Thanksgiving Day

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Woman Pilgrim 1

Woman Pilgrim 2

Woman Pilgrim 3

Woman Pilgrim 4

Man Pilgrim 1

Man Pilgrim 2

Man Pilgrim 3

Man Pilgrim 4

Girl Pilgrim 1

Girl Pilgrim 2

Boy Pilgrim 1

Boy Pilgrim 2

Chief Indian


Indian 1

Indian 2







Narrator: The Pilgrims that were living in England were unhappy because there was religious persecution.


Woman Pilgrim 1: We can`t go on like this anymore.


Man Pilgrim 1: I know, we don`t have religious freedom, but  we have to do what our King James said.


Woman Pilgrim 1: I don`t understand why he doesn`t allow us to attend the church of our choice.


Man Pilgrim 1: I think we should leave England and find a place where we can worship God in our own way.


Woman Pilgrim 1: I agree with you.  We have to talk to other people and see who wants to join us.


Narrator: So the pilgrims left England in September, 1620 in a a Ship called the Mayflower with 102 people aboard and came to America.




Girl Pilgrim 1: Mom, I am hungry, we only eat salted meat and dry bisquits.


Woman Pilgrim 1: I know, we have been in this boat for almost two months.  But I am sure that we will soon get off this ship.


Man Pilgrim 1: Everybody, Look over there, I can see land!


Woman Pilgrim 1: I told you, we are almost there.




Narrator: When they landed, the Pilgrims needed food to eat.


Men Pilgrim: Come everybody!  We have to look for fresh food.


Man Pilgrim 2: Let´s get separated to find the food.


Woman Pilgrim 2: Yes, I will go this way, and you go that way.


Girl Pilgrim 2: Hey, look!  I have some berries.


Boy Pilgrim 1: And I found some seeds.


Narrator: The first winter in America was long and hard.


Man Pilgrim 3: It´s cold. Everybody put on your heavy clothes.


Woman Pilgrim 3: And let´s protect our children.


Narrator: Many of the pilgrims became ill.


Boy Pilgrim 2: I feel sick, mother.


Woman Pilgrim 4: Somebody help me!  My son is sick.


Woman Pilgrim 3: Give him this plant, he will feel much better.


Woman Pilgrim 4: Thank you.


Narrator: Then Spring came and everybody was joyful.


Children: What a beautiful day!  Let´s dance and play.


Narrator: One day a kind Indian came to the village.


Chief Indian: Hello People.  I want to offer you my help.


Man Pilgrim 4: Welcome to our village.  We appreciate your help.


Narrator: Soon more Indians came.


Indians: We can show you how to grow your own food.


Man Pilgrim 4: Please, tell us how.


Indian 1: These are corn seeds.  This is how you should plant them.


Narrator: And the Indians showed the pilgrims how to plant corn, and wheat, and other vegetables.  One of  the Indians was called Squanto.


Squanto: I want to be your friend.  We also want to teach you how to hunt and fish.


Indian 2: We will hunt quail and turkey.  Come let´s go to the forest.


Narrator: Then they went to the forest to hunt wild animals.  And when summer ended they wanted to have a feast.


Man Pilgrim 1: Now that we have plenty of food, and many new friends, let´s celebrate.


Woman Pilgrim 1: Yes, let´s give thanks for all the wonderful things we have, for our food, and for our friends.


All Pilgrims: Squanto, tell your people to come with us to join us in a big feast of Thanksgiving.


Squanto: Yes, it will be a very special holiday.  My people will bring wild turkeys and fish.




Narrator: The Indians came to the feast.


Woman Pilgrim 2: Let´s set the table and put this table cloth.


Woman Pilgrim 3: I will put the fruit.


Woman Pilgrim 4: And these are the vegetables.


Man Pilgrim 3 and 4: Everybody, come and sit down.


Narrator: And everyone gave thanks.


Women Pilgrim : We give thanks for our food and for our friends.


Men Pilgrim: And for our many blessings.


Everybody: Thank you, Lord.


The End

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