Role Play – At a Party

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Boy: Hi.

You: Hello.

Boy: My name is Henry. What’s your name?

You: I’m Peter.

Boy: Nice to meet you, Peter.

You: Nice to meet you too.

Boy: In what grade are you?

You: I am in 4th. Grade.  And you?

Boy: I am also in 4th. Grade.

You: Where do you go to school?

Boy: I go to the American School.

You: Oh.  That`s a great school.

Boy: Yes, it is.  And where do you go to school?

You: I go to St. Mary`s School.

Boy: That`s a nice school, too.

You: Yes, it is.

Boy: Hey, look over there!  They`re playing video games!

You: Yeah, let`s go!

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