Role Play – At a Pizza Restaurant

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Waiter: Hi!  How are you?

You: I am fine, thank you.

Waiter: Welcome to Excalibur Pizza.  My name is Glenda.  How can I help you?

You: I would like an Extra Large Special Pizza, please.

Waiter: OK, that would be an Extra Large Special Pizza.  Is it to eat here or to go?

You: To go, please.

Waiter: Would you like extra cheese and two extra ingredients for only 50 cents more?

You: Oh, that would be great.

Waiter: Very well, so it`s an Extra Large Special Pizza with extra cheese and two extra ingredients.  You total is $10.50 please.

You: Oh, and I forgot, please also give me crumb cheese bread with cinnamon.

Waiter: OK… your total would be $12.50

You: Do you take credit cards?

Waiter: Of course.

You: Here it is.

Waiter: Wait a minute please….. Can you please sign here.

You: OK

Waiter: Thank you.  Here`s your order, it`s an Extra Large Special Pizza and crumb cheese bread.

You: Thank you.  It smells great.

Waiter: Thank you, and come again!


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