The Elf’s Ring

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(Lissa walks in the forest.  She sees some dry flowers on the ground.  She takes out a bottle of water she has in her bag and pours water over them)


LISSA: Oh, poor flowers, you really needed some water.



(She hears a voice)


ELF: Thank you, Lisssa.  I was trapped in one of those flowers and your kindness set me free. (He fixes his hat, and takes off his ring and gives it to Lissa) Take this magical ring and wear it on the  index finger of your left hand.  When you look at the ring, your eyes will sparkle, everyone around you will instantly feel happy, and everything will be just fine.

(The Elf leaves)



LISSA: Wait!.  Who are you?. (She looks at the ring and puts it on) I feel weird.  Oh, I forgot that my mother has to go to work and I promised her to be on time.



(She leaves)






(Lissa enters.  Her mother and Sister 1 and 2 are having a discussion.  Lissa looks at the ring, they look at her and stop arguing)


MOTHER: Lissa!.


SISTER 1: Oh, dear sister, you’re home, we missed you. 


SISTER 2:  Come with us, let’s play together.


LISSA: You never wanted to play with me.  Why now?.


SISTER 1 AND 2:  We don’t know, we just want to!.


MOTHER: I’m going to work.  Good-bye girls.


LISSA: You’re not angry at me?.


MOTHER: Why should I?.


LISSA:  Because I’m late.


MOTHER: Of course not. Go with your sisters and have fun, your father will be home soon.


SISTER 1 AND 2: Good-bye, mother.


(Lissa and Sister 1 and 2 kiss their mother.  She leaves.  The girls start to play.  Their father enters.  He looks tired. Lissa hugs him)


LISSA: Father, you’re home!.


(Lissa’s father looks at her and laughs)


FATHER: Ha, ha, ha, Lissa.. When I was coming home I felt tired, and now, suddenly I just feel happy!.  Come on girls, let’s have something to eat!.


(Sister 1 and 2 and their father go to the kitchen, except Lissa.  She stretches her arm and looks at the ring.  Sister 1 looks at her from the kitchen door)


SISTER 1:What is it, Lissa?.  What are you looking at?.


(Sister 1 approaches Lissa. Lissa shows her the ring in her finger)


LISSA: Isn’t it beautiful?.


SISTER 1: What?.


LISSA: The ring..


SISTER 1: What ring?.  Are you feeling alright?.


LISSA: Yes, in fact, I feel wonderful!.


(They hear their father’s voice)


FATHER: Girls, food is ready!.


LISSA: We’re coming father.


(Lissa and Sister 1 walk to the kitchen)

SISTER: I don’t know what’s going on with you, but your eyes sparkle like never before and that makes me feel good.


(Lissa looks at her ring)


LISSA: Me too.  Come on, let’s go!.


(They leave)




Author:  Folktale from Switzerland




Adapted by: K I D S I N C O

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