The Gift of Pearls

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a woman widow who had two daughters.  Physically, they looked alike , but in character they were different.  Georgie, the oldest, was very proud of herself.


GEORGIE: I am so beautiful. I can spend days and days looking in the mirror.  Oh, how I wish to marry a handsome and rich prince.


NARRATOR: While Eunice, the youngest, was sweet, honest, and grateful just like her father.


MOTHER AND GEORGIE: Hurry up Eunice, wash the dishes!. Feed the animals!. Cook!.


EUNICE: Yes, I am coming. I´ll do everything as fast as I can.  Don´t worry everything will be ready soon.


GEORGIE: Oh mother, tell me how I look in this dress.  And my hair, do I look pretty?.


MOTHER: Yes, my darling, you look wonderful!.


NARRATOR: One day when Eunice was going to the well to get some water she found an old woman in the road.


OLD WOMAN: I am very thirsty.  I need some water.  Would you give me some?.


EUNICE: Sure!.  Take it.


NARRATOR: The old woman drank some water and then she said.


OLD WOMAN: Your soul is so beautiful, just like you.   Whenever you speak, pearls will come out from your mouth.


NARRATOR: Eunice went home where she found her mother and sister angry because she didn´t return soon.


EUNICE: I am sorry, mother.  But I found an old woman and she told me that…


NARRATOR: Suddenly, when she started talking pearls came out from her mouth.


MOTHER: This is wonderful!.  Now your sister has to go there!. 


MOTHER AND GEORGIE: Come on, hurry up, lets go find that old woman!.


GEORGIE: Diamonds will get out from my mouth!.


NARRATOR: Soon she found the old woman.


OLD WOMAN: I am very thirsty, I need some water.  Would you give me some?.


GEORGIE: Sure!.  Take some.


NARRATOR: But when the old woman was about to drink some water, she spilled some over the girl´s dress.


GEORGIE: Hey!.  What have you done!. You just ruined my silk dress, you clumsy old woman!.


OLD WOMAN: And you are so arrogant!.  Your words are so mean that frogs should come out from your mouth, because that is what you have in your heart.


NARRATOR: Then Georgie went home.


GEORGIE: Mother!.  Mother!.  I´m back.  I have to tell you what happened.


MOTHER: Georgie, why are frogs coming out from your mouth?.


GEORGIE: Oh I want to cry, mother.  Sniff, sniff.


NARRATOR: Some days later.


MOTHER: Eunice, please go look for the old woman and appologize.


EUNICE: Yes, mother.  I hope I can find her soon.


NARRATOR: After a long walk trying to find the old woman, Eunice finally found her.


EUNICE: Oh.. I finally found you!.  I have been looking for you, just to tell you to please forgive my sister for what she told you.


OLD WOMAN: She is an arrogant girl.  She must learn to be modest and humble.  I will forgive your sister, if you give me back the gift I gave you.


EUNICE: I agree.  I give you back my pearls, and thank you for everything.


NARRATOR: Pearls and Frogs never came out from the two sister´s mouth.  And both, the mother and Georgie learned to respect Eunice and learned to live happy together.




Author: Folktale from Central Europe


 Moral Value:  Respect


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