The First Thanksgiving Feast

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(Mary and George are in the forest picking up fruits.  They place the fruits in a basket)


GEORGE: Let’s go Mary, we have enough fruit.


MARY: I’m cold!.  And this basket is really heavy.


GEORGE: Give it to me.


(Mary gives the basket to her brother George)


MARY: Mom and Dad are going to be happy because of all the things we could get.


GEORGE: Look, there’s mom and dad!.


(Mary runs to meet her parents.  Her father is carrying a package)


MARY: Mom and dad, look at all the things we have!.


MOTHER:  (looks at the basket)  Oh, your basket is full!.


GEORGE: (to his father) What do you have in that package?.


FATHER: It’s the bread.


MOTHER: Let’s hurry up they are waiting for us.


FATHER: We can’t be late for the feast.


MARY AND GEORGE: Yes, father.


(They start to walk.  They arrive to the village of Plymouth.  There is a long table with food on it.  Some pilgrims are placing plates and glasses on the table)


MARY: Oh, there’s a lot of food on the table!.


GEORGE: Everything looks delicious!.


MARY: What are we celebrating, mother?.


MOTHER: Today is a special day.


MARY: Why?.


MOTHER: Because today we give thanks to God for being so good to us.


FATHER: Today is Thanksgiving Day.


GEORGE: And at what time is the feast?.


FATHER: As soon as everyone is here.


MOTHER: Now, both of you go and put the basket on the table.


FATHER: I’ll put the bread.


(They place the basket and the bread on the table)


MARY: Everything looks so nice!.


MOTHER: Mary, go and pick up some flowers to put on the table.



(The Indians and Squanto enter)


MARY: Mom… dad… who are those people?.


FATHER: They are our friends.


MARY: But they are Indians!.


MOTHER: Yes, sweety, they have been living in this land for many years before we came. They taught us to grow corn and different plants for food.


FATHER: They also taught us how to hunt and fish, and how to survive in this New World.


GEORGE: What are they wearing?.


FATHER: They make their clothing out of animal skins.


MARY: I like their colorful beads!.


GEORGE: Look, more Indians are coming!.


(Squanto approaches them.  He is carrying a big turkey)


SQUANTO: Friends, we brought the food for the feast.


GEORGE: That bird smells delicious!.


MOTHER: Come and join us, it’s time to eat.


(Squanto places the turkey on the table.  All the Pilgrims and Indians sit around the table)


FATHER: Heavenly Father, bless this food You have provided and bless each and every person here.


MOTHER: We are thankful for our family and for our health.

FATHER: And most of all, that this day has brought all of us together to celebrate Thanksgiving.






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