Mother´s Day

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Julia: Hey, it’s Mother’s Day today.

Joey: Really. What do we do on Mother’s Day?

Julia: We celebrate because our mother’s gave birth to us.

Joey:I thought we did that on Labor Day.


Julia: I think that’s something different.

Joey:Well, what are we supposed to do on Mother’s Day?

Julia: We are supposed to do things that will make our mother happy like cook the meals, clean up, buy her things, and look after her.

Joey:Wow. That’s a lot of work. I don’t know if I could do all that. Besides, it’s not fair.

Julia: What’s not fair?

Joey:Well, there’s a Mother’s Day during the year but no kid’s day. I think we should have a special day just for kids.

Julia: And what would the mothers do for kid’s day?

Joey: The same thing that we do for them on Mother’s Day. They would have to cook the meals, clean up, buy things for us, and look after us.

Julia: (gives “the look”) Joey.


Joey: What?


Julia: Think about it Joey.


Joey: What?


Julia: (loudly) Our mothers do that for us every day.


Joey:Yea, you’re right. So every day is kid’s day.


Julia: Except for today. We get 364 days a year and our mothers get only one.

Joey: Whoa. We better make this day special. Last year I forgot to buy her something and she told me that I was the best present she could have.

Julia: My dad says he always gets her something that she can return.

I don’t think that I’m returnable. I think she lost the receipt.

Well, we could always do a song. (shouting off stage) Hey gang! Come and help with the Mother’s Day song.


(sung to the tune of Surfin’ U.S.A.)
1. If everybody had a mother, that was just like mine,
Then everybody would be happy, and things would be just fine.
She makes a meal in a minute, and does the laundry too.
That’s why we wanna wish you, Happy Mother’s Day.
She wakes me up in the morning, cheerful as can be.
The only time she’s grumpy, is before coffee.
She can make a cut better, with nothing but a kiss.
That’s why we wanna wish you, Happy Mother’s Day.

She’s a friend when I need one, she is always there.
Her hugs make me feel safe, when I’ve had a scare.
I know I don’t always say it, but it is always true.
That’s why we wanna wish you, Happy Mother’s Day.

(throw kisses and exit)


The End

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