One Good Turn Deserves Another

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NARRATOR: Cyril the squirrel was so forgetful. He was always finding wonderful hiding places for his nuts, and then forgetting where he put them.  One day a little voice in his ear said.


GLOW WORMS: Perhaps we could help?.  We glow-worms might be very useful. We could stay and shine beside your hiding places.


CYRIL: Thank you very much.  That’s a splendid idea!.


NARRATOR: So the glow-worms lit their lamps, and marked his hiding places, and Cyril never lost his nuts again.


CYRIL: Those little worms have done so much for me.  I want to do something to help my kind friends in return.


NARRATOR: So next time when he saw the glow worms he said.


CYRIL: My mother always says that one good turn deserves another, so isn’t there something I could do for you?.


GLOW WORMS: Well, You’ve got a lovely bushy tail, Cyril. Could you sweep the ground for us?. It’s rather hard to get along, when it’s so bumpy.


CYRIL: Of course I could.


NARRATOR: Next morning when he woke up, he remembered that the glow-worms wanted him to do something for them – but he was so forgetful, he simply couldn’t remember what it was.  He thought and thought.


CYRIL: I know I’m sure they asked me to scratch up the earth for them.


NARRATOR: And he scratched away with his front paws until he had made the ground twice as bumpy as it was before.  But when the glow worms saw what he did, they said.


GLOW WORMS: Oh dear!.  That’s not at all what we wanted. You ARE forgetful, Cyril!.


CYRIL: Oh, I am very sorry.  But I forget everything!.


GLOW WORMS: Don´t worry, from now on we will mark your hiding places.  Even though we know that you will forget the promises you make to us.


CYRIL: Thank you!.  You are truly good friends.



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