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Setting: A beach, the sea, palm trees. Ruddy, Stephany, Al, Charly, and Crystal are sitting under a palm tree.


RUDDY: Let´s go play!.


STEPHANY: Yeah, let´s do a sand castle!.


AL: I will help do the towers!.


CHARLY: No, I don´t want to do a sand castle. Let´s bury ourselves in the sand.


CRYSTAL: No, let´s do a sand castle. I will help you dig. (she starts digging and finds a pot) This is great!. Hey look what I found!.


(Ruddy, Stephany, Al, Charly, and Crystal approach Crystal. Crystal shows them the pot)


RUDDY: What is it?.


STEPHANY: It´s very big!.


AL: What´s inside?.


CHARLY: (he uncovers the pot and shakes it up) It´s just an old pot!.


CRYSTAL: We have to clean it to give it to my mother.


RUDDY: Yes!. If we make it shine, maybe we can sell it!.


AL: I will help you!.


CHARLY: No, it´s too much work. It´s better if we leave. (Crystal takes out from a bag a piece of cloth and starts cleaning the pot. Suddenly an old genie appears. The genie seems sleepy and starts rubbing his eyes)




GENIE:  Where am I?.


RUDDY: Who are you?.


GENIE: I am the great genie of the desert.


STEPHANY: And why are you here?.


GENIE: Maybe someone threw my pot to the sea and the ocean waves brought me here. I have been sleeping inside the pot for a very long time. I only wake up when someone rubs the pot three times.


AL: And are you from those genies who grant wishes?.


GENIE: (angry) No!. I am a very special genie. I am the great genie of the desert and I always give a lot of presents.


RUDDY: Are you going to give us a lot of presents?.


GENIE: No! I can only give a present when I wake up. If you want to get it you need to solve a puzzle. Do you want to try it out?




GENIE: I must warn you that it´s very hard.


RUDDY: It doesn´t matter.


STEPHANY: Tell us the puzzle.


AL: Yes, together we can solve the puzzle.


CHARLY: And you cannot give us the present without the puzzle?


GENIE: No, but I will give you three clues. It is a four-legged animal.


CHARLY: It´s a dog or a cat.


GENIE: No. It´s a very large animal.


STEPHANY: It´s an elephant.


GENIE: No. It has a very long neck.


AL: It´s a giraffe.


GENIE: No. You didn´t guess. That animal is used to carry people or things.


CRYSTAL: Can you tell us more?.


AL: Fine, I will give you another chance.


GENIE: (he takes out a set of four cards each and gives them to the Ruddy, Stephany, Al, Charly, and Crystal ) In these cards there are syllables written. You have to put them in order, and you will find the name of the animal.


CHARLY: (shows his cards with the word RY ME DA DRO) I have it!.  It´s rymedadro.


STEPHANY: (shows her four cards with the word DA ME DRO RY) It´s a damedrory!.


Al: (shows his cards with the word ME DA RY DRO) It´s a medarydro!.


RUDDY: (shows his cards with the word DRO RY ME DA) No, you haven´t guessed. It´s a drorymeda!.


CRYSTAL: (shows the words she formed DRO ME DA RY) I know! It´s a dromedary!. The dromedary is a very large animal, with a long neck. This animal is used to load passengers and cargo. The Dromedary has one hump on its back, in contrast to the camel which has two.


GENIE: Very good!. At last you guessed. I will give you a dromedary.



(A dromedary enters stage and the genie dissappears. Ruddy, Stephany, Al, Charly, and Crystal get on the dromedary, and before they leave the stage they say to the audience)


RUDDY, STEPHANY, AL, CHARLY, AND CRYSTAL: Did you know what a dromedary looks like?.




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