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NARRATOR: One time God´s people were in the land of Egypt.  The Pharaoh was the ruler of Egypt.  He didn´t love God, and he hated God´s people.


PHARAOH: I have to get rid of those people.  If I don´t, they might fight my people.


NARRATOR: Then the Pharaoh said to his soldiers.


PHARAOH: Go and find all the baby boys and throw them into the river.


NARRATOR: The soldiers went to town.  They knocked on the doors, and they threw into the river every baby boy that they found.  Moses family was very sad.


MOTHER, MIRIAM, AND AARON: What will we do with our little Moses?.  We love our baby.  We don´t want anyone to throw him into the river.


SISTER MIRIAM: I know! Let´s hide him where no one can find him, and be safe.




NARRATOR: She hid baby Moses in a safe place in the house.


BROTHER AARON: Now, no one can hurt our baby. God will take care of him and keep him safe.


NARRATOR: For three months the family kept the baby hidden.  But then something happened.  Moses was growin up, and it was hard to keep him quiet.


SISTER MIRIAM: What can we do, mother?  The soldiers will hear him.


BROTHER AARON: I am afraid.  I don´t want the soldiers to throw our baby into the river.


MOTHER: Don´t be afraid.  God will take care of Moses.  I have a plan.  Will you help me Miriam?. Will you help me, Aaron?.


SISTER MIRIAM: Oh, yes mother.


BROTHER AARON: We will do anything that you say.


MOTHER: Come with me to the river.


NARRATOR: They went to the river.


MOTHER: Miriam and Aaron come and help me pick those long grasses in the river.


MIRIAM: This is hard, but it`s fun! I like to work for you mother.  I want to help our little brother.


NARRATOR: When they finish picking up the grasses, mother said.


MOTHER: We can stop now.  Now I have to do something at home.


NARRATOR: Miriam and Aaron carried the grasses home.  Then they sat and watched mother.  She was making something with the grasses.


MIRIAM: What is it, mother?.


AARON: What is it?.


MOTHER: This is for Moses.  But it is not done yet.


NARRATOR: Mother found some thick, sticky tar and rubbed it all over the basket.


MOTHER: Now, no water can get in.




MOTHER: Yes, water.  Let me get baby Moses, and then we must go down to the river.


AARON: Now I see!.  The basket will be a boat for Moses, we can hide him in the river.


MOTHER: That´s right.  Come along, now.


NARRATOR: They went to the river.  They put Moses into the basket.  She put a cover on the basket.  Then she put the basket in the river.


AARON: I can hardly see him, now. The grasses make a good hiding place.


MOTHER: Now I havea hard job for someone.  Miriam, can you do a hard job?.


MIRIAM: Oh, yes, I can work hard.


MOTHER: Miriam, I have to go home.  I need someone to watch the baby.  Will you stay here and watch Moses.


MIRIAM: Oh, mother!  I will be afraid.I don´t want to stay alone.


MOTHER: God will be with you.  You are not alone.  God will help you to be brave.


MIRIAM: That´s right.  I will stay mother.  God will help me take care of Moses.


AARON: Good-bye Miriam.


NARRATOR: Mother and Aaron went home.  Now Miriam was alone with the baby.


MIRIAM: Please, God.  Don´t let anything happen to Moses. Please take care of him.


NARRATOR: Miriam looked up.  Someone was coming.  It was some women.


MIRIAM: It´s the princess.  It´s the Pharaoh ´s daughter.  What will she do to our baby?.


NARRATOR: Down to the water came the princess with her maids.


PRINCESS: Look!  I see something in the water.  Go get it for me maid.


NARRATOR: A maid went into the water. Soon she came back with Moses in the basket.


MIRIAM: What will happen now?.  Please, God, take care of Moses.


NARRATOR: The maid took the basket to the princess.  She took the cover off.  And baby Moses began to cry.


PRINCESS: Oh, look. What a sweet baby!  I want to help this baby.


NARRATOR: Now Miriam knew she must be brave.  She must talk to the princess.  Miriam walked right up to the princess.


MIRIAM: I know someone who can help you take care of the baby.  Do you want me to get her?.


PRINCESS: Yes, go.


NARRATOR: Miriam went back to her own home.


MIRIAM: Mother, mother!  The princess found Moses.  She will not hurt him.  She wants you to take care of him untile he is big.


NARRATOR: Mother ran to the river to find the princess.


PRINCESS: Will you take care of this baby?.  Will you take it home with you until he is big?.


MOTHER: Oh, yes. I will take good care of this baby.


NARRATOR: The happy mother went home with her own baby Moses.  She took care of Moses, and God helped her.  Moses grew to be a big, strong boy.  His mother taught him to love God.  Then he went to the palace to live with the princess.  Moses learned many things in the palace.  When he became a man, God chose him to be a great leader of his people.  Moses had a hard job to do.  But he always could say.


MOSES: God is my helper.  God will take care of me.




Author:  The Bible


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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