The First Day of School

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NARRATOR: Claire lived in a very faraway land where children studied to fix stars, to be doctors of flowers, and to be magicians. The first time Claire went to school, she was very afraid. She didn´t know anybody and classes had already started. Her legs were shaking, but she had to say goodbye to her mother, and went right in to school.



TEACHER ENCHANTED: Sit down, Claire. Let´s see Edson, do you remember yesterday´s lesson?.



NARRATOR: Edson stood up and very seriously he said.



EDSON: Mini, mini, mini pibi, let there appear a delicious chocolate candy bar.



NARRATOR: Suddenly, instead of a chocolate bar, a piece of candle appeared. Everybody, even Claire were laughing and yelling.



KIDS: He made a mistake!.



TEACHER ENCHANTED: Who wants to help Edson?.



GIRL: I will! Mini, mini, mini quiliti, let there appear a delicious chocolate candy bar.



NARRATOR: Everybody clapped when an enormous chocolate bar appeared.



TEACHER ENCHANTED: Now let`s play a game called the flying jump. If you don´t know the spell you will not be able to fly. Listen everybody: maraca, maraca, maraca zambaine let it fly, let it fly like a plane.



NARRATOR: Some said the wrong spell and fell to ground but everybody laughed. Next, teacher Enchanted taught the children different spells, useful for every occasion. Claire was so excited that she raised her hand to tell a different spell.



CLAIRE: Star, lets, star, starlets, let the classroom be filled with stars.



NARRATOR: Everybody clapped when thousands of stars filled the classroom. Then the children wrote all the spells in their notebooks to study them. Claire went happily back home, kissed her mother and told her about her first day of school.



MOTHER: Did you like school, Claire?.



CLAIRE: Yes, Mom, and I want to go back tomorrow and everyday.






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