to the best restaurant there is.


NARRATOR: When they arrived to the restaurant they sat at the best table.


LIE: Waiter, we want the best meal and the best dessert you have.


NARRATOR: And they ate until full.


LIE: Manager!.  Come quickly!.


MANAGER: Yes, Sir.


LIE: What kind of place is this?.  About an hour ago I paid  that waiter over there, and he still hasn´t brought me the change.


NARRATOR: The restaurant manager talked to the waiter.


WAITER: It isn´t truth. That gentleman didn´t give me a cent!.


NARRATOR: The manager told Lie what the waiter said.


LIE: What?.


MANAGER: Please, Sir, you don´t have to shout.


LIE: I want everybody to know that this is an incredible place!.  Decent people like me come here to eat, and all you do is take my money away.  Money that I worked hard to earn!.  You steal money and you are liers.  Maybe you tricked me once, but I will never come back to this place again!.  Here, take this money, but this time, bring me the change!.


MANAGER: No, please, I can´t accept more money from you.  I will bring you the change the waiter didn´t give you.


NARRATOR: The manager gave Lie the money and then went to talk to the waiter.


MANAGER: You stole his money!.  Look at all the trouble you caused.




MANAGER: You are fired!.


WAITER: But.. that man is lying.  He didn’t pay!.


MANAGER: I just don´t believe you.


WAITER: Oh, Truth, where are you hiding?.  Don´t let me down, please.


NARRATOR: Then Truth answered.


TRUTH: I’m here.  But I was so hungry!.  Now, I can´t break the promise I made to Lie.


LIE: Do you see now how the world works?.  I was a good actor, wasn´t I?.


TRUTH: I prefer not to eat than living like you do.


NARRATOR: So Truth and Lie went on different ways, and never again traveled together.




Author:  Greek Folktale


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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