The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

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GOATS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7




NARRATOR: There was once a goat who had seven little kids.  One day she wanted to go into the woods to get food for her kids, so she told them.


MOTHER GOAT: Dear children, I am going into the woods.  Do not open the door while I am away. If the old wolf comes into our hut, he will eat you all up.  You can easily recognize him by his rough voice and his black feet.


GOAT 1: Dear mother, we will be very careful not to let the old wolf in. 


GOAT 2:  Don`t worry about us. 


GOAT 3:  We will be quite safe.


NARRATOR: So the old goat went on her way into the dark woods.  She had not been gone long when there came a loud knock at the door, and a voice said.


WOLF: Open the door, my dear children. I have something for each of you.


GOAT 4: We will not open the door.


GOAT 5: Our mother’s voice is soft and gentle.


GOAT 6: Your voice is rough. You are a wolf.


NARRATOR: The old wolf ran away to a shop, where he ate a piece of white chalk to make his voice soft.  Then he went back to the goat’s hut and knocked at the door.


WOLF: Open the door to me, my dear children. I am your mother.


GOAT 7:  If you are our mother, put your foot on the window, so that we can see it.


NARRATOR: When the wolf had done this, all the little goats said.


GOAT 1: No, you are not our mother.


GOAT 2:  We will not open the door.


GOAT 3:  Our mother’s feet are white and yours are black.


GOAT 4: Go away; you are the wolf.


NARRATOR: Then the wolf went to the miller’s, and said.


WOLF: Mr. Miller, put some flour on my foot, I hurt myself.


NARRATOR: The miller was so afraid of the wolf that he did as he was told.  Then the wicked wolf went to the goat’s house again and said.


WOLF: Open the door, dear children,  I am your mother.


GOAT 5:   Show us your foot.


NARRATOR: So the wolf put his white foot on the window.  When the little kids saw that it was white, they thought this was really their mother.


GOAT 6: Come in, mother.


GOAT 7:  Your home at last! 


NARRATOR: The ugly old wolf entered and all the little kids ran to hide themselves.


GOAT 1: I will hide under the table!.


GOAT 2: I am going to go under the bed!.


GOAT 3: I´ll get inside the oven!.


GOAT 4: I`ll run to the kitchen!.


GOAT 5: I will hide in the cupboard!.


GOAT 6: I´ll be under the washtub!.


GOAT 7: I will hide in the tall clock!.


NARRATOR: The wolf quickly found and ate them all, except the youngest, who was in the clock.  Then the wolf went out and lay down on the green grass.  Soon he was fast asleep.  Then the mother goat came home from the woods.


MOTHER GOAT: Oh my, the door is open!. What happened here?.


NARRATOR: The tables and chairs were not in their place.  The washtub was broken, and the bed was tipped over.


MOTHER GOAT: Where are my dear children?.


GOAT 7: Dear mother, I´m here,  in the tall clock.


NARRATOR: The mother goat helped the little goat out.  Soon she found out how the wolf had eaten her dear children. Then she went out of the hut, and there on the grass was the wolf asleep. As the goat looked at the wicked old wolf, she thought she saw something jumping inside of him.


MOTHER GOAT: Ah, it may be that my poor children are still alive.


NARRATOR: So she sent the little kid into the house for a pair of scissors and a needle and some thread. She quickly cut a hole in the side of the wicked old wolf.  Then one of the kids stuck out his head.  Then another one popped out, until the all six jumped out the grass.


GOAT 1: Mother!. 


GOAT 2:  Mother!. 


GOAT 3:  We are fine.


MOTHER GOAT: Go and bring me some large stones from the brook.


GOAT 4 : Yes, mother. 


GOAT 5:  Let`s hurry up.


NARRATOR: The seven little kids ran off to the brook and soon came back with seven large stones. They put these stones inside the wicked old wolf.


MOTHER GOAT: I´ll sew the wolf gently and quietly so he doesn`t wake up.


NARRATOR: When at last the wicked wolf woke up up, the great stones inside him made him feel very heavy.


WOLF: Oh, I feel so heavy, and thirsty.


NARRATOR: So he walked down to the brook to drink some water.


WOLF: Ah, I feel better now.


NARRATOR: But as soon as he finished drinking, the stones which were very heavy, made him fell into the deep water, and he was drowned.




Author:  William and Jacob Grimm


Adapted by K I D S I N C O


Moral:  It`s always better to follow your parents instructions.  Obedience.  Don`t open the door to strangers, sometimes people are not what they seem to be. Don`t trust strangers even if they look nice.

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