The Story of Stone Soup

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NARRATOR: Three soldiers traveled down a road in a strange country.  They were on their way home. Besides being tired, they were hungry.


SOLDIER 1: How I would like a good dinner tonight.


SOLDIER 2: And a bed to sleep in.


SOLDIER 3: But that is impossible.


NARRATOR: On they marched, until suddenly, ahead of them, they saw the lights of a village.


SOLDIER 1: Maybe we’ll find a bite to eat and a bed to sleep in.


NARRATOR: Now the peasants of the place feared strangers. When they heard that three travelers were coming down the road, they talked among themselves.


PEASANTS: Here come three travelers. Travelers are always hungry. But we have so little for ourselves.


NARRATOR: And they hurried to hide their food. They hid the barley in hay lofts, carrots under quilts, and buckets of milk down the wells. They hid all they had to eat. Then they waited. The travelers stopped at the first house and knocked.


SOLDIER 2: Good evening to you.  Could you spare a bit of food for three hungry soldiers?.  We have no food for ourselves.


MAN 1: It has been a poor harvest.


NARRATOR: The soldiers went to the next house and knocked.


SOLDIER 3: Could you spare a bit of food?.  And do you have a corner where we could sleep for the night?.


MAN 2: Oh no.  We gave all we could spare to the soldiers who came before you. And our beds are full.


NARRATOR: At each house, the response was the same, no one had food or a place for the soldiers to stay. The peasants had very good reasons, like feeding the sick and children. The villagers stood in the street and sighed. They looked as hungry as they could.


SOLDIER 1: Good people!. We are three hungry soldiers in a strange land. We have asked you for food and you have no food. Well, we will have to make stone soup.


SOLDIER 2: Please, we need a big iron pot, water to fill it, and a fire to heat it. And three round smooth stones.


NARRATOR: The people in the village gave them stones, and the soldiers dropped them into the pot.


SOLDIER 1: Any soup needs salt and pepper.


NARRATOR: Some children ran to fetch salt and pepper.


SOLDIER 2: Stones make good soup, but carrots would make it so much better.


WOMAN 1: Why, I think I have a carrot or two!. Let me go get it.


SOLDIER 2: A good stone soup should have some cabbage, but no use asking for what we don’t have!.


WOMAN 2: I think I can probably find some cabbage. I wil bring it.


SOLDIER 1: If only we had a bit of beef and some potatoes, this soup would be fit for a rich man’s table.


NARRATOR: The peasants thought it over, then ran to fetch what they had hidden in their cellars. A rich man’s soup, and all from a few stones!.  It seemed like magic!.


SOLDIER 2: If only we had a bit of barley and some milk, this soup would be fit for a king!.


NARRATOR: And so the peasants managed to get some barley and milk.


SOLDIER 2: The soup is ready, and all will taste it, but first we need to set the tables.


NARRATOR: Tables were set up in the square, and all sat down to eat.


WOMAN 3: Such a great soup would be better with bread and cider.


WOMAN 4: I´ll bring the bread and cider.


NARRATOR: At last the banquet was enjoyed by all. Never had there been such a feast.


MAN 3: I never tasted such delicious soup, and all made from stones!.


NARRATOR: In the morning, the villagers gathered to say goodbye.


MAN 4: Many thanks to you, for we shall never go hungry now that you have taught us how to make soup from stones.




Author: Unknown

Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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