The Princess Ring

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there were a king and queen who had a very beautiful daughter.  When the time came for her to marry, the king proclaimed that she would marry the man who could take the ring off her finger.  One day a craftsman named Fedko came to see the king.


FEDKO: Your Majesty, I think I can take the ring off the princess finger.


KING: Do it, and you will marry her!.


NARRATOR: Fedko always worked together with his uncle, a craftsman like himself, so he told him.


FEDKO: I wish you could think of a way of taking the ring off the princess finger!.  It is not easy, the king keeps her under lock and key.


UNCLE: We must make a clock as big as a cupboard. You will climb into it and play your pipe, and when the princess hears you she will be sure to come to see what the time is.


FEDKO: Very well Uncle. Let´s get to work.


NARRATOR: Fedko and his uncle set to work at once, and the clock was ready before the week was up.


FEDKO: I will take my pipe and climb into the clock.  Uncle, lock it and go to the fair to sell it. While the princess and the king were at the fair, she saw the clock, and wanted to have it.


PRINCESS: Oh, this clock is so beautiful.


FEDKO: (thinking inside the clock) I´ll start playing mi pipe.


PRINCESS: What a beautiful music!.  Buy me this clock, Father, please.


KING: If you want it, I will buy it for you.


NARRATOR: The king paid for the clock, and his servants took it to the palace and placed it in a corner of the princess room.


PRINCESS: I love this clock so much, that I will just sit here in front of it for the rest of the day.


FEDKO: The princess is listening to my music. I will keep playing my pipe until she gets tired and goes to bed.


NARRATOR: After a while the princess got tired.


PRINCESS: It´s late, I better go to bed.


FEDKO: Now that the princess is sleeping it´s time for me to get out and get the ring.


NARRATOR: So Fedko climbed out, went to the princess´bed and  slipped the ring off her finger and then climbed back into the clock again.


FEDKO: I have it!.  Now I will marry her.


NARRATOR: Next day Fedko again started playing his pipe.


FEDKO: I am so hungry!. I think I will not be able to play very long.


NARRATOR: And the clock stopped.


PRINCESS: What´s wrong?.  The clock is not playing, I have to tell me father.


PRINCESS: Father, something is wrong with the clock, it doesn’t play any more!.


KING: I’ll have the man who made it sent for, he will repair it.  Servant!.


SERVANT: Yes, my King.


KING: Go to the craftsman shop and bring him to me.


SERVANT: Yes, my King.


NARRATOR: The king’s servant went to Fedko’s uncle. He came and took the clock to his house.


UNCLE: Fedko, get out now.


FEDKO: Oh, it was about time!.  I am so hungry. I couldn´t stand being inside the clock anymore.


UNCLE: I have some food ready, go and eat.  Meanwhile, I will fix the clock so that it plays without anyone being inside.


FEDKO: Good Uncle.  But, do you know what?.  I have the ring!.


UNCLE: Good for you!.


NARRATOR:  Meanwhile, at the palace the king noticed that the ring was gone from his daughter’s finger.


KING: What have you done to the ring?.


PRINCESS: Nothing, Father, someone must have taken it.


KING: It´s impossible!.  Nobody has come into the palace.  Servant!.


SERVANT: Yes, my King.


KING: You must proclaim throughout the kingdom that the man who has taken the ring off the princess’s finger has to come to the palace and marry her.


SERVANT: Right away!.


NARRATOR: The servant did as he was told.  And soon Fedko came to the palace.


KING: So, you are the man who has my daughter´s ring.


FEDKO: Yes, but I will not say how I got it.


KING: Show it to me.  I must see it.


FEDKO: Here it is.


KING:  It is my daughter´s ring.   As I said before, now that you have the ring, you can marry the princess. Take good care of her.


FEDKO: I will make her very happy, my King.


NARRATOR: Soon Fedko and the princess got married and lived happily forever and ever.




Author:  Ukrainian Folktale


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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